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Congestive pain cured with papaya seed powder!


Sure, stress lowers T levels. But studies have shown men with vasectomies do not have a higher incidence of testosterone deficiency and some studies actually show an increase in it.



Just ordered a batch. It’s a $13 chance I’m willing to take to feel better from what I believe is congestion!



I’m doing that just one difference, I take half a teaspoon at night before bed with a glass of milk. Got my fingers crossed.



Ugh, I’m back again. thought the pain had gone away, but realized it was just being masked by eating like shit which temporarily “numbed” me. I still have pain every day. I can play drum still but I’m considering a reversal again :confused: I’m not sure about this powder. Has anyone actually had reversal of PVPS from a vas reversal here?



At least from the stories on here most have seen improvements. But I would say most of those cases are 5 on the pain level and above in their day to day. A few on here have reported being a little bit worse after all. You should pin your decision on what your pain might be.



Idk. my pain comes and goes. When I stopped replying on this site it had gone down to maybe 1-3/10…now it’s come back and is around 5-6/10. Still not as bad as when it was unbearable and burning, pinching, stabbing constantly, but it’s still hindering my ability to work…and again, I’m only 24.



Week two has definitely deflated my epy to say half size. Usually after sex it’s like a cone on the base of my testy. Did not do that tonight first time and I don’t know how long it laid flattened out and just raised a little.

Has not helped much with the pain yet. But I am hopeful.

Placebo? Idk I but I think it’s actually doing something just not helping where I want it to.

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I see. I need something that reduces this pain at least so I can work, this is debilitating.
I’m debating a reversal, but mainly I just want a surgery to get the fibrosis and entrapped nerves out, that’s what I’m told by Brad Bowins is the only thing to reduce the pain.



Been taking it almost two weeks. No effect so far.



I’m entering week three of taking it perhaps @Rodger is a sales man lol.

My pain has gone down perhaps a notch. My epy has shrunk on average so maybe it is contributing. I take a small dose before bed though. Your producing the most in the morning I think. Do you think you have congestion?



Not sure what I have pain wise. It’s very diffuse and doesn’t seem to respond to sex or anything else really. It’s just always there. Sometimes I think tighter pants make it worse, but I don’t know why; it doesn’t really hurt to the touch.



This is week 4. I think I can tentatively say that this stuff has helped. I haven’t felt my epis in awhile, and I’m trending better. That said, I was already slowly trending better, so the papaya could be just more of the same. That said, it doesn’t bother my stomach, and it’s probably not bad for me.



Hi Rodger,

I had a closed-ended vasectomy done in Dec 16 and have been experiencing discomfort pretty much ever since even through the wound healed pretty fast. I’ve reached exactly the same conclusions as you for myself and was seriously considering (i) having a procedure to convert to an open-ended vasectomy or (ii) vasectomy reversal as you said, but it really does defeat the whole purpose of the thing!

Anyway I also got to thinking along the same lines as you and also hit on papaya seeds as a possible solution since it was the only substance that it seemed I could realistically get hold of and use regularly. I purchase my first papaya this morning and then I thought I’d search and see if anyone else had tried this and I found you.

Anyway, if you have any specific advice around this it would be very much appreciated (and of course whether it is still working!!) I’m in the UK and papaya seed powder is harder to come by here. However, if it’s got a good chance of working I’d spend the money on importing…did you use a particular brand?




What’s up guys…

Wanted to share my story with papaya…I was giving it some time before commenting. But, i’d be remiss if I didn’t share with you guys.

I’m not going to get into too many of my details - my story can be found on the site.

I did have a pretty intense bout with epididimoorchitis two months post surgery. I’ve been rather full and large in the scrotum ever since. I’ve never been comfortable, radiated between a 2-4 pain most days, always felt full, and had early prostate issues and have had a host of other issues, systemically, since the surgery.

Anyhow, i’ve been on the papaya seed powder, same one as @Rodger, since about January 2. I did plenty of research after Rodger brought it to the forum, and figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it.

I can’t really comment, yet, on my systemic issues…though some days I do feel like there have been improvements.

But down below, I feel light as a feather. It’s actually a nice feeling to have. I am no where near as uncomfortable as I was before. I will have a random twinge here and there, but overall, I feel much better with regards to that. I have little doubt that the papaya seed works to decrease sperm volume. I am very curious to know the mechanism behind how it works, but I definitely have noticed an improvement after the 6 weeks i’ve been taking.

Will keep you guys posted.



Any further updates on this possible remedy for congestion pain?



I just ordered myself some of this stuff. I will post my results, and conclusion in time. @Jpw, did you ever order yourself some?



I ordered some months ago but I haven’t gotten around to taking it. Monkey research says 3 month for complete stoppage of sperm. I’d give it another 2 months after that before it’s completely eliminated from your body.



Thanks for the input.

I am trying to further narrow down what is causing the pressure, and pain here. Is it congestion, varicocele, both? Papaya seed therapy should tell me something in time.

I plan to stick with the regiment once I start. Hopefully I don’t have any side effects associated with it. I will post a detailed account with my experience. This stuff is so cheap, and DIY, I have to give it a whirl. I consider myself a bit of a slacker for not doing this once I read about it. I’ve been on a bad run of post ejaculate pain for days now. A good reminder to get on with it.



I would try Papaya seed just to see if it had any other sort of pain relief properties but I am a reversal guy that is still open, I don’t have testicular pain, and papaya seeds have the added benefit of killing parasites. I infected myself with 40 hookworms last summer and since then I’ve had very few bad outbreaks of inflammation and pain in my gut so I want to keep my colony alive.
If I had pressure pain at all though I’d be all over this.



I did, but i’ve been forgetting to take 1-2 tsp/day since I started a new job >.>