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Congestion pain?

Hi All,

I posted here recently under the title “what’s going on”

I’m now approaching week 11 and have kinda figured out what my issue is.

For the last 2 weeks I’ve had sex each weekend (I’ve been doing this since the vasectomy)

On the Saturday I have more or less felt 95% so I have got frisky with the Mrs due to feeling up to it more due to no pain.

But I have noticed the following issues 2 consecutive weeks in a row.They are as follows:

I would note I don’t have any pain with erections or ejaculation

Day 1 after sex I tend to feel uncomfortable down below(all my issues are left sided)

Day 2 testicle feels like it’s been pinched very uncomfortable feeling and pretty painful

Day 3 I tend to have tightness feeling on my left side lymph nodes (and also swelling )area and also a pain above my penis.(The first week of the 2 I had more sex and had pretty severe stabbing burning pain at the vas site)

Day 4 tends to be a feeling of soreness/tenderness the feeling you get after something has been swollen and is quite sore.

I’m starting to feel myself again and am planning on abstaining from sex for a least a week to see if I can maintain that 95% feeling.

But obviously long term I do t want to avoid sex has anyone else had similar experience and if so what’s going on.I’m pretty much new to all this just it’s been a dark few months and feeling pretty shit at the minute.

Any advice would be much appreciated no matter how minor

Hi, I have some delayed pain, tenderness after sex like you are describing. One doc I saw thought this could mean I am leaking sperm from the vasectomy site, and I think that could be true for me. I notice it is worse if I ejac a couple of times within 24 hours. I have now become familiar enough with my anatomy I can find the vas site and it is definitely sore when this is going on, sqeezing it gives me the stabbing in the side pain you described. Seems like if it is leaking because of having sex, abstaining from ejac for a while might give it time to heal, I don’t know. Just a thought. Leaking would probably cause inflammation around the leak, inflamed nerve causes pain. If you have soreness in the draining lymph nodes that would be consistent with the idea.

For myself I plan to abstain from ejac for the next month, when I am scheduled for reversal. You are earlier on in this than me, you could try hot baths, maybe papaya seed extract to reduce sperm production, maybe reduce the pressure and leakage (if that is what it is), hopefully it would heal over completely if there really is leakage, but I don’t know, just brainstorming. If it is inflammation based maybe anti-inflammatory diet or supplements would help, I am trying some of that for myself and I think it reduces the pain.

@Cannon83, It’'s hard to say what the problem is exactly.

Just based on what you describe above, I’d like to say you have a mix of neuropathic, and congestive pains. I’d like to say you have more neuropathic, than congestion going on at this point.

Far as sperm leaking, granuloma formation, etc, I’m not thinking you have a major case of that happening. If you did, I don’t think your pain would subside to the levels you speak of. Hard to say really, but it’s my guess.

You are coming up on 3 months post vas, which isn’t long in vasectomy recovery terms. Don’t get me wrong, it’s way to long to be dealing with this unless you were given a proper warning, and agreed to them terms. Something tells me you were never warned.

Best advice is battle your pvp with as many conservative treatments as possible. Hit it with as many things as you can at once (in a days timespan). These conservative treatments are listed in many threads, including this one.

Hot baths/soaks, NSAID’s, papaya seed powder, alpha lipoic acid, nerve pain, and/or anxiety meds from a doc, abstain from frequent ejaculations, the proper support down there (everyone is different), proper diet, avoid a lot of caffeine, nicotine, etc, etc, etc.

I do not recommend abstaining from ejaculating for weeks on end. I really believe this will be hard on your other male parts, and your body/system may have an even harder time adjusting to the new circumstances. I think it helps to keep things active, but not overly active as to create more pain.

Providing nothing goes completely haywire anytime soon, I’d have to tell you to get to 6 months (I know it sucks), and reevaluate your progress.

@KevinL, I certainly don’t understand the logic behind this. My reasoning is the same as I said above.

Unless you have blown out, have a sperm granuloma the size of a pencil eraser, have a swollen epi the size of a green grape or larger, or have anything of the sort going on, I’m not thinking abstaining for 30~ days straight is a good idea.

