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Can a reversal help me?

It’s been three months, still in a ton of pain.

I believe most of this is pelvic floor issues at this point. Can’t sit for more than 20 min, the pain gets unbearable. After sitting the intense pain which includes genital pain, full feeling like I have something jammed in my ass and burning muscles lasts until I lay down and sleep, by the morning pain down to 1-2/10. I have a constant issue with burning urination, trouble squeezing any of those pelvic floor muscles without a lot of pain.

Also, feel sick and weak, no motivation to get out of bed, I’m usually there for 14 hours a day. Ejaculations rare these days, but when I do painful pinching and pressure in the testicles feeling like something could burst.

I’m open end, not sure if closed up though, Testicles and entire pelvic floor seem swollen, feel like I’m sitting on a bulge all the time. Like I’m not sitting on my glutes anymore, feels as though my pelvic floor spills out, maybe thats just from pain.

I can’t figure out if I have a nerve trapped or damaged, or maybe I’m so swollen that the nerves are being pushed on. I’m 25 pounds heavier after the vas 3 months ago, my wife says I’m swollen all over, especially pubic area but I’m also thinking I’m getting fat.

How does a guy tell if it’s swelling causing this, maybe inflammation from sperm. Like I say I feel swollen, but starting to question everything these days.

Does a reversal generally help with this pelvic floor nonsense, or am I wasting my time thinking this route ?

Pelvic floor pain aside, this has messed me up hormonally, my testosterone has crashed, I’m weak and feel nauseous a lot of the time, I’m in this fog that I can’t explain. Maybe this is reason enough for the reversal. I don’t have many options in Calgary Canada for pvps. Talking to my gp he thinks the reversal would make things worse and is encouraging me to start TRT.

I guess to sum it up: pain like after a long bike ride but more intense (excruciating at times), especially after sitting, swelling in entire area, low T, painful burning urination, pinching and pressure in testicle at different times, especially when ejaculating.

If I do want to see a PVPS doctor, how is this done? How can I possibly explain this all to him on the phone, do I have to fly out and have him do a physical exam? Im wondering if jarvi is a decent option as I’m in Canada, or if there is someone better in the states.

Thanks for any suggestions

There are many experts in this forum who can respond to your concern. I have not done reversal but uncomfortable for almost a year and half after vas with a constant 3 out of 10 scale pain and finally went to my family physician and got to know that my scrotum area and all around that area was infected. He started me on antibiotics and I did two courses of two weeks each. At the end I felt a lot more relief. I think the infection was due to sperm leak. In your case since you are open ended you can try that route may be. Go to your Dr and get it checked.