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Congestive pain cured with papaya seed powder!


As for negative side effects, idk about papayaa seed powder, yet, but from experience with eating papaya seeds(small amounts) and lots of papaya…it will clean you out, if you know what I mean. In terms of diet, the cleaner or “bro-like” your diet is the less issues you should have with the seeds. The powder could react differently then whole seeds, but when I used to take 1 spoon full of the seeds from my papaya last year on a daily basis it definitely flushes you out. and if you eat stuff that sits in your gut for a long time you may have a problem or some stomach issues and/or diarrhea. Just my experience.



Hey folks. I thought I’d chime in and say that I started on Papaya seed 1 week ago, and so far it’s done wonders to relieve my congestive pain. I’ve felt relief from the sort of “backpressure” pain that was extremely severe.

I still a few other issues, like nerve-type pain, but so far so good. Going to keep taking it for awhile and let you know. So far so good! Very pleased.

My dose has been a 1/2 tsb twice a day. Morning/evening.



Figured I would post what I think about papaya seed therapy.

First of all, the stuff that can be bought from the Amazon link is out of stock, and they have no idea when it will be available again. It’s manufactured , and ships from China as well. The Amazon stuff is a great deal, and a hefty amount far as price per gram, etc.

I bought 7 grams of organic papaya seed powder mfg in USA on eBay when I posted I was going to give it a whirl. I also ordered the 250 gram bag from Amazon that same week. I was sent a tracking number from the Amazon supplier, and I waited 5 weeks to find out it never even shipped! It kept saying it was in transit, what a waste of time. I found another offshore supplier, and have more on the way.

Far as the 7 gram trial, don’t take this on an empty stomach. Take it with a belly of food. I found it best to take a half teaspoon per day with my dinner. When I took it on empty stomach, or early in the day, it caused bad cramping in my GI, bad bathroom episodes, etc. When I took it at night, I didn’t have much of any problem with it. One evening I took it, and had a flare up of pain 15-30 minutes later, and it lasted for the evening. I’m not sure if it was even related to the papaya seed powder.

I would say I have been trending better since I took it once a day for about 3~ weeks.

I did notice I felt a bit lighter down there after 3-4 weeks usage. I also noticed I felt less horny, less feeling of needing to ejaculate. Kind of odd, but the effects lasted for quite some time after I stopped taking it.

In my case, I think 1/2 teaspoon once a day in the evenings was enough to be effective in my system. To bad I ran out, and had all the trouble i have had trying to get a decent supply here at the house.

I will post again once I get some more, and get on a roll of taking it again.

I would recommend others give it a whirl. The pro’s seemed to outweigh the cons in my short experience using it.



This is some great insight. So you’ve actually noticed some shrinkage? That’s crazy cool. I just searched Amazon and bulk supplements appears to have the powder form in stock. Just a heads up. I’m gonna give it a try myself to see if it calms down my right epi.



@Thissucks, Yes, everything I had to say about it is the absolute truth.

Far as Bulk Supplements go, idk about what you said. When I ordered mine, the Amazon site said it was in stock. It was only 7-10 days ago, I got an email from their customer support stating exactly what I said earlier. Perhaps it’s in stock now, but given what I’ve said, and my experience with them, I will never order from them again. I found a product on eBay that comes from Indonesia, or somewhere in that area. I ordered two ounces. Given my experience with 7 grams, that amount should last me at least a year (56 grams).



Oh ok got it. My bad. Thanks for clarifying. I’m using an old batch I got a while back before my reversal. Didn’t take it long enough to know whether it would help since I wanted to make sure my boys were full for the reversal. Gonna give it another go to see if it helps. Glad to know about that eBay seller if I need to get some more.



I’m really happy it’s working for you man. That’s pretty incredible. Who would have thought papaya seeds can help pvp. Amazing



I want to take this stuff to be more sterile, but I’m almost afraid it will cause me a problem I don’t have. Any ideas guys?



Read the other papaya seed thread. I think it has some insight into what you are asking.



I started on fresh papaya seeds this week. Will keep you guys updated as well. I mix it in smoothies every day and I go 3 to 4 days on one large papaya.



I started my powder yesterday. Doing 1/2 tsp in morning and night. Mixing with some kind of beverage. We’ll see!



If you order from their own website they also ship to the EU

But with a 50USD shipping cost :’)



I picked mine up from an eBay seller (voodoodeals). They have free shipping worldwide. It’s organic, non GMO.



I just ordered with them, thx



How fast did you get yours?



I just checked. It took 17 days from the day I ordered it, to the day it was delivered.



I feel it would be in the best interests of this group for every man that uses this stuff to post their experience with it. This is not a controlled study by any means, but it’s the best we got at the moment. If you learned about this here, and don’t post your experience with it, you do nothing for this collective but take without giving something so simple in return.

Here’s another link to a relevant article. I can’t believe I missed this one as I subscribe to this guy’s newsletter. Thanks OP.

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I’m reaching the end of my first month on papaya seeds (fresh first 3 weeks, dried since last week). I don’t think in my case it helps since I got a neuroma on the right side and just got a neuroma removed on the left side. But in the end everything feels a bit lighter and ejaculation pain/pain after ejaculating seems to be a lot less. So I will keep using it until I’m out of seed (the papaya ones).



So, I have a friend who uses this stuff in place of birth control for he and his wife. He lives several states away, so I called him up and asked him some questions - it was a little awkward, but not too bad. :smiley:

The most interesting take away was that he said he checks (yes, he checks things himself) once a month or so with a microscope, and the papaya seed makes the sperm have extremely low to no motility, and they look funny (not healthy.). He couldn’t speak to whether or not it decrease volume, because that’s not really what he was paying attention to and he doesn’t have pain issues, but he said it definitely changed things.

Maybe that helps? I’m not a guy so that doesn’t translate well to me - I just have to repeat what he said. :smiley:



Hello Roger and anyone else out there that might know the answer to this…but does anyone know if chewable PAPAYA ENZYME would have the same effects as the seeds? I have conjestive issues and was wondering if anyone knew if these worked as well. I take them for digestive issues and they are great at helping that problem. I will start taking them regularly and i will post back to let you know if they help with my overly full testicular issues. For those that dont like the taste of Papaya seeds this would be great if they worked as well because these things are downright good tasteing.
They Can be bought on Amazon in huge bottles made by American Health if anybody wants to try it before i report my results. That hot bath idea makes sense also because sperm do need its cooler than 98.6 degrees to produce. The only thing that i would be concerned with is that the body may try to overcompensate to replace all of the dead ones…but I’m willing to give it a try! Good luck.