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Cauterization method?


I’m wondering whether cauterization method correlates with PVPS. When I had mine I was surprised the nurses slapped a pad with wires on my left butt/thigh. I asked and was told it was for the the electrical cauterizing device. I thought it was odd to ground thru the patient but “they know what they’re doing”. I also was under the impression that cauterization meant just heat, like a soldering iron.

Anyways, I’ve been suffering from mild to moderate pain that is most likely neuropathic in nature. 60/40 left/right side typically. The scrotal pain is slowly getting better over the last 7 months. But I have muscle tightness/soreness that extends down my legs and around my hips to low back. I’ve done pelvic floor PT, which helped to a point, and stretch/yoga daily. PT confirmed my psoas was very tight. But the tightness and related pain always returns. Generally my nerves feel all messed up in that area.

So I’m wondering, if your PVPS falls into the neuropathic bucket, what cauterization method did you have? This obviously doesn’t really help after the fact, just curious.



My surgeon used an instrument that cauterized at the same time as it cut. The device cut by cauterizing. No problems with the right side; too bad for the left.



I had one reversal surgeon say that he believes cauterization is more likely to cause PVPS than using clips.



I believe this may be true as well.



I was cauterized and it hurt so much! My V was done 1/19, so it might be new method. I had no scalpel
No needle V. I’m 3 months out and dealing with pain everyday.