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Coming up on my 3 month mark post vas

Hello gents, im approaching my 3 month madk post vas and am having some pain on the back of my epi right as it bends to go up to my vas. I believe this is congestive pain, however i get the occasional pelvic pain when it hurts. Its not swollen to bad and ibuprofen seems to help a bit. However is this to early to worry? I only have my right side snipped but have had weird throbbing pains like my epi has a heart beat off and on since surgery. I will give it time before considering any surgery and have only been taking NSAIDs for pain…

Wishing everyone on here a happy new year and I hope everyone can find relief with all you pain. Nut pain is so incredible as it seems to take your spirit but I pray for everyone on here.

It sounds like nerve pain honestly if it is nerve pain it will take a millimeter a month to heel according to my dr. That’s if it has a pulse. Been there and done that