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This topic area is to provide support and information to men who have had a vasectomy and now suffer from chronic pain.

It is also a useful group for men considering whether to have a vasectomy or not as many men are not fully informed of the potential complications prior to the procedure.

A significant percentage of men have testicular pain after vasectomy.

Around ten percent of men have chronic genital pain after vasectomy and around one percent seek a vasectomy reversal to treat this pain. The percentages listed are approximate as the available studies vary widely in estimating these percentages.

If you have had a vasectomy and need answers to why things are different for you, you’ve found the right place.


I just wonder how many men are pushed into having the snip by there wife or partner, who actually know nothing about vasectomies except that they think it`s 100% safe.
After I was taken to the local fpa clinic to discuss our options on contraception I found that they were selling vasectomies with the highest pressure for me to concede ( This was in the late 1970s)
which I did. What a mistake, I felt wronged, sore, sex was not quite that magical moment and I was unable to sit in comfort anywhere, my testicles felt severed and not part of me, hanging at the bottom
end of my scrotum and always getting trapped. Oh dear, what have I let myself into, as I’ve got older the problem has only got worse. But why was it not made clear to us that this operation often goes wrong? When I complained to the clinic about my problems they said that I was the only man who had complained.
Over the years I’ve put up with a lot of pain and discomfort, but for the last eight years have had to take medication, but still lose several hours sleep each night.
It would appear to me that problems connected with vasectomies have been played down. However with widespread use of the internet this con is well and truly out.
Well done for making this web site so that others can get the facts and here from those who have had this rotten operation.

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