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Congestive pain cured with papaya seed powder!


Hello @Backintime30…i was wondeing how you got your physician to prescribe you prednisone? I have suggested it 3 or 4 times and they keep telling me that it’s a controlled substance and they won’t perscribe it for this type of pain. Maybe i haven’t been insistant enough but did you have to do anything special like get a test done etc? I wanted a steroid that didn’t increase my libido and they don’t seem to get that testosterone (although technically a steroid) increases libido which in turn increases sperm production. Anyways if you have any input on this i’d appreciate it. Thanks



@Jpw … I don’t know if this will help any but i think you asked if anyone out there had a reversal out there. I went almost 20 years with PVPS that was worse after orgasm. i finally got a reversal 3 years ago and it only made things worse. Now i have pain almost constantly. I am seeing some improvement since trying some things on this board though. Although all this good advice wasen’t available to me like this message board… I would recomend a few things if i was to do things over.

  1. try some non invasive things like the stuff on these boards like the papaya seed extract, ibuprophen on a regular basis, hot baths etc.
  2. i would try to find people that have similar sounding problems that you do …and see if they have found any solutions to their problems.
  3. i would deffinately go to a specialist whi deals in mostly “PVPS cases” like this Dr. Marks or Dr. P that people think of highly on this board. ( i went to a reversal specialist so that people could have babies again and ended up with two Vas to Epi connections and very little reduction in pain…no photos of the proceedures no nuthin ( Dr. Marks seemes to want to show you what he has done with pictures and counsel. ) And the Dr. that i went to seemed to have very little sympathy that I still had pain
  4. if you don’t like the doctors answers or attitude…get another one
  5. and i dont know how long you have been in pain but i would recomend that you not let it go on so long as you might be in jepordy of loosing your job or your family.
  6. and i would not wait too long that the doctor cannot do a vas to vas reconnection…or maybe even an open ended vas … But I would defffinately “not” recommend doing a vas to epi connection like i had. It was a surprise to me that he had to do such an involved repair. I was worried and rightfully so. He gave me no instruction about how long i should wait before returning to having sex…and niw my insurance company is trying to get me to go back to him…when i never want to ever see him again!
    Have you tried small amounts of Gabapentin or Lyrica? Be carefull with it because it can make me dizzy but It might be able to show you if you have nerve pain or another type. I know this doesnt help a lot but i just thought i might try to help you from making the same mistakes as me.
    Good luck.


I had to keep on them. But Dr P in Florida if he feels inflammation is playing a part he would have no problem prescribing it.

My uro gave me one round, wouldn’t give me a second. Dr P did that. First helped tons but didn’t eliminate everything. But it came down from 6 to 7 to around 3 to 5. I now can maintain levels on 1 to 4 for the most part but thats doing nothing. I should mention the second round didn’t do anything really felt the pain ease while taking it then spiked back up a little after I finished.

Dr P is 200 I think for the first call. 50 each there after. Hope that helps.



Hello everyone, I had my no scalpel vasectomy about 23 days ago. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones who recovered in a few days, but lucky enough to not have excruciating pain. By day 14, I was told I have two sperm granulomas as well as congestion in my Epididymis (seems to be mostly on left side). The pain isn’t bad (1-2), mostly just annoying and the feeling of regret is overwhelming once I realized what I put myself at risk for. I want to get ahead of my congestion to avoid damage to my Epididymis. I began taking papaya seed powder about 3 days ago. For those of you who have used this, did it completely resolve your congestive problems? Did you continue taking it (or was a few months enough)? I know I’m still very early in the process, but I want to make sure I do as much as I can to resolve the issue before more problems come up.

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Only time will tell if you will need to keep taking it after you do 3~ months of it. Everyone is different, and there could be more to your pain than just congestion.

I’ve read enough data regarding papaya seed powder, and it’s effects on animals, I’ve tried it myself, and it did make some difference. I’m very confident it does what it’s supposed to if you take it as directed.

Unfortunately, I have a varicocele giving me trouble as well, and papaya seed powder seems to ramp up my heart rate, and cause more problems periodically. I discontinued my usage of the product unless I’m going through a really bad patch that’s been brought on by frequent ejaculations.

On a side note, I’ve talked w several guys that have used this stuff, and not one if them enjoys taking it very much. Some do better mixing it with a daily smoothie or two, or something.

Honestly, I can see a lot of benefit to buying some empty gel caps that are horse pill size, and pre fill a bunch if them at once (measure your doses of course).

Ready to fill gel caps are available all over the place. If daily smoothies and such isn’t your thing, perhaps a couple pre-filled gel caps would be pretty handy. Fill up enough to last 2-3 months at a time.

Another side note, make sure your papaya seed powder comes from the seed of non GMO fruit/plants. I’ve definitely read that GMO versions of papaya seed are not as effective, or perhaps not effective at all.



I’ve also read about it’s effect on humans, and some of the data goes way back before microscopes to see the sperm even existed. I’m not certain how they figured out the effects of papaya seed powder 100’s, or 1000’s of years ago. I can only imagine.

You can find those articles at the same website as the first link above, (search term, male / birth control", and I’d guess elsewhere.



Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I’ve been mixing with water. It doesn’t taste great, but if it’s the solution to reduce congestion, it’s well worth the less than ideal flavor. I’ll continue to post updates.



