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Considering a reversal

Hi there,

I have been having post vasectomy pain since october 2017, had my original vas in april 2017. Urologist at that time said to he couldn’t do anything for me besides pain treatment…I had a second opinion in march 2019 and shots with lidocaine on both sides to determine if my pains were coming from nerves or congestion. these lidocaine shots didn’t help so my problem is congestion related.

Ultrasound in april 2019 showed spermatoceles of 1 cm on both sides and signs of ongoing congestion. Urologist said I can have a reversal but he can’t guarantee that it would solve my issues. He also said to not do anything about the spermatoceles because that could damage the epi’s even more.

I would like your insights on my situation…

anybody an opinion about this?

@duderb Sorry you are here man. I don’t think there’s a lot to really say since there is a lot of similar posts on the forum. Would be worth reviewing all the information on here.

In regards to your situation, it seems likely congestion is your issue, but I’m not sure a single lidocaine shot can’t completely rule out other issues. It would be prudent for you to schedule a consult with a reversal surgeon familiar with PVPS, and get their thoughts/recommendations. Reversal seems to be the most logical surgical approach. However, I would exhaust all conservative measures before going down that route. If they’re unsuccessful, and you understand the risks (reversal surgeons seem to downplay the potential risks), then it would be worth considering the reversal. However, none of us can tell you one way or the other.

Good luck.

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thanks for your opinion. Also think congestion is the issue here, mainly because of the pressure pain and spermatoceles that have formed. Tomorrow got an appointment with reversal specialist, shall ask him some questions and then determine if I am going to proceed with reversal. Already tried papaya etc. but didnt work out for me. Maybe trt is an option to look into. Will get back what I’ll decide…

Keep us posted. Your symptoms sound best suited for reversal from among the surgical options, but remember that all of surgical options carry risks. There are several on this who report improvement from reversal but also several who got worse. I got nearly 10 years of pain relief post-reversal but re-aggravated things 3 years ago. Then there’s the cost angle. It’s very hard for any of us to tell a guy to drop $10-$20k. Only politicians are that cavalier with other people’s money :slight_smile:

Hope you get some clarify from your appointment.

thanks, am from the netherlands and decided to pay a bit more for health insurance (monthly) so that complete reversal costs are covered. my urologist opted for a different urologist in that hospital who is more skilled and specialized in reversal. I know it’s not guaranteed that it will get better after reversal but I think I have to try everything, don’t want to have this condition for the rest of my life.

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That’s exactly how I started feeling once the pain started for me about 7-8 months after the vasectomy. After another 8-9 months of conservative pain management approaches, I had a reversal and have no regrets. Even had a post-reversal child in 2007. I re-aggravated it in 2016 but am about 50% better since then.

I wish you the best.

had the appointment today, doctor has done about 250 reversals so should be ok. 93% patency rate. Doesnt give any guarantee about getting better after reversal but he does strongly believe in the theory about reconnecting the pipes when there is congestion/pressure pain involved. Hospital is going to call me back to make appointment for reversal.

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Did you go ahead with the reversal?

Hi, reversal is planned for the ending of August, so now waiting. Also planned it to have it done after my vacation. Altough it is going better recently, I still have the frequent spikes in pressure pain.

Had my reversal last tuesday, first night had only 3 hours of sleep, last night already a lot better. Still having big sized bruising, but overall doing OK, pain is beareable. Surgery took about 1,5 hours and was in general anesthetic.


Quick update, now at day 11 since surgery done, Bruising is almost gone. Can still only sleep on my back. Left testicle is normal size, right is about three times bigger and rock hard? Right has always been my troubled one…I don’t have a fever or other signs of an infection, also rested like I was told to. Already called hospital, doc thinks it’s probably a hematoma. Says to give it some time and take some ibuprofen. Right testicle feels a little heavy with burning sensation. Feels like same pains as before reversal. Any thoughts?

Mine were rock hard and swollen for months after reversal. Came out of it quite weell thanks to rest and anti imflammatory medications

thanks for the hopeful words. Hope that it will resolve soon. Only thing I’m thinking off is that reversal isn’t succesful and there is another blockage. Gonna call doctor this week for a checkup, I’m thinking it is epididymitis again.

I have bought a cheap microscope and learned how to use it. Great for periodically monitoring yourself, and cheaper than having multiple SA’s. I’ve been doing loads of reading and following reversal surgeons advice, which is that nsaids are very beneficial especially in the first months post reversal

and what nsaids do you prefer, just plain ibuprofen?

I take ibuprofen and naproxen, also take gastro resistant tablets to protect the stomach. I also cleaned up my diet, a lot of anti inflammatory foods, very little to no junk food and supplements.

I am taking only ibuprofen 3 times a day. still rock hard on top of right testicle, but swelling seems to be subsiding. I am still worried though that a new blockage formed again. Burning sensation at bottom of testicle (lower part of epididymis).

I posted a reversal journal, have a read, was still very sore and with all kinds of new aches for months no end so don’t panic yet

short update, burning sensation is gone, but still swollen on right side, seems to be going away but slowly…will give update in couple of weeks.