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Congestive pain cured with papaya seed powder!

Hello everyone,

So I know I’m new here, but I’ve been reading on this site a lot for quite a while. I had a vasectomy around a year ago at age 39 after my wife and I were done with children and I didn’t want to use condoms during sex for the rest of my life.

The procedure itself was pretty much a piece of cake but 3 months later I started having a pressure-like pain in my left nut which stayed all day and would get worse day by day and week by week and eventually it just became completely unbearable, it was like a 5/10 pain all day and then occasionally it would be like a 7 or 8. I contacted the doctor who performed the procedure but he wasn’t very useful. He just prescribed me some ibuprofen and told me it would likely go away eventually. My daily dose of ibuprofen did make it slightly better but I wasn’t satisfied. I then researched vasectomy complications more thoroughly and found this forum and all the other information out there on PVPS that I wasn’t told about by my doctor or by my friends who underwent this procedure… I then decided that because my pain felt like a pressure, it was likely congestion related and that it’s all down to the fact that my body is stil producing sperm basically. Usually, reversal is a procedure that is recommended for this. However, I didn’t really want to go back to having to use condoms every time for sex again and so I looked for alternatives. Using testosterone supplements to stop sperm production didn’t seem like a good idea either.

I eventually, just 3 months ago, found some information on papaya seeds and their effect on male fertility. According to studies and many anecdotal posts on the internet, papaya seeds reduce sperm count and can even cause full blown infertility in men when consumed daily for up to 3 months. I researched this more thoroughly and then found a review on amazon on this product here from bulksupplements, saying it worked for this person as a male contraceptive after only taking 1/2 tsp twice a day for a month.

I then decided that since papaya seeds appear to have spermicidal properties, I should give this product a try, so I got it and started taking 1/2 tsp twice a day and to my surprise, it worked! Gradually, over the next few weeks, my pressure pain alleviated! After over a month of taking my powder twice a day, my left nut finally felt the same as it did before the vasectomy.

I highly, highly recommend you give this a try if you think you have congestive pain! This is definitely a good alternative to using high doses of testosterone or getting a reversal done. For those with autoimmune symptoms, I highly recommend this as well.

Thanks for reading. Wish you guys all the best of luck as well.


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Thanks for sharing this !

Echo’d. Thanks very much for sharing this information. I’m curious to look into this product now.

If anyone else has success using this product, please post about it in this forum.

Good Suggestion. Not having congestive pain right now, but if it returns I will definitely look into this.

Thanks for the info. Curious what it did to your sexual drive and have you got your testosterone check after taking this?

Also curious how sexual active, and exercise active you were to the point the pain started.

The vasectomy didn’t seem to affect my libido. When the pain came, it decreased a bit just from being a bit stressed and distracted. After taking the papaya seed powder for a month, my sex life returned to normal.

I haven’t had my testosterone levels checked… Testosterone levels fluctuate hourly and they can even have very strong fluctuations just naturally.

There is no evidence vasectomy can decrease testosterone in my opinion. There’s many men on this forum who will say that but testosterone deficiency is pretty common in men without vasectomies and it’s almost impossible to really link your own drop in testosterone to your vasectomy since levels can just have very natural fluctuations and stress greatly affects them as well.

EDIT: Forgot to write this: I jogged or cycled daily both before and after the pain. I generally exercise around an hour a day at talking pace.

I think the evidence is there for low T after a V. I think there is no question if you go from having a sex drive to not having one and it being in the 100 to 200 thats evidence enough I think
Occam’s Razor :slight_smile:
But I digress

How long were in pain before discovering this? I looked some stuff and found animal trials on Chimps. Have found anything on humans it said in rats obviously small animals that it was toxic on a certain level.

I wonder what long term effects would be. One study I read said chimps took it for 3 months and caused infertility and they remained that way for 5 months.

Trying to see why this wouldn’t be more talked about. Perhaps it’s much like the pill miss a dose on your way to being infertile and bam a baby on the way.

Did u eat this with anything? ANd when did you take it (what time)?

Where is the scientific evidence for increased risk of testosterone deficiency after vasectomy and what exactly causes it to drop? I know the answer: You don’t really know. :smiley:
And no, just because you had low sex drive after vasectomy doesn’t mean the vasectomy caused that. And just because it was low on ONE test doesn’t mean anything. You need to test it at least 5 times in the same month to really be sure. Plus, not every one who has very low libido after a vasectomy actually has low T. Some guys think their low libido was caused by a vasectomy but their T levels are normal or even very high.

I was in pain for several months. Here’s one study showing very clear spermicidal effects of papaya seeds on humans:

I took a 1/2 tsp with breakfast and a 1/2 tsp with dinner. Just put it in a glass, then add water, give it a quick stir and drink it slowly, chew it a bit if you want less digestive upset.

I think there are some more knowledgeable folks than me on the subject (on here) that would disagree, and from my research there is no doubt a connection. Does it happen to everyone I don’t know.

I am game to try anything though. I’ve ordered some. I took T for awhile which helped my ball pain a ton. I still had way too much inflammation going on, predisone got that manageable. If this stuff dials my pain nut pain down again I will jump for joy for the first time since this happen to me.

I’ll keep you posted

Thanks for keeping me posted, I’d like to know about your experience with this, good or bad.

Did T help your pain or did it just increase your libido?

At first it almost killed all the ball pain the chord and groin pain was still high. But I could touch my nuts again.

It did increase my libido but I never lost that, I still wanted to have sex I just didn’t cause of the pain.

Just bought some, and I’m not sure I even have congestive pain, haha. This forum is a great place to sell supplements.

Haha, I guarantee you I’m not just some shill though. Please post your experience with this product once you’ve used it for a while, whether good or bad, I’d like to know how it works for others.

Any thought’s by anyone if this would just help with congestive pain ? Could it help with reversed guys still in pain ?

Papaya seed powder acts as a spermicide, so it can help with problems related to sperm. If you still have a bit of congestion post reversal (some guys certainly can) then this may help. It may also help if you’re dealing with autoimmune problems from tour body attacking your sperm.

It would not help with nerve pain.

To early to say but may be experiencing my epy being less swollen. It feels somewhat less pronounced. I’ll give it another week or two, says on the packaging you should break from it for awhile after that any way. Now I have returned to work it will be a true test to see if it does anything. So my hope is in this if the congestion eases thus less pressure in my epy, thus it being less inflamed, thus those nerves not feeling the constant pressure of congestion and inflammation, will then ease the pain. I hope it will ease the pressure on my scar tissue at the top as well.

If you find it helps a lot, you could just take it for a bit longer. To my knowledge, it will at most cause a bit stomach irritation or an allergic reaction if you’re unlucky or you could just lower the dose a bit. I’ve been taking a 1/2 tsp twice a day for a while now with no issues.

Pain will reduce your T levels. Stress and anxiety from pain will do the same.

We had a guy on here who had a biopsy/lab report come back from his vasectomy saying the doctor actually clipped a vein. I’m pretty sure compromising the blood flow to a testicle will negatively impact T levels.

The main problem is most guys don’t get checked before and after.