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Chose to do a reversal

Hey guys, I gave in and will be getting a reversal in hopes of ending this everyday issue. I’m not as bad as many of you on here however I think mine is mainly congestive with the occasional referred pain in pelvis. My epi seems so full and physically I can feel a bit of a difference between the left and right. I’m at about 5 months post vas and have been feeling like I’ve been kicked in the nuts everyday since. I live on ibuprofen which I don’t want to take anymore everyday. I hope this reversal helps, I’ve tried papaya seed powder but not as consistent as I should. I read many people on here saying their pain went away after 1 year or 2. However, I’ve spoke to Dr.Marks, Dr.P, and the doctor thats reversal clinic is close by me Dr.Karpman and all 3 agree with a reversal. Dr.marks basically put it to me like this, some guys have discomfort and are okay with their situation and learn to deal with it. However, others chose to do something about it early to mitigate any internal damage with the delicate tubes in the epi. I had a granuloma happen about a month ago and the pressure relief from the epi felt amazing. Even though the granuloma hurt a bit, the feeling to be able to not feel the pain in the ball was a god send…

Dr.P has told me it’s almost better to do a reversal sooner than later only because there will be less scare tissue there to clean up. All in all I feel that the most logical step is to be put back together and pray it is a resolution to this feeling. Of course I know it comes with its own risk as well. I just can’t go on living my life hoping that the day the pain suddenly vanishes will happen. I pray for everyone on here, please whoever reads this don’t give up hope. I suffer with major depression because I can’t run, play with my kids, or do anything I was able to before and it sucks. I hope you all find resolution! Will share my recovery after the fact, April 2nd is my date for this.

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Who are you going with for the reversal?

Dr. Karpman here in town, he runs a vasectomy and vasectomy reversal clinic. He does 2 a week which is a lot to my understanding since the surgery does take a little bit of time… my insurance is though kaiser though and after talking to a doctor there that was going to do it he told me his experience was that he does 1 or 2 a month… just felt more comfortable going to a doctor that does this all the time. Im coughing up a bit a money for this but I’m desperate. If the pain continues or gets worse then I’m off to Florida to see Dr.P. I’m tired of waking up and always thinking about ball pain

Good luck, hope everything goes well. Keep us updated.

Thanks man, how’s your recovery going so far?

Going well. Day 5 of my vasectomy I was in unimaginable pain. Day 5 of my hydrocelectomy was pretty bad, and I was in pain standing or laying down cycling Tylenol and Motrin. It was during that first week where things got pretty worse for me after my hydrocelectomy so I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, but so far I’m feeling pretty good.

My swelling is ever so slightly going down and I’m still bruised ALL over (from inguinal canal to anus), but laying down feels good. I have gotten zero shooting pains on the left side today. First full day where I had none.

Standing makes my incisions hurt, but that happened with my hydrocelectomy too. That seemed to take forever to feel better and my hydrocelectomy incision was still giving me fits so I don’t expect much less from these other two incisions.

My left side where the granuloma was feels odd, but feels much better than it did before.

I’ve gotten morning boners every morning this week since the reversal and peeing feels good.

I really want all the bruising and swelling to go away so I can really gauge this thing appropriately, but I’m optimistic.

The real test will come 10 days if I feel safe and good enough to try and ejaculate. My ejaculations have hurt like hell for a long time now. I can’t remember what a non painful ejaculation is supposed to feel like.

Make sure you temper your expectations. Post surgical pain is a fickle bitch, and I don’t know what your current pain levels are now, so you can’t really gauge how you might feel after with how I might be feeling now.

Good luck to you man. Just hang on for the ride and stay positive.

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My pain levels are about a constant 1-3, hurts after ejaculating everytime and I can’t go more than a day or two without ibuprofen. I believe and hope my pain is strictly congestive because most of my pain is at the tail and mid section of the epididymis. I occasionally get the shooting pain up the canal as well but only when the ball pain is at its max