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Color changes after vasectomy

I haven’t seen anyone talk about this yet, and maybe it isn’t a thing and I’m imagining it…

But I could swear my equipment has been darker in color since the vasectomy. My skin is white (Irish/English) and it is easy to see that my penis and scrotum are darker in color than the surrounding area, e.g. inner thigh. This was probably true before the vasectomy too, but I don’t remember noticing quite such a big contrast.

I am less sure of this, but my impression is that the color of my penis and scrotum is darker than before the vasectomy. It almost seems like the circulation is not as good and the skin is more reddish, grayish, brownish than before the surgery.

Anybody else get this impression after their vasectomy? Am I imagining things?


This exact thought has crossed my mind at times. I have no idea if is true.

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My scrotum turned colors after my vasectomy. My skin is white, but my scrotum kept dark purplish hue, and at times my penis (especially noticeable at the glans) would turn purple. None of this was the case prior to my vasectomy.

I have wondered if circulation issues have contributed to some of the issues I and so many face when dealing with PVPS. I basically confirmed that some of my worst deepest dullest ache was helped July of 2020 when I managed to create some space between my left sided granuloma and blood vessels.

I did not mention my blood circulation concerns to my pelvic floor therapist, but during one session she was working internally, and after the 3rd or 4th session, she made the comment that some muscles released and she could finally feel my pulse.

So, for me, on top of being congested along with some odd nerve issues, I was also dealing poor/constricted blood circulation caused by the position of the granuloma and possibly muscles unconsciously clenching restricting the flow even more.

8 weeks post reversal, I have noticed my circulation issues have improved. A few weeks ago I thought all my circulation issues were resolved, but I still have some lingering circulation issues, and I think it’s possibly due to how my nuts currently hang. I can’t confirm this yet, but I am keeping an eye on it.

I started taking a blood circulation supplement 3 days ago to see if this would help. I have read reviews that people saw improvements in their circulation 2 weeks after taking it. I have also been working out again the past 2 weeks, and that has been going well. I also still do nightly stretches.

Glad you brought this up.


I’m reminded of this ted talk about chronic pain:

Here is a still from that video, showing the arm of a dancer who sprained her wrist and developed chronic pain in her right arm:

chronic pain hand

You can see that her right arm is a different color than her left. It is darker, and has a mottled appearance that suggests decreased circulation.

I’m not claiming it’s the same underlying mechanism, but the contrast between her two arms there is sort of what I’m talking about in terms of darker color skin.


Not sure if related, but my skin went a bit yellow, to the point that some of my friends mentioned and asked if I have early stages of jaundice. Thankfully went away after reversal

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my testicles changed colour on the outsides and has a mottled / patchy appearance, left and right near the cut scars that I have also been left with. From the people I have spoken to who had the snip they also had a similar experience, the rest of my scrotum seems to be the same colour (I think) just on the sides that is totally different


This is probably completely unrelated, but wasn’t sure where else to ask this. I have recently noticed small (peppercorn sized) hard lumps under the skin of my penis. These move around freely under my touch and are more obvious during an erection. I have googled extensively without finding anything vaguely similar and mostly coming up with STIs (definitely not :sweat_smile:). This symptom started within weeks of starting Nortriptyline and Carbamazepine. If anyone else has experienced anything like this I would greatly appreciate hearing from you!

Out of curiosity what is your blood pressure? After my procedure I noticed immediately that it was darker and more purple, it also felt like it was cut off from blood supply and constricted-- definitely was smaller and skinnier while flaccid than it was pre-vasectomy. Over maybe 8 months this improved, but it still is never the same as it was.