Ringo, you may be right. I’m just guessing and considering what one uro said about thinking it was leakage. That is his guess about me, may or may not be true for me, and doesn’t necessarily apply to anyone else. I know for myself when I have been able to abstain for 2 weeks straight, my pain level really came down. I didn’t think that was sustainable, but now that I am more aware that sex really does make it worse for me and I have the reversal coming up, my idea is to bring the inflammation down as low as I can get it before the operation and keep it under control if I can after to hopefully end up fully healed with time. I’m worried I may be prone to inflammation and that could be a problem after the reversal, so thinking about what I can do to increase my chances for successful reversal. It is really based on the idea that maybe sperm leaks out at the surgical site when I ejac, and maybe doesn’t otherwise, just based on my symptoms. If i can prevent that leakage for the next month hopefully the vas will be less inflamed when I go for surgery.

I think the potential downside is buildup of fluid in the prostate, upside is potential reduction of inflammation in vas/epis. If I follow through it will probably be 2.5 months total (1 month pre, 6 weeks post-reversal I think is what is recommended?).

Do you see other downsides that I am missing besides swollen prostate?

@KevinL, If you are having a reversal w Dr Marks at ICVR, it will be 14 days till you ejaculate (recommend).

I used to go about 10 days between my ejaculations prior to my redo reversal. I used to go about a week~ prior to my first reversal.

That said, I do understand where your mind is at far as abstaining, and I understand how ejaculating causes many of us to be worse off. For some, the pain that comes with ejaculating can be excruciating, and can last for days.

Yes, it’s your prostate I’d be most concerned about far as trying to hold out on your ejaculating for 4-6+ weeks straight. I actually noticed more issues with the swollen/boggy prostate sensations when I used to abstain for long periods of time.

I’m sure you’ve already read to stay away from the papaya seed powder for several months prior to a reversal. Theres not much of any documented research regarding this ideology, but it sure seems reasonable, sensible, and logical. I would definitely recommend avoiding it.

It’s also hard to say what your sperm to fluid ratio is within you epi’s, vas’s, etc. I do tend to think some of us have higher concentrations of one, or the other. I don’t have all the answers for that.

I had to ejaculate daily for about 24-26 months post redo reversal. After I failed a second time, I actually kept up with my routine for the most part. I skip a day regularly, but my system got so revved up in that time period, I just kept it going. It gives me trouble fairly regularly still, but not as bad as in the past (ebbs and flows). I’m pretty used to it, and what to do about it.

I think I would feel worse, and be worse off in general if I went back to an irregular, and practically nonexistent ejaculating frequency.

I apologize if I/we hijacked your thread @Cannon83. It’s all good info.

Figured I’d add a blurb to my last post:

I don’t think all “pain after sex”/ejaculating cases are purely congestive in nature either.

Can be congestive.

Can be a combination of neuropathic, and congestion.

Can be purely neuropathic.

I tend to think the majority of pain after sex/ejaculating cases are congestive in nature, but wth do I know.

This is when trying to connect the dots comes into play.

Papaya seed powder, TRT, and possibly other tools can be helpful.

Ultrasounds, getting a physical scrotal examination by a professional, etc.

This stuff really sucks, and if it was an easy diagnosis, and/or an easy fix for it all, we wouldn’t be having these conversations :disappointed:

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Bingo. Quote of the year. I’m 18 months into the 3rd bout and really don’t have any firm answers despite being seeing by 4 urologists and a pain management specialist. I THINK we’ve identified the left GF as a problem, but that could be only partly correct or even totally wrong. We’re all dealing with hit-or-miss diagnoses but at some point we roll the dice and hope.

Thanks guys I really appreciate the info contained in above,on a positive note I suppose from day 1 I definitely feel better all be it not massively.

The only thing is I am worried as I’m currently on prednisone and am hoping that when I come of them the pain doesn’t come back all of the time.As I feel these have been helping me with everything.Only thing lately is my sleep pattern is all over he place wake every few hours but part of me thinks it’s a certain amount of worry not just the steriods.

Ringo you mentioned that to wait till the 6 month mark before deciding what to do.This is probably a question for both of you’s but do you think time can solve the likes of a congestive issue (ie can the body learn to adapt to its new normal)?.I have read where guys have been ok after waiting it out.Part of me thinks it can as ultimately my right side is fine so maybe the left will learn in time??

Part of me does kinda think that if I can abstain and feel a bit better that maybe it’ll give whatever is going on on the left a chance to heal/come good.

I am also a little worried that I’m doing unrepairable damage to myself.

