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Congestive epididymitis after vasectomy


I don’t believe the Bactrim did anything. I had no fever or anything like that. The way it happened for me, epididymitis, was very sudden and it happened at year three without any prior hint of testicular pain. I never had testicular pain and still don’t. I had nerve pain in the area I was cut due to scar tissue and nerve issues. Of course when my epi was swollen it hurt like hell. I think because of the nature of the problem with no trauma it was logical for them to treat it as an infection. They just always do that "oh you have a boggy prostate, take antibiotics and antiinflammatories. I think a lot of guys with post vasectomy pain probably get that to cover for the pain caused by vasectomy. It’s amazing to me one doctor said I was less likely to get an infection in my epi because it was separate/closed off from the rest of my urinary tract. I personally think that once things get closed off down there if you get any sort of trauma to the epididymis you can get a bleed into it or other fluids that result in inflammation and where can it go? It has nowhere to go so of course it will swell up like a balloon. For me it resolved over time. I guess do to that magical reabsorption process they talk about that magically takes our dead sperm away.
They also took a doppler/ultrasound to make sure I had blood flow. When they said to me casually that if they saw no blood flow they were going to remove my testicle that’s when I finally realized I let some guy screw up my balls and I was broken. That’s what I took for every single light switch to go off in my head realizing all my pain for the last three years was due to getting butchered.



I hear you, Mike. Glad the reversal took care of the ball pain. Who performed the reversal if you don’t mind me asking? Did it make your nerve issues worse or not?
I’m in pain for over 2 yrs now and am getting worn out and really worried, kinda’, at this point, realizing the issue is here to stay and will not go away on its own. For the 1st year I had nerve issues around the clock, pins, and needles, stabbings, burning on the skin, inguinal, abdominal referred type of pain, etc. I forgot most of them bc I don’t keep a journal. Ah yes, weird sensation while urinating, which I still have sometimes. At about year 2 all this stopped and the pain was very localized and specific, by my left testicle, pain+deep burning/heat sometimes. I’m guessing it must be the epi or around that area but I don’t have pain with erection or ejaculation. Actually, sex and ejaculation make it feel good a lot of times. So there goes the congestive epididymitis diagnosis. It feels like probably a granuloma or cysts in the vas, nobody that saw me was really interested in diagnosing me beyond scrotal pain go to the pain clinic to try to manage it, you can’t cure it. Somebody on this forum mentioned that at his examination at the Cleveland clinic, they poked every inch of his scrotum for 1/2 hr to determine the exact source of his pain. No urologist was interested in touching my junk. Sitting and laying flat on my back helps, therefore I sleep nights kind of ok now. I ussually wake up feeling no major pain and then I get up, start walking and the pain begins. It is worse in the second half of the day and especially in the evenings. Last night my pain was particularly bad which worries me. Gave up on anticonvulsants and antidepressants, didn’t really help much anyway.
I’m trying to stay active as much as I can, just bought a moonsaddle for my bike so that I can ride with the kids. Feels uncomfortable though.
I’m afraid that another surgery might make things worse or not help, besides the fact that I can’t really take a break, for months, from everything, to recover properly after a serious surgery like a reversal. Money would also be an issue for me at this point in time. I really don’t know what I should do next.



My reversal was performed by Dr. Sheldon Marks in Tucson Arizona. It eliminated the excruciating pain I would get at night when I woke with wood that was so bad I would get a surge of adrenaline and my heart would start pounding in my chest. Didn’t matter how tired I was it was not possible to sleep through that. It made sitting possible again too, however I still have problems if I sit a lot I can do it.



Hey guys I’m one month in and I’m seeing a lot of you guys saying things like “that’s still early” and “time is your friend” I’m wondering are you guys saying that because this might not be a chronic problem at this point? Or because over time I’ll just get used to it? Please someone respond I’m not taking this very well.



