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Chord block advice


Hi there. I have tried searching for more info via the search bar but seem to find mixed results.

Dr. Jarvi has set up a nerve block for March 6th but I am VERY nervous about any procedures that have any chance at making this worse. I understand this is one of the lesser invasive procedures but I’m very gun shy about doing any more damage. Plus, things do seen to be very slowly improving.

Couple quick questions: do you get put out or awake for it? I’m assuming the needle is injected in the scrotum? Has anyone found this really improved them? If so, how long did it last? Has anyone got worse after? If so, for how long?

From what I’ve read this seems to just be a temporary fix. Don’t get me wrong, it would feel great not being in pain for a couple of months but if I’m going to risk even the slightest chance of making things worse, I don’t want it on a temporary solution.



Cord blocks are very safe procedures. I would not worry about one causing more damage. They make you feel great and when the novocaine/numbing agent wears off usually you feel worse. Don’t freak out when that happens. You will probably have some bruising too. Just take your pain meds and anti-inflammatories and you’ll get through that part. The next phase is due to the steroids (assuming he injects some). That’s when the longer term benefit kicks in. The idea is to shut off the pain for a while in the hopes your brain “unlearns” it. I don’t know your situation or how long you post vasectomy you are so I can’t give further adivce.

Can you describe what type of pain you have and where exactly it is located? i.e. testicular or cord, aching or burning, while sitting or sex or after sex etc…

Bottom line. Don’t fear a cord block.

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I have had around 10 different blocks and they do offer some relief for a while. The one block that gave me trouble was a spermatic cord block done by a reversal surgeon. He talked me into doing it and stated it would help to identify if reversal would work. This did cause some bruising and discomfort for a few weeks after and was inconclusive. This was early for me about 2-3 months after vasectomy. The rest of blocks have been above testicles in inguinal region and pretty painless and has helped both therapeutic and diagnostic. I continue to get the blocks to shot off pain for a while like mike stated while I decide my next move.

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Thank you for the info Mike and Ben!

I had my vasectomy in mid March 2018. Took about 6 weeks of slow recovery and then felt close to 100 percent from early may until late August. My son knocked me decently hard in the nuts. Two days later I had excruciating pain. The pain kept changing. It was mainly coming from testicle and would change between swollen feeling, strong aching and burning. Pain was almost always worse after sex. I was basically confined to laying on a couch and the pain would lessen. Finally by mid November the pain changed and is mainly in the groin and no longer in the balls. Epis look much larger but pain runs around where inguinal nerve appears to run. Now, sitting is the absolute worst. I can sit on the couch with my legs up and all pressure off the area and I’m OK. But work an office job and I can’t sit for more than 20 minutes in a regular chair without bad pinching and burning feeling. I stand at work most of the time now. If I do anything more than light walking things start acting up. Constrictive pants also sets it off.

One other strange thing I’m wondering if others have. My pain is sometimes delayed. For example, I’ll sit in a bad chair or start playing with my kids and it’s sometimes an hour plus before the pain starts and can last for hours. Usually burning sensation. Right side is definitely worse but I do get it on left side as well.



Should also mention I’ve got some kind of prostate issue going on. Sometimes it burns a bit when I pee. I’ll finish going and no matter how much I squeeze it out, I’ll get a couple of drops in underwear. That all started around September or November.



Do you think your issue is from vasectomy or trauma from hit to nuts. I had my vasectomy March 2018 and had pain instantly and still continue to have pain.



To be honest I guess I’m not positive but 99 percent sure it’s vasectomy related. My urologist who preformed the procedure acknowledges there was likely low level inflammation from vasectomy and the blow exasperated it. In the end he actually gave the diagnosis of post vasectomy pain syndrome. I also have worse pain after ejaculation and these prostate type issues similar to others I’ve read on here.

I still have no idea why the trauma basically kick started (pun intended) my post vasectomy pain stuff. My own theory is the blow maybe messed up the scare tissue and is now giving me issues. But why then am I still getting some congestion type pain? Especially after I had those types pains from week 1 to 6 post vasectomy and then went away for 4 months only to return? Now most of my pain seems nerve related. No idea…



I completely understand the confusion on not knowing exactly what part of vasectomy caused the issue and agree it’s probably the vasectomy. I had ball pain first 3 months with back and groin pain. The ball pain went away and I could bump them and hit them until the last couple months. Doctors actually squeezed them and it didn’t bother but if they did that to my right one now I would be in massive pain. I have a hot spot on right ball where I believe nerves are caught in scar tissue, fibrosis, cautery, or something. I believe this is the epicenter of all my issues including groin and back pain. Every once in a while if I lay wrong or hit It i will get shooting like taser pains that take time to settle down. All my issues are in right side. I can function and work and get through my daily activities but I’m not comfortable. I’m still working through conservative options hoping something will stop the nerve pain and reset things. I see no issues with pursuing the nerve block which could help you understand your pain source.



Ya sounds like a few similarities between us. Sorry to hear. Im lucky enough to have an understanding employer and I work from home 2 days a week which makes things easier. I’m better than I was and probably several on here but it’s still life altering right now. Getting tired of being overly cautious to do anything and going through the pain flares. Best of luck and keep us updated on your progress as well.



I had a cord block at the Cleveland Clinic. My pain management guy suggested a nerve block in my back and I was worried about it due to lidocaine not working on me. And I wasn’t sure I had nerve pain or congestion pain. So a cord block was the easiest way to find out.

When I had it done, it hurt immediately. I almost jumped off the table. The had me lay there for about 30 minutes after cause I was in a bunch of pain. It was really bad. It did help diagnose that I am 99% sure I have congestion pain.

So get it done. It’s the easiest best option to help diagnose things.




If you mostly have burning pain where your scar tissue is you are more like what I used to be like. I ended up having to get a reversal which gave me huge immediate relief but still could have really bad burning/discomfort after sitting for long periods of time, and yes, it was delayed like what you experience.

I started taking metformin to try to help lose some stubborn pounds and the burning pain kind of went away. This was after 3 days on metformin. You might want to look into that medication as it is cheap and safe. It is a known property of metformin but not well known one. Google “metformin neuropathic pain” and you’ll probably find some articles.

Blocks did nothing for me long term. If you are having burning pain you should request it from your doctor before trying any other types of invasive interventions.

This recommendation may seem out there but you can ask a lot of the guys on this board. I was “stuck”, better but still not good, for a long time and had a big breakthrough after taking that drug. It worked better than gabapentin or lyrica. Took just 3 days or so.

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Wow, thanks for the info. Never heard of metformin working for neuropathic pain but I will try any non invasive treatment at this point.



Whatever you do, don’t panic after a nerve block if you hurt worse for a day or two after. Typically, they use short-life anesthetics along with a steroid. The steroid doesn’t kick in for a few days, maybe a week.