I seen a guy on this that has been given a oxytocin/cialis mix from a guy you’s all call doctor P.I would definitely give it a shot.

Big thing for me is that I live in Ireland and feel like I’m the only guy that ever had this here doesn’t seem to be anything on pvp,if I did end up going down a surgical route I’d probably have to travel to the uk.

But staying positive I’ll try the conservative routes (as long as nothing major happens in the meantime) for the next while and see where I go from there.

Thanks again to both of you,your opinion is greatly valued and thanks for taking the time to help.

I hope the 2 of you find a resolution to your own problems.

Time is your best friend providing things aren’t going completely haywire.

I’ve had two reversals fail. My second reversal (redo) was done by a reversal guru. I don’t see where I could’ve gotten a better vas to vas reversal the second time.

Can the body learn to adapt to congestion? There came a point where my body didn’t have much choice other than to adapt best it could. A third reversal is out of the question far as I’m concerned.

I see the word “worry” several times in your last post. What you are experiencing is pretty normal :disappointed:

God man that must be tough I’m am truly sorry to hear that what is your current state?when did you have your original vas and how long after did you have your first reversal?

I haven’t mentioned this but this week I seem to be missing my morning glory and not really had much erections all week,haven’t had this issue!maybe it’s the steriods?it doesn’t rain it pours!!:frowning:

My current status isn’t hellish very often. Much of my day in, day out neuropathic pains have subsided over time.

I still deal with ebbs and flows of pain, primarily brought on by ejaculating. It’s generally worse when I get busy with my wife vs a quicky with myself.

Multiple quickies with myself, or a combination of with my wife, and self within a 24 hour timeframe will bring on some pretty serious pain on my left side, which is by far my worst side.

Far as ejaculating goes, I never know what I’m going to experience in the moment, or afterwards. My condition gets better, and worse again through time (ebbs, and flows).

I had a pre-existing, dormant pain wise varicocele condition on my left side prior to the vasectomy.

After years of trial and error, and 3 corrective procedures later, I have determined I suffer from at least 3 different things. Varicocele pain, congestive pains, and neuropathic pains (nerve damage).

I had my first reversal approximately 4 months post vasectomy. I had my second reversal (redo) approximately a year after my first. I have been sterile (failure) for approximately 4-5 years (fall 2013).

Part of your issues are due to stress, anxiety, etc IMO. I’m not suggesting any of your problems are “in your head”, but any problems such as pvp/s can lead to other issues such as stress, anxiety, etc.

I think it’'s very likely your hormones are out of wack post vas, and some of that will likely get better over time. At the moment, this could be making you worse far as stress, anxiety, etc.

Tie all this together, and you have a recipe for disaster IMO.

Hang in there brother. With any luck, you should pull through this in time. I didn’t say it was going to be easy, or drag you through the depths of hell mentally before you get there.

I didn’t actually think you could have a reversal so soon after the vas?

Fair play to you getting through it all.thanks for your support and I would tend to agree with you on my own issues as you’ve probably hit the nail on the head with your comments it’s kinda the perfect storm at the minute.

But onwards and upwards as they say hopefully with time I will be ok and I wish you the best of luck my friend with your own circumstances.


Yea, I know of many guys that had a reversal in the 4-6 months post vas area. I’ve read stories of guy’s that reversed as early as 2-3 months.

I had a closed ended vasectomy, and began leaking sperm on my left side at approximately 30 days post vas. I remember the moment when it happened. I had pain spike to a 10 after ejaculating, and it left me in debilitating pain.

From there things got worse over the next 45~ days. By that point, I was leaking bilaterally. My granulomas weren’t huge, but definitely there. I had them examined, and documented by a professional.

I was like many, I was already thinking about reversal through all of this. I didn’t sign up for all this mess. I never wanted the vasectomy in the first place. I was pressured into it.

Ultimately, all these things played a role in my thinking process far as my first reversal goes. I just wanted out. I didn’t want to be leaking anymore. I didn’t want to be congested any longer. I didn’t want any of it.

I was like anyone else back then. I was the new guy, and got caught off guard by urology, and a supposed safe and simple vasectomy.

I’ve been through the vast majority of stuff I see new victims dealing with physically, mentally, and hormonally.

For me, the rest is history. I’ve been through a lot, and try to share what I’ve been through, and what I’ve learned over time with others. I learned a lot of what I know the hard way, by reading forums like this one, and doing a lot of homework far to late.

