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Congestive epididymitis after vasectomy


wait six months if pain is not livable and is destroying your quality of life get a reversal- you are still early and will most likely be a lot better over the next few months.



I feel worse again :frowning:
My epididymis swell again…
Epididymis pain 4-6/10 now



Guys what you think about swollen lymph nodes in the groin ? I have this shit

Maybe it is realy infection ?
Or my sperm clogged lymph system ?



Andrey in my experience with me i was swollen there as well not quite as much but its all our body reacting to all the trauma from vasectomy. With myself my testicles and cords were swollen for months as well as abdominal cramps. At 5 months now my swelling has subsided a little bit more but i am left with extreme pain. The best advice i can give you is if you have been treated with antibiotics like myself that means it can’t be infection. Next thing is if your gut can handle it keep taking anti inflammatory’s they help me heaps but i can’t stay on them because my gut won’t tolerate them. I take at least 800mg ibuprofen daily when on them and it helps heaps. Also i rotate with tramadol and endone narcotics to get me by. Remember you are early days stay positive and exercise as much as you are able to. I swim 4km per week even in extreme pain every day i do laps of pool to keep fit. Laurie.



Looks like your superficial inguinal lymph node. Docs don’t really tell you where the sperm goes after vasectomy. It used to go up and out. Now it’s the responsibility of your immune system. Macrophages typically ingest the sperm where it is transported through your lymph system for disposal. Most lymph drainage can handle this but it takes time for your body to acclimate. Previously it only had to worry about a few micro sized bacteria. Now it’s got angry wiggling sperm to dispose of…roughly 80 million a day. Considering the size of sperm compared to most bugs, this is substantial and your body needs to step up and begin disposing of this crap. It takes time. Some people never quite get over it as evidenced by the article below.

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Thanks for you help guys!
I will waiting…

I take hot bath every day in a month
And I will take papaya

I keep you informed of my progress

I from Russia and doctors can’t help me.
They only gives me anti-biotics and anti-inflammatories. I drank tavanic week



Andrey that looks like a possible hernia to me too. If it’s not a lymph node it’s a hernia.



Seeing where the lymph nodes are down there and those would be the first stop to dump the sperm perhaps a lot of the groin pain we feel is from the internal swelling of those nodes. From inflammation in those areas perhaps compressing nerves?



Andrey, would be interested to hear how you are feeling now. Hope that all is resolved. I am 18 days in and with similar symptoms. Still hoping that time helps.

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20 days after vasectomy. EPIDIMUTITIS develop after a week of vasectomy. Having same symptoms as andrey initially. Being on atibiotics for 3 days. Dont see anychange. My right side of my scrotum is the size of a baseball. Its very painful. Im starting to get scared now.



I had sex max 12 times in the past (painful) year… And due to the pain I don’t feel like getting a mistress either…



I had a vesectomy in 2013 and have had pain ever since in and around the left testicle. The left side wasn’t done properly and a vein was cut instead! That was distressing news. Now there is a lump where the vein was cut and the left one still works as well. I have swollen lymph nodes in my left groin four years on and lots of referred pain from the left testicle. Ironically, the right testicle is pain free and that’s the one that worked.

I am in a lose / lose situation I think as I don’t know what’s causing the problem, I’ve had a vesectomy, one side still works and I still get the pain! The surgeon said to come back so he could rectify the issue (the side that still works), but I had no confidence in him whatsoever so declined.

I am thinking do I go to get a reversal or do I go and get the working side redone from another surgeon. Probably the latter I guess, but with the posts here saying a reversal removes the pain, I don’t know. I just want the pain (8/10 constantly) to go!

Any suggestions?



@chugorocks How do you know a vein was cut? When you say the right side still works, does that mean he abandoned surgery and didn’t perform vasectomy on that side?



He advised me the vein on the left hand side was cut instead of the tube that is meant to be . . . I was dumbfounded when he first told me. The right hand side was successful. He sent away for tests to see if the left hand side (and right hand side) were still working (as they do) and it came back that the left hand side was not successful.



@chugorocks, I’m sure anyone that knows their stuff is wondering what test he performed that came back signifying what side was open, and which side wasn’t. To my knowledge, there is no such test.



By “working” do you mean the vasectomy worked? There’s no test that differentiates which side was successful or not. They can tell left from right. Even further, it takes several weeks before something is considered successful. Perhaps he did an ultrasound and the damaged testicle is no longer successful? If that’s the case and you have a dying testicle, orchidectomy is your only option

Your story doesn’t add up. Either you’re confused or he’s feeding you a load of garbage.



Apparently they send specimens away to check if it worked. I don’t do vesectomies, I don’t know the ins and outs. I agree though, I don’t think he knows what he’s doing . . . anyway, it is what it is I guess . . .



They do biopsies. They send the excised vasal segment to a lab where they verify that is’ vasal tissue and not a vein. What a screw up though. “Let’s just go tear a hole in this guys scrotum and pull out the the first tube like thing and cut a hunk out of it.”

Vasectomy is genital mutilation.

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It can’t be that because veins and vas deferens have different texture and color. Visible to the naked eye, no need for specimens to be sent away for analysis.



I don’t understand how Bactrim could’ve helped with congestive epididimitis. Your pain was not caused by a bacterial infection.