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Capsaicin cream CBD oil?

Anyone tried it? Read that cream had some positive reviews for neuropathic pains, suppose to be very hot and with regular use it dulls the nerves.

Some other chronic pain sufferes found CBD oil helpful, just wondered if it work on neuropatic pain?

Tried cbd oil drops under tongue 400mg didnt see any effect.

Ive heard vaping it with the eliquid version is more effective cause when you ingest it has a low absorption rate.

Have been told by friends who had results from vaping it for bad back etc that they needed at least 1000mg strength for it to have effect…i will give it a try in the near future but it costs around 40-50 quid min a 10ml bottle.

Capaisin will burn like hell on the scrotum. If you want to use it I’d recommend mixing it with lidocaine/benzocaine which can help dampen the burn. Also, I read about CBD oil mixed with DMSO for topical penetration for treating nerve pain.

For the last several months I’ve been applying on-and-off homemade topical solutions. The solutions consist of lidocaine, benzocaine, aspirin and sometimes prednisolone dissolved in a DMSO/ethanol solvent. Occasionally I’d add clove oil and or wintergreen oil to it. I sometimes apply 2 to 3 applications in the span of 30 mins, and follow it with an application of Voltaren Gel 1% diclofenac sodium.

I’d say I have garnered some benefit from it. The clove oil and wintergreen oil appear to have provided no added benefit but increased irritation to the skin. I’ve also tried other solvents like benzyl alcohol/oleic acid, but they too seem to irritate and peel the skin more. I have tolerated the DMSO/ethanol 70:30 well.

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Hi Jason, have you recovered from your reversal OK?

I think I have had minor or partial improvement. I hate to admit it but cymbalta seems to help with the nerve pain and tingling. I did not have these types of pains prior to reversal, but they are mostly or completely gone when taking 60mg cymbalta daily.