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Considering Reversal After 13 Years Of Open-Vas

After spending time here for a couple of days now(I’m new), I can now see where quite possibly all of my sexual symptoms, depression, etc. stem from…an open vasectomy performed nearly 13 years ago.

I’m thankful I am one that didn’t have any long-term pain. I recovered from the vas surgery with little discomfort, but found that orgasm and erection strength were diminished and an overall mental malaise began to seep in. A couple of years ago, BPH has arrived too and TRT hasn’t solved my lack of libido.

Now, I’m 61 years old and want my old self back again.

From those who have had reversals done, what is the outlook for someone as old as myself and having had my vas so long ago?

@Francis is possibly the best person to respond to this (to clarify, francis is a friend, not an unwarranted @)

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Hi lundy, how are you tell. Tell the fella that you answered with my name to get In contact with me if he wishes, I would be happy to talk to him. Tell him to private me

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I think your general health might play a role. I would give a couple VR surgeons a call-consult and see what’s realistic for you. I know a few surgeons state that they successfully reversed people far longer post-vasectomy, than you-- but who knows what that looks like 3-4 years post op. Just try and find the right surgeon, don’t just pick who’s in the area or a urologist that does it occasionally.

I think you should definitely consider checking your testosterone, my friend is 50 with a vasectomy and now takes testosterone and it helped big time-- no way to tell if it’s from his vasectomy or just his health and life in general but he feels great.