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Chronic Pain Support Groups


We all have a tough time coping with the harsh realities of living with PVPS. It’s an embarassing problem that’s hard to talk about and hard to find others who understand.

Lots of us suffer from depression (because of the pain, not the other way around doc!) and feel isolated and alone. Healthy folks just don’t understand.

I met a man a few weeks ago who has suffered with chronic pain and CRPS for years. He is crippled from the pain and takes heavy duty painkillers daily, which have taken its toll on his body. He does not have PVPS, rather he was injured in an accident years ago.

He used to live an active, healthy, happy normal life and now suffers with a constant 7/10 pain that flares up to a 10/10 and leaves him in agony.

We spoke for a while about living with chronic pain and we both said the same things:

“I never imagined life would be like this”

“My friends/others don’t understand”

“Doctors aren’t helpful/have no idea what to do”

While I am fortunate to not have the same level of pain that he does, it brought some comfort to speak to someone in the flesh who really ‘gets it.’ He actually was tearing up from being able to speak to someone who understands.

I’m going to go to a chronic pain support group someday, and although there probably won’t be any PVPS guys there, I think it will be a good outlet and I would encourage others who need to talk to someone who understands.

Here’s some directories for the US and Canada.

No, this isn’t going to fix anyone, but I think it can help some of the guys here who need to talk to someone, face to face.



Hey Andrew did you ever get out to one of these support groups? If so which one am thinking this would be a great outlet for support.