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Carolina Vasectomy Reversal

Has anybody had a reversal with Dr Daniel @ Carolina Vasectomy Reversal?

I didn’t get a reversal with him, but I did talk to him on the phone once a few months ago. My notes are here: Pain started about 2 years after open-ended vasectomy

Have you spoken with him yet?

Thanks @worship01. I just read and appreciate your thread and Dr notes. I have not consulted yet with Dr Daniels. He is certainly closer than Dr P or Dr Burrows, but I would prefer hearing a first hand success story of PVPS reversal prior to selecting the surgeon. I will probably still call for a consult.
My consult with Dr P agreed with everything that you wrote in your notes.
Did your consult with Dr Burrows cost $500?

@GoingNuts, yes I understand. I am located in the Carolinas so Dr. Daniels would be a lot closer for me personally. But location is not a huge factor for me.

Dr. Burrows did a short Facetime call with me, and it did not cost anything. As I remember Dawn set it up for me.

I had a reversal performed by Dr Daniel about 17 months ago. I was in pretty bad shape and he was able to get me in a few months before anyone else. I honestly didn’t think I could live with the pain any longer so I took a chance.

I don’t know what would have happened had I waited it out or had the procedure done by anyone else. All I know for sure is that I have have my life back.

For the most part, I am pain free and am back to an active lifestyle. It’s hard to compare him to anyone else since he is the only one I have experience with. I made the choice since this procedure is his singular focus.


@sad-to-be-here thanks for sharing your positive outcome with your reversal. I fully understand getting to the point where you just need to try something. It is encouraging to hear that you got your life back. Did you end up having routine Sperm Analysis after the reversal to monitor for closing? Did you have to take any long term anti-inflammatories or steroids to stay open?

@sad-to-be-here, you mentioned how much as was removed. Do you know if you had clips or just cauterized during your vasectomy?