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Congestive pain cured with papaya seed powder!


Hi Guys. So, I last posted just over two weeks ago. Since then I kept taking the supplements for another week making it about a month in total. By this time both Epi’s had stopped being painful and had become much smaller. I decided to stop taking everything apart from the fish oil and occasional evening primrose. After stopping I noticed both Epi’s did get a bit larger, but the associated pain has not returned. I’ve been mountain biking, road cycling and even dug a veggie patch! My testicle pain does appear to be over. However, my Epi’s are definitely larger and more sensitive than before the Vas, I think this is permanent and I have just got used to it. It’s almost 6 months since having the VAS and I feel I am 90% back to normal and even wearing boxers some of the time. At 5 months I was in a bad place looking for answers and started the daily supplements. The rate at which things then improved after such a slow and faltering recovery leaves no doubt in my mind that my body needed SOMETHING to jolt it into action (other than Antibiotics and Ibuprofen) This might not work for everyone but it’s worth a try. Since doing exercise again I have noticed some pelvic muscle pain on by ‘bad’ side (RHS) It feels like tight pants riding up between the inner thigh. The pelvic floor muscles are really tight from 5 months of guarding myself on that side and probably tensing things up to try and avoid movement to protect the boys when they were at their worst! I am now doing some daily stretches which is helping but I think it may take a while. I hope this information might help others in the same boat and will post another update soon,



Your situation sounds EXACTLY like mine. I think the only difference is…after 7+ months of pain (post vasectomy), I finally had a reversal 5 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I’m still feeling the same symptoms that you’ve described.

After reading your posts - I’m going to try your supplements. What brands of each supplement did you take…or do you think that doesn’t matter? Where did you buy all of it at…a place like GNC or online (Amazon)?



How did you take it? Did you mix it with water and if so, how much? Thanks…



One more question…did you ice or use heat while taking the supplements? I’ve been using a heating pad at night. Wondering if I should try icing again.



1/2 tsp twice daily (I skip a dose here and there). I use a shaker cup with 6-8 ounces of water and mix it up then chug. It’s not bad at all.

I’ve read a little bit on icing and cold promotes sperm production, so keep that in mind. I haven’t done extensive research on it though.



Thank you…I just did the same. Used a shaker. I’ll report back in a few weeks to share if it has worked or not.



Right on, good luck!



Sorry to hear the reversal hasn’t helped yet. 5 weeks is still early days and you might find things settle down in time. I’m in the UK and bought the supplements from a specialist health store chain called Holland and Barrett. When it comes to supplements I think it’s much like everything else in life - you get what you pay for! I didn’t do any ice and gave up on hot baths as they seemed to increase inflammation/pain, that’s not to say a heat pad won’t work for you though as we’re all slightly different. Since my last post I’ve been able to be a bit more active and my cord/pelvic pain is starting to lessen. My GP said this pain iwas most likely caused by things stiffening up from being inactive and more guarded in that area for so long. He also said I’m probably stretching scar tissue which will bring it’s own pain. Won’t refer me to a urologist at this point - said to go back in three months if pain doesn’t subside. Good luck and I hope things improve for you soon.



Hey Guys when you say T what does that mean? I have had what feels like congestive pain in my epi left side about a month after my vastecomy. I have had this dull constant pain for close to 3 months now hasn’t gotten better or worse… A course of Cipro didn’t help either going to try a course of mobicox now am wondering if papaya seed is the way to go.



Here is my thinking. If ice helps the pain… do it. If heat helps with pain… do that too. Do all you can to manage your pain. Why be at a pain level 5 if you can be at a 3. You have to experiment to find what works for you. Also things change esp. after a reversal so what may not be helpful now might be helpful months from now. It will be interesting to see if payapa helps you. Be sure to report back to us, good luck.

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Thanks. I’m on day 3 of Papaya so I’ll let everyone know…



@Krz673804 your story sounds very similar to my am 3 months post vas with a granuloma and enlarged epi on left side as well. Just wondering how are you recovering and what was your regime.



I’d say I’m close to 100% now. I still get an occasional twinge or ache maybe once a day and some days none. I personally feel like the heat treatment is a band aid where the papaya seed powder helped get rid of the actual issue (high sperm production causing congestion). I was doing a hot bath or hot tub once a day for a while. After a few weeks on the powder, I eventually stopped the heat treatments. I’m still taking 1/2 tsp twice a day.

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Thanks @Krz673804 i bought the herbal papaya brand from amazon 100% organic papaya powder seed wondering if anyone else has used this brand? Wasnt cheap but i have to give it a shot. Going to start with a 1/4 tsbp for a few days to see about side effects and go from there will keep everyone posted on progress.



@NC79 I bought that brand as well. Wasn’t cheap about $50 a bag. I’m on 3 weeks of using it and so far no difference that I can tell.



Are you using 1/2 tsp twice a day?



Yes, that’s correct. I’m gonna keep continue using it for 3 months. I also have the bulk supplements version when this one runs out, which was alot cheaper, but that one is very dry and fine powder, and doesn’t taste as good.



Yeah, that’s the one I use. Can you actually see the swollen Epididymis? I started to see it shrinking around 2-3 weeks. I started pretty quick after my vas though so depending on how long you were congested, may take a while longer for it to improve.



I can feel it a bit on the left side, but not really see it too much.
Last night I started feeling issues on the right side now, and i feel a sensitive area at bottom of epididymis.



When was your vas? How long have you been having issues?