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Confirmed Hernia


Well, after 2-1/2 years of poking and prodding, I finally got conclusive evidence yesterday, yes on New Year’s Eve, that I have a small inguinal hernia. I had two physicians (not the surgeon who ordered the tests) and radiology tech in the room for a dynamic ultrasound followed by a GF block. I learned dynamic means they frequently have you move, clench, and contract and relax leg, hip, and groin muscles.

They found the small hernia. More importantly, one of the docs pointed out how close it is to the spermatic cord and GF nerve. He said it’s possible that, while small, a lipoma (fattly blob) in the hernia is pressing on a nerve and COULD be the source of aggravation.

The questions, of course, are: (1) is it the cause of my pain or the result of core weakness from a dysfunctional or damaged nerve?; (2) does it need surgical repair?; and, (3) do I the GF, II/IH resected or not during a hernia repair.

Seeing where it’s located, down very low in the groin near where the GF enters the inguinal ring, I’m not sure there’d be much of a difference between having the GF resected or doing SCD. Meaning, the incision would be virtually in the same spot.

I see the surgeon next Monday.

Oddly enough, the last month has been relatively pain-free which I attribute to either the botox/steroid injections in June and October OR the round of antibiotics I took in November. I’d really like to rule infection in or out once and for all before going for surgery, but with this hernia in the equation (and the risk of nerve pain being CAUSED by hernia repair), I’m spooked by this whole thing.


I have been diagnosed with small inguinal hernia too, around 1/2 cm fatty tissue. 2 surgeons I saw said they would not operate, as its too small. Funnily enough, one of my mates has got hernia that goes all the way to his testicle, and is not even dreaming about surgery.

Earler last year, I did a lot of reading about hernias, and there is a very high chance of complications from meshes with pain quoted in around 40% cases. forum seems to be full of middle aged men seeking help, or having meshes removed. Seems like safest repair would be by shoudice method, which does not use meshes.

One of the PT’s I saw, told me to start doing strengthening excercises, as there is high probability that hernia will heal once core is tighter.


Yep, I’ve read many of the same things about hernias. In speaking with the physician who did my GF block and read my dynamic US, he indicated that II/IH problems are more debilitating than GF problems and most they see come in from hernia problems. So, yes, I’m very concerned about having a hernia surgery with mesh, especially when the hernia is (as I saw) so close to the spermatic cord.

Interestingly enough, I had a bilateral hernia repair as a 10 y/o. My father also had a hernia repair as a boy and then around 40 y/o. When they did his as an adult, they also did his vasectomy. I believe they cut his vas higher up in the groin through the same incision for the hernia repair rather than through the scrotum.

I’m looking forward to seeing the surgeon Monday. If he says the hernia doesn’t need to be repaired and isn’t likely my pain source/generator, then I probably won’t have it repaired.


Good luck on Monday!


Were they inguinal hernias when you had them done? Maybe as a last ditch attempt try core strengthening excercises? You lasted that long, so what’s couple more months.


Yes, inguinal hernias when I was young.

Another forum member postulated that this hernia is the result of nerve dysfunction or damage causing core weakness. That makes sense to me. OTOH, if the hernia itself is the pain generator, I could end up electing for unnecessary surgery (SCD, neurectomy). Tough call.


I did not know you had inguinal hernias when young. How were they repaired?


Very tough!!! Mine was super painful last May, thankfully gone now after months of core strengthening excercises


@raising4girls, I had an umbilical (outie belly button) and inguinal hernia repair in the early 90’s when I was in my teens. I don’t recall anything about mesh. For the inguinal hernia, I remember my intestines used to creep down into my right testicle whenever I stood up, causing it to bulge noticeably, so it was pretty obvious what it was. I didn’t take care of it right away and I remember the surgeon said my intestines had started to form adhesions so he had to cut some of it to free it. The surgeon used a ~2" incision in groin area to get in, and surgery was success with no issues on that side since. My testicle pain today is on the opposite (left) side from the hernia repair.


Dude, you’re a young buck.

Wow, what? Are you using the correct term there?

If it’s on the other side I doubt it’s related to your hernia.

I supposedly had one of those 1/2 centimeter fat blobs myself and was really exploring getting a hernia repair and neurectomy at the same time. I am happy I did not as it turns out I am in a pretty good place right now. I am not currently taking the metformin and the pain switch is for the most part still turned off.


Sounds same what I have on my right side @MikeO, I could feel it when I did cough test, but it’s been good since reversal.


@MikeO, thanks, I have corrected the term above. My intestines had started to form adhesions.
Yes, I guess at 41 I am still a young buck…Although my teenager self would not have thought that. =)


I know adhesion can be a problem with any intestinal inflammation or disorder. I developed horrific gut problems after my reversal as a result of taking NSAIDS. Diverticulitis first without fever. Then I got salmonella a year later then within 2 months I had 2 3 day bouts of 102 degree fever. I was going to have a bowel resection but put it off due to a job change and a client roll out. I went another year and somehow managed to get it under control. Sort of. I would imagine my guts are all stuck together right now. Probably stuck to my bladder and other parts of my bowel etc.


I honestly don’t know the technique they used to repair the hernias (bilateral). I was only 9 or 10 y/o without much pubic hair so the incisions and subsequent scars were very visible for a while. I remember them being fairly long, about 2-3" long and smile-shaped incisions. This was 1973 so surgery then was barbaric by today’s standards. I was off school for a full week and kept out of gym for a month.

Given that my dad also had hernia repair twice in his life, it’s easy for me to see where I got the weakness from. But, as others have postulated, this one could easily have been caused by core weakness resulting from a damaged nerve.


I’ve read that guys on herniatalk when they complain about referred pain from hernia, they say that the whole testicle, scrotum and cord hurt at the same time. IIRC you only ache in one spot @raising4girls?


When the pain settles down, it seems to be focused around the left epi. My last US indicated a small cyst on the left epi, ironically. But, when it flares up, the pain is up and down the cord into to the pubic region. Even when not in chronic pain, my left pubic region is frequently tender (meaning it doesn’t hurt but if I bump it, it hurts badly unlike the no-pain right side).

Since Thanksgiving, my pain level has been much lower, say by 50-75%. I’ve actually been doing reasonably well by comparison. I can only attribute it to the botox/steroid injection in October OR the 4 weeks of antibiotics I took as a sort of Hail Mary pass.

Most likely, I think I’m getting benefit from the injections in October. Makes me wonder, however, how the hernia fits it. Cause of pain? Effect of a weakened core from nerve dysfunction? Who knows?