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Chronic Epididymitis & Spermatic Cord Block

Hello all

My urologist has referred me to see a pain management clinic as antibiotics are not responding and mentioned an injection into the spermatic cord to help relive the pain.

Has anyone had this procedure done and if it is at all any help?

This is my fourth flare up in 2 years and this time I am 6 weeks in, with terrible pain in both sides

Have been previously admitted to hospital and was put on an IV drip to try and help - This case eventually cleared up a week later

Medicine I have tried: Doxy, Cipro, Metronidazole (After a Semen culture test) but didn’t help at all. Naproxen and general pain killers for inflammation and pain

Some people have said to try Hemp Oil or go down that route generally?

24 from UK

Can we assume you’ve had a vasectomy?

Either way, a spermatic cord block or separate, higher-up blocks of the II or GF nerves are a logical next step.