Not a problem. Yea, I’ve mixed it with small amounts of water a lot myself. It sticks all over the glass, and you definitely get a good blast of nutty, peppery, crunchy in your mouth n teeth afterward. Dealing with this twice a day is nothing to look forward to, heh.

I’ve mixed it with a lot of stuff, including putting it in a ball of bread with peanut butter, but the gel caps I spoke of earlier always come to mind when I take it. Think, simplicity.

A lot of guys I have talked with about this also have a hard time remembering to take it, and sticking with the recommended schedule of dosage. And then they claim they didn’t get much if any benefit. Once again, gel caps may be the answer to sticking with the regiment.

Just remember, you have to stick with it for the recommended 3~ months minimum for papaya seed powder to take full effect. Many begin feeling some benefit by week 3.

On a side note, the best stuff I took was very fresh. It wasn’t super dried out. It was a hair moist, it compacted easily, it had more of a distinct nutty, earthy flavor. It was non GMO, organic, and produced in South Florida.



That makes sense (gel caps). At this point, I don’t think I’ll have that problem as my vasectomy is constantly on my mind. I plan on taking it for at least 6 months since I’m getting married in July. I’d hate to have an issue pop up during the honeymoon (assuming it solves the problem). I ordered the stuff Rodger used. 4 days in I have noticed my epi has gotten smaller but that could just be my natural healing plus all of the heat treatment I’ve been doing. Time will tell.



Yea, I’m with you on all that ^^^

Sounds like you are hitting this with several treatments at once, and that’s pretty smart, and recommend as well.

I’m not seeing how 4 days of papaya seed powder has done a whole lot to your sperm count based on actual data, testimonials, and so on.

I’ve seen others report some noticeable difference in a matter of days as well, but again, I’m not thinking it was the anti-sperm effects of the papaya seed powder in a matter of days.

Papaya seed powder has been reported by several of us to increase heart rate, and thus increasing blood flow. That could be a factor as well.

Yea, keep us posted, and good luck.


Chronic epiditimitis

Just posting an update. I’ve been on the papaya seed powder that Rodger originally posted. It’s been about 16 days 1/2 tsp twice a day. I’d concur with others to take it after a decent meal. My congestion pain seems to be completely gone and my Epididymis is not nearly as inflamed. I get some occasional pain here and there still but I think that’s related to a granuloma which I think is also improving. I’ll continue to post updates over time in hopes it will help the next guy who makes the vasectomy mistake.



That’s great that you are showing signs of improvement @Krz673804.

Given you’ve only been taking papaya seed powder for 16 days, I can’t help but be a skeptic far as your rapid improvement trend, and if there isn’t more to it than meets the eye.

If I go off what urology says regarding congestion resolving itself on its own, they say it “typically”, or “usually” resolves itself within 2-12 weeks post vas.

I posted in another thread that I would be glad to shell out some $ toward a study on non vas men, and papaya seed powder. I’d like to see some guys in the study that had a high frequency of ejaculating as well. I’d like to see them tested at baseline, and given an SA every 2-4 weeks for 3-6 months, and see the numbers. To my knowledge, no such data has been collected.

Anyway, glad to hear your trending positive regardless of the logic.



In addition to my previous post, there is at least one published study regarding TRT for congestion, and/or congestive pvps.

For those that are unaware, TRT is short for “testosterone replacement therapy”, and it’s the pharma alternative to papaya seed powder. TRT, and papaya seed powder work in completely different ways, yet have the same objective.

The TRT data certainly doesn’t suggest major improvement in a matter of days, or weeks either. I will find the study, and post a link in this thread.

“Perhaps” papaya seed powder does work way faster than the data suggests, and “perhaps” way faster than TRT (way out on a limb here), but again, the papaya seed powder testing on mammals doesn’t suggest this, nor an immediate response either.

I certainly appreciate everyone that posts their experience with papaya seed powder regardless of what we can, and cannot prove at this point. People that post their experience with it helps this collective gather more data about it as a whole.



I wasn’t able to find many links to sites regarding TRT as an effective treatment for congestive pvps. I was thinking pubmed had one, but wasn’t able to find it if they do.

I used the search terms “testosterone pvps treatment”, and wasn’t very impressed with the results considering how long I’ve known about it, and what comes up if you search.

Here’s the link to the E. J. Pienkos study I knew about already, and it’s certainly not the wealth of data anyone would hope for.



Sorry to bump this.

What is the suggested dosage?

What is the suggested intake method?

I got the bulksupplements bag from Amazon




Hey, I’ve been on it for a month. I take 1/2 tsp twice a day. Typically morning and night. From what I’ve seen from others, that seems to be the norm. I’ve seen some post they do 1 tsp once a day or 1 tsp twice a day as well. My congestion pain is completely gone with the dosage I’ve been using. Felt like I could notice a difference after about 1 week and it continued to get better from there.

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Sorry, also I just use a shaker cup (like for protein shakes). 6-8 oz of water. shake it up and that’s it. I noticed it didn’t really mix well by using a spoon.



Thank you. Yes, I just mixed with a spoon not very successfully, lol.

I am not opposed to what they call “toss and wash” either, though.

Basically, I want to avoid “work”.



I’m sure that would work just fine. I think anything that gets in your system would be sufficient so long as you keep up with it.



I started taking a 1/2 teaspoon twice a day on Saturday. I mix it in with about a 1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt. It goes down very easy that way.