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Come Here for Prayer

Hey guys, I am a post vas reversal by Dr. Marks. Mostly a success story here with some vericose veins located near my epididmus which give pain from time to time, but otherwise I am better off than pre reversal with intense low back pain.

Anyways, I just remember coming to this site for answers, but more so for support. It’s a lonely world out there for PVPS sufferers, and especially during these times. I remember the feeling of losing hope during my pain, and honestly I avoided this site because it brought back those memories.

Thank you for those who contribute with anything helpful. The only thing I believe I have to offer is prayer.

I’ll pray for anyone individually, and personally, daily. Whoever puts their name here, I got you. Don’t give up hope. Our Father in heaven will give you rest, I will assure you.

Love you guys,


Thank you, I am looking for a reversal for several symptoms that are happening to me right now (I did my vas an year ago).

Your message gives me hope

I’m been on this world wind for 6 months. I feel I’ll never get relief. If I had more guts I’d probably have ended my life months ago. The pain and regret are really becoming to much.