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Congestive pain cured with papaya seed powder!


:sweat_smile: I’m taking 2 x omega 3 fish oil and 2 x garlic oil. Once the garlic had run out I won’t bother getting more unless the pain comes back. I’m going to continue with omega 3 though as I used to take this anyway for joint pain.



It’s been a week on papaya for me, and am still improving. Testi is soft, epididymis not visible. If I were to be picky, I still get occasional slight discomfort, but this is 98% improvement from last week. I also take fish oil and garlic pills. Now if I could get rid of hernia pain that easy…

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Great that things are getting better for you. If the doctors read these forums imagine the numbers of people that could be helped to get better!



Where do you get your powder from? I was trying to order from bulksupplements but the website doesn’t seem to be working. A lot of sellers on amazon don’t ship to UK. I’m a bit stuck as it is helping me, but cannot order any more :frowning:



@somegreybloke I bought mine from eBay seller ‘sharmaynr’ it was £12 and came from India.



Thank you @spurs1982, ordered



@SomeGreyBIoke - are you still seeing improvement with the papaya seed powder? I was feeling steady improvement for roughly 1 month but now it seems like I’ve relapsed. My epi is swollen again. Left testicle is hard. It’s been a bad 2 - 3 days. I’m at a loss. Felt like I was on my way to a slow but steady recovery.



Had a vasectomy exactly five weeks ago. There was no true pain (just tenderness really) for the first few weeks. I masturbated after four days (my doctor told me 3 days, not the usual week) and had sex after about three weeks. I felt a tiny bit of what I thought was nerve weakness in one spot on the left side of my penis and it seemed as if I was only getting 85-90% erect so sex was relatively gentle the first two times. I saw no ill side effects from it or from masturbating and I was at 19 ejaculations about 3.5 weeks after the procedure and fine. Then I had sex about a week and a half ago and was more aggressive, trying to reach a fulller election, and by the next day was in bad pain. That lasted for about 24 hours by which point it got about 50% better. I continued getting a little better for two more days, masturbated, and was fine the next day. Three days later, my wife and I just fooled around. I was leery about having sex but wanted to see if foreplay and an erection would hurt at all. After about 20 minutes of kissing and touching, I felt a little pain so we stopped. I then brilliantly preceded to masturbate shortly thereafter. After doing so, I felt a not so round (slightly jagged even) lump on my left testicle…and the next morning, was in awful pain again. That pain again subsided about 50% of the way after 24 hours or so and has continued to get slightly better day by day.

My urologists have basically said take Aleve or Advil, rest, maybe slow down on the ejaculations.
I guess I shouldn’t be so impatient and should give it another week or two before panicking but I feel like this is a sperm granuloma that isn’t going away.

Should I expect it to dissolve in the coming days or weeks? Is that typical but not always the case? Hence this thread in this forum?

I ended up buying the papaya seed powder Rodgers recommended and just took it for the first time.

Rodgers, have you had to continue to take it after that first month during which it healed you?

Has anyone else bought psp as well and had similarly positive results?

I’d really appreciate any and all feedback.



Also, people mention feeling lighter down below after taking the papaya seed powder. What do you mean exactly? It has reduced swelling?

I don’t want it to shrink my junk. I’m packing maybe 6 inches and don’t want to be smaller lol.



Also, will this papaya seed powder even help with a speem granuloma that I believe is causing my pain?

If the stuff kills sperm, is it really gonna affect what is essentially already dead crystallized sperm, in the granuloma?



Hey there, I’d suggest reviewing this thread for the questions you asked. I’m fairly certain Rodger is not active on here. Sorry you are here and good luck!

For me, it seems to have stopped my sperm production (assuming so since my epis are no longer inlfamned). I took it twice a day for probably 5-6 months. I’m mostly pain free. An occasional twinge here and there but it’s not even a 1 on pain scale. I don’t take it as often anymore but I plan on continuing since it has worked. Since I’m not in pain, I forget to take it daily. I noticed a difference within about 2-3 weeks and it continued to improve over time. I never had severe pain, just congestion pain. If it works for you, I’d expect at least some improvements within a month or so. I’d suggest at least giving it a few months. However, some users have reported an increased heart rate while using so keep that in mind - again, see previous posts on here for all of those comments.



hey @Krz673804 and anyone else reading this thread. I decided to start up on papaya seed powder regime again. I took it back in april for almost 2 months and it seemed to help but was also taking a few different meds as well so i don’t know how much papaya contributed. But now am not taking any meds and feeling epi type pain still so decided to do just papaya. I used the Organic Papaya Seed Powder 4oz from Herbal Papaya on Amazon, It’s not cheap almost $80 but it’s not in stock. I know others have used the bulk supplements brand and inquiring how is it? Also any other brand available? One last question has anyone tried papaya seed extract liquid?



I was a bit disappointed with bulk supplements @NC79 , to me it looked like it was mixed with the fruit. It was yellow and very sticky. I bought a big bag from ebay, and quality was very good.

Haven’t tried liquid tho.

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Many people (including myself) have had the feeling that our backed-up testes are full, heavy, and engorged. I’m not sure how much of it comes from sperm and how much comes from swelling, but feeling them shrink back closer to normal is a good feeling.

It doesn’t kill sperm, it affects production.



thanks @SomeGreyBIoke i will check it out hope your doing well and recovering well!!



I’m new to the forum, and have posted my story here: My pain story so far

Thinking my pain might be congestive, I recently started PSP (about 4.5 days ago), in addition to hot baths or hot tub once a day, plus jock-strap. I think I’m noticing some improvement but by all accounts its far to early to tell. I would love to hear some follow up from anyone else who has tried these things or has successfully dealt with congestion issues.

Thanks to all for sharing their stories!



My pain was congestion and imflammation, and I had good results with papaya + anti inflammatory supplements @owmyballz. Took a couple of weeks to get full relief.

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Thanks @SomeGreyBIoke! How long ago was that? Any setbacks since then?



That was earlier in the year mate, went from constant 6/10 sometimes more to more or less pain free in around 2 months. I’ve stopped tho as had reversal 6 weeks ago



May I ask why you had a reversal if you got to more or less pain free with the papaya seeds?