@Ezekiel ze We say it because the majority of men that still have pain at 4 weeks, end up having a full recovery in time. Might take awhile though. Most of the unlucky ones whose pain doesnt go away completely, will get it to a point that it’s just an annoyance, like a bad back or him knee. Yes, as evidenced by this site, some never heal or get better, but that is the ultra minority. Read some of these posts and find some of the suggestions to see if they help. Good luck. Don’t let your mind run wild. Get help for that if you need too. Good luck.



I got worse before I got better. 5 weeks till 14 weeks was brutal and varied greatly. Now at 5 months I’m more stable but still a constant ache. Trying not to think about it and that it slowly gets better from here. Do
Keep my story in mind if it gets worse. Two guys told me it took a year. Odds are still in your favor.

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Thanks a lot you guys I’ve been taking this pretty hard and hearing that I still might (hopefully) make a full recovery helps a lot

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pain at one month post sterilization is fairly normal. I still felt like I got kicked by a mule then. My PVPS didn’t develop for almost a decade post op.



So I might heal up from this and not need surgery?



Hey fellas, I am at week 7. I have beat epididymitis in lefty with heavy antibiotic and two days after the round ended, righty is feeling the exact same way the left one did as the illness progressed before I got help. I was sick sick from it fevers over 100 for days and such.

My fear is that I m going to fight epididymitis forever. I see all 49 posts before mine, time usually helps and so on. Time is not on my side for various reasons. I have seen in a few internet places that this could be a chronic thing. Any insight?



Hey man I’m at week seven as of today. How bad off are you? I’ve pretty much been on the couch this whole time. What antibiotics did the doc have you on? For how long we’re you on them?




When did you get your vasectomy?



I was REALLY bad off two weeks ago, right now just uncomfortable and tender on my right testicle.

I was on leviquin for 10 days. It helped a lot but as soon as it ended, my right testicle started to hurt



10.6.17. Great doctor, several of my close friends had the same guy, no issues (smallish area). He has been very responsive to my issues.

I am almost to my screening date. I am past my needed “20”.



I had mine done on the same day as you I’ve been trying to learn as much about this as I can



It has been a rough several weeks. I had intermittent pain and mild swelling since day one and didn’t think much of it. I checked the internet several times (including this exact chain) in the 4-5 weeks before my infection. I became really sick and the pain stopped being minor on Monday 11.6. That is when the fevers set in. They were not controlled by antibiotics until 6 days later. The swelling went from minor to twice its size in like 8 hours on 11.6.

Here goes the real odd part. As my swelling went down in lefty, it shrank to smaller than re infection… As soon as the holiday has passed, I will be calling my Dr again.

I am not upset I had the procedure and am willing to deal with an intermittent issue as long as it is not a constant thing.



[quote=“Shawn_B, post:56, topic:1678”] I
am not upset I had the procedure and am willing to deal with an intermittent issue as long as it is not a constant thing.

That’s a good attitude to have and attitude is important. We’re all pulling for you to get better and graduate from this place. Thanks for sharing your story and keep us posted. It is helpful for guys to see other guys getting better and moving on with their lives.



Thanks Mike. I will keep everyone posted as this continues.



My full story is on this site under the surgical area.

But in a nutshell I had blue balls right after VAS for first 5-6 weeks (pretty constant - maybe SLIGHTLY getting better but barely perceptible) - ended the day I started juicing and getting healthier. Then about 5-6 months later it came back ever so slightly and then got worse and worse - 3 months after that I was researching non-stop and ended up getting a reversal because the pain was getting that bad.

I had 2 friends who had VAS around the same time. They both said they had congestion pain right after. One took about 6 months for it to go completely away. The other took 2 years. I took about 5-6 weeks.

BUT the biggest difference with me was the pain came back and got worse … and worse … and worse. The other friends were the opposite their pain slowly got better and better.

So what trend are you currently on?

In case you haven’t read it already here is my story and resolution - My PVPS story and resolution

good luck



@David you mention you had two friends who had congestion pain that went away was there pain severe or mild in general.

Did it also tend to flair up after sex?