Good luck.


Just an update on my own circumstances and this is to try help anyone else who may have a similar experience now or in the future.I’m now 13 weeks post vasectomy.This is also not to dismiss the 2 guys who both took the time to comment and help which has been of great help to myself especially Ringo as I notice he comments a lot on other posts to try help which is extremely admirable.

So basically I did abstain for a couple of weeks from sex and started back last week I found a dramatic decrease in pain from previous weeks which I would describe at times to be pretty bad.

I seem to be left with general discomfort/pain of a low level 1-2 I would describe it as more discomfort .

The first time I had sex after abstaining I was fine the next day kinda minor inflammation,the following days pain was different some congestion feeling (I did have a day of inflammation hot balls)but nothing I would describe as terrible.

Last night I had sex again,today slight discomfort and burning feeling (again nothing major)I’m hoping to go one more time with sex this weekend,frankly I was ejaculating 3-5 times a week before vas so want to kinda get back on track with my life before.

Who knows what this may bring as regards pain but I’m remaining positive and hoping with time this all goes away.

It’s been a tough few months for me and my family I can see the worry on my wife and general family at times which is hard to take but I would advise anyone to try to remain positive.

On a side note I will say this has made me stand back and think about life.

I do feel we can all get caught up in the rat race of life ultimately life is for living,family is what’s most important share your problem and hopefully together we can stay strong.

I will post in the future if I feel it will help others.


@Cannon83, I definitely didn’t take your post as dismissive.

Abstaining can be a good tool. It can also be therapeutic, as well as necessary for many.

I just don’t want to promote abstaining as healthy. I realize this is necessary for many, but when I hear of guys abstaining for weeks on end, for 30-45 days, etc, I do have some concerns for their physical, and mental well being.

Excessive abstaining can’t be great for guys that were used to ejaculating regularly. It’s certainly not great on the mental side of things either.

I’d still tell you it’s hard to say what all you have going on. It could very well be a mix of neuropathic, and congestive at this point in time.

I was a lot like you far as pre vas ejaculation frequency goes, perhaps even more so. I was definitely a regular, and always had been.

I hope you continue to update your thoughts, and progress. It’s healthy to vent some of this off now and then, and I’m certain your story will be helpful to many over time.

Good luck.

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Cheers Ringo,I agree with you 100% on the ejaculating it can’t be healthy to go from regular to reduced/abstaining on the physical and mental side of things.

I agree it’s hard to tell what is going on with myself,in general I feel in good health and most days are pretty ok,time will tell I suppose.

All the best

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I’m now 14 weeks post vasectomy,on above I had more ejaculations and it seemed to make the pain worse when I say pain in general it’s an uncomfortableness mainly a squeezed testicle feeling which went on for 3 days.

The weekend gone by I only had it the once (Sunday) it’s now Wednesday evening and in general I have been feeling on some inflammation yesterday and very mild squeezed testicle today.

I seem to be urinating quite a lot 5-6 times a day,I also have grumbling sounds (like when your hungry)every now and then during the day I’m convinced I’m all clogged up in my epydimes

I have had PE problems the last few weekends but I’m putting this down to my body being all over the place & anxiety about all this crap . (hopefully).

I’m taking NSAIDs 3 times daily but that’s all.

In general over the last few weeks my pain/discomfort doesn’t go past a 4 out of 10 and is mainly a 2.

I’m still hoping that it’s early days and time will be on my side as regards healing,I’d love to know if there’s anyone out there that did with time.

I have spoke to a guy who seemed to have a slightly milder form of above who tried the Dr P oxytocin/cialis blend and reckons it worked very well.

Longing for my old life back

PVPblog.pdf (150.6 KB)
Came across this in recent days seems to pretty much some up what I’m experiencing?

I think the pdf you posted describes my situation post vas. I had a reversal last week. Doc said a lot of fluid, cells, etc drained out when they cut the vas, and the congestion feeling has been gone ever since the operation. The doc said I had nothing abnormal- no granuloma, no leakage, no clips, sutures, no massive scarring or anything like that. I guess I just make a lot of sperm and can’t clear them so the pressure builds and was painful. Still sore from surgery but hoping for full recovery with time. Reading posts on here, it’s not always that simple, but I think it can be in some cases.