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Clip removal surgery?

I’m 5.5 post-vas. Near constant pain on one side ever since surgery. Other side is perfect. Ultrasound normal and meds haven’t helped. Uro has been great and genuinely concerned with my issues. Referred me to vas reversal specialist who said no surgery for a year post-vas, and that mine sounded more like nerve pain (there is no increase in pain with orgasm). Back to uro - who suggested that the clip on the painful side (my pain is mostly at site vas was cut) could be pressing a nerve. He suggested just removing the clip and leaving the vas cauterized as a method of potential pain relief.

Anyone ever have just clip removal? I see that this is done with reversal but anyone have this done in absence of reversal? Seems like it at least shouldn’t cause more damage that what already occurred!

My first surgery was to have the clips removed. There was only temporary improvement in nerve pain for me. Looking back, I should have just had a reversal as the first surgery.

Did reversal help your nerve pain? The specialist I talked to seemed to indicate that reversal was useful for congestive pain.

It helped both nerve and congestive pain. I regret having a surgery to remove clips and another to cut nerves (neurolysis) prior to my reversal. I would have been better off just getting a reversal as soon as I could. That’s my case though. Your body may react differently.