Post Vasectomy Pain Forum

Calling All Forum Veterans

So, for anyone who has been on here for a while and had at least a single long bout with pain. Please share where you are now (pain level 1 to 10 & duration 1 to10 & frequency 1 to 10 would be super helpful). If you have time to also compare that to when you were at your worst, how long ago that was, and what would you say has been the primary contributor to your improvement.
I know that this information, in some cases, is sprinkled throughout the site, and I’ve read many people’s history, but it can be tedious and sometimes unrewarding searching someone’s history for an update on how they’re doing, then tracking back what they did to get there.
Also, if you’re an avid reader and have noticed a pattern in what has worked for people, that would also be appreciated.

For me, I’m about 10 months into this flare up. I have gotten probably 90% at one point, but have lost some ground and have been at about 70% the last couple of days. If I can ever get consistent relief, I plan to share all highlights from my recovery journal in hopes of helping someone else.