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Burning Pain - Any ideas

Greetings, first just wanted to thank this forum. I have browsed and found alot of great info. My biggest regret was not finding this forum prior to the Vas.

My wife had just had a high risk pregnancy and Drs advised us not to have more kids and really pushed a VAS as the “safe” way to go so I did my part. Was an active runner, fit , no medical issues or surgical history.
Vas 1/29/16 @ 34, traditional scalpel 1 incision, cauterize consult and procedure same day. No mention of chronic pain, I honesty had been so healthy to that point I had no concept of poor heath. Truly Naive.

History: Right side went fine, but felt a shock during the left and had to administer another shot. Didn’t really have issues at first other than swelling and a strange tingling at the bottom of the scrotal skin which I didn’t even understand at the time. After 4 weeks had a horrible case of right Epidymitis. I had never heard of this and realized this “safe” procedure was a mistake. Std antibiotics and naproxen and it cleared up in a week. Fast forward 7 months and had pain in left side, more antibiotics and naproxen and it cleared up in a week. At the 1 year mark suddenly during a run had horrible pain on right side with burning into right thigh. Dr. tried Cipro, more naproxen but this time nothing worked and I have been in constant pain since January 2017. The pain turned into a burning in the scrotum skin and burning on both thighs. Went back to the VAS doc who denied any connection and told me it was all in my head. I even contacted a few attorneys, but no one was interested. You are truly on your own when things go south.

I’ve had ultrasounds, pelvic and back X-Rays, MRI, blood work and all clean. Tried Gabapentin, Amitriplyin, Cymbalta, Nortrypline, Prednisone, Low Dose Naltrexon (LDN), Calmare therapy, Chiro, PT, topical lidocain, CBD oil, Metanx, B12, ALA, Fish Oil, Tumeric. Gaba helped some but really struggled to concentrate.

Looking back its amazing how much this procedure stole from my life. I’m 38 and have a thyroid condition now, chronic foot pain, nephropathy, constant tinnitus from the Amitriplyin, but the worst is the burning in the legs and scrotal skin. Its hard to sleep because even sheets make my thighs burn. I have a desk job and struggle with sitting or standing daily. I’m pretty sure I sustained some type of nerve damage and have been in so much pain it caused central sensitization or some of the meds caused more damage. The hard part is you are the only one who knows, from the outside I look fine and people don’t understand. I describe it as committing a crime against nature and if you get caught risk a lifetime of pain without parole. The Drs have no clue how to help, they simply don’t understand the nervous system enough and if this stops anyone from getting a VAS, I feel like it was worth the effort typing. I was as healthy as anyone prior and didn’t even have a file before the VAS. Its not coincidence.

I’m open to any ideas, after 3.5 years I’m pretty sure pain is going to be a part of my life now. I’m currently on 4.5mg LDN at night. I have not really explored reversal because everything points to nerve pain. I don’t have any of the congestion related symptoms, just a constant burning and I simply could not make it anymore if it got worse.

I pray we all find helpful treatment and that this procedure is rightfully banned. Its been a life changing experience for me and my family that I don’t wish on anyone.


Sorry you’re here. I was an avid runner prior to vas, never had health issues, few operations, but mainly stitching after injuries.

Burning sensation is nerve related, I had orchectomy on my left testicle last year, and had same burning sensation inside my thighs, along the hamstring on the left, but luckily this has gone.

There were guys who tried nerve blocks with varying degrees of success, maybe they’ll be able to chime in


We’re all in the same boat here- especially the part about wishing we found this forum pre-vas!

Sounds like you’ve really given conservative treatment a solid go. Surgical options out there include reversal (didn’t help me, but did several others on this site) and spermatic cord denervation which wasn’t a “home run” for me but did reduce my pain and it may be time to consider these options.

For daily pain reduction yoga has been more helpful than any medication thus far. Don’t stop trying new things- hopefully you’ll find some relief soon.

Hi how come this affects so many men and they don’t believe us at all. It is all in our head I was to young and naive not to believe the Drs and they put me on anti depression meds. I have to say it never helped the pain and made me doubt myself. It has been a life change discision and I am bitter and twisted that I was lied to in more ways than one it should be banned or at least let us sue the butcher’s. All this and I never wanted the vásectomy in the first place. I am a Catholic and thought it was the sin that God was punishing me for. The side that I had reversed has never given me grief since however the one they gave me an epididymectomy still gives me grief and the testicle is shrinking 27 years now of this shit. Still no apologies from my wife. Thinks it was the best thing for her.


I’m just wrapping up my 3rd bout with vas-related nerve pain, first in 2005-06, second in 2008-09, and this 3rd and longest 2016-2019.

This bout, I tried most of the therapies you mentioned, but ultimately I got relief from two, back-to-back steroid/botox injections in late 2018 by Dr. P. in Orlando followed by a targeted GF block here at home in early 2019.

Surgically, I’d suggest seeing a peripheral nerve specialist like Dr. Eric Williams in Baltimore. I consulted with him twice and then saw in September 2018. Might have gone the neurectomy route with him or similar surgeon here at home.

If you’ve tried everything, spermatic cord denervation might be worth investigating. It has mixed reviews on this forum, and if the pain is in your thighs and not scrotum, my thought is that the peripheral nerve surgeon like Williams is a better resource.

Sorry you are here, but know you are not alone.


You need to get your emotions in check. I know that’s hard when you are in pain but anything you can do to control the pain or your emotional state that you can do you need to do. Emotions feed the pain loop and amplify and help centralize it. Here’s the big takeaway though. You can get better anyway. I do see a slew of ruminations and unhelpful thoughts that you need to be aware of so you minimize their impact on your emotional state. See the catastrophizing in your statements? Start there. I had a lot of burning pain too and, epididymitis and prostatitis symptoms. They all went away when I got my reversal. I’m not suggesting you get one but the scar tissue from my vas was entrapping or doing something to the nerves and getting it out helped. It’s possible a clean up surgery might help you. There are doctors that will do that. You may end up with the best of both worlds. Sterile and pain free.

When reversals are done they remove the cauterized tissue and scar tissue foreign bodies i.e clips, sutures etc. My reversal was by Marks at ICVR in Tuscon. Dr. David Fenig here in Maryland has done vasectomy cleanups I believe. Fenig is a good guy.

I had lingering pain 11 years after my vasectomy and 6 years after reversal and then magically it vanished when I started taking metformin to help me lose a few stubborn pounds last year. The pain vanished within 4 days of taking it and has never really returned. It’s possible I could have avoided reversal and had either a cleanup or just gone right to metformin and gotten better. I think I needed something surgical to take care of the scarring/nerve pain but metformin is what shut it down completely.

There is hope.

Amptriptyline is not something you want to be on long term. It messes with your blood sugar, is an anti-cholinergic and can mess with your head if you are sensitive to ADs. You don’t want to be on LDN forever either man. I think you need to start exploring all your options for pain relief. I don’t recommend surgery if you can avoid it but I would not take it off the table.

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Won’t disagree with the emotional state, there is a correlation and its something I need to work on. Thats great news you found something that worked after all those years and gives me back some hope. What dosage and titration did you do for the Metformin? I have family who takes that for Diabetes and they said they don’t have any significant side effects with the Extended Release version. I’m interested in giving it a try. Thanks

Thank you for the support and recommendations. You have been fighting this battle much longer than me and I hope you get over the latest for good. An injection is a reasonable next step. I’m pretty sure its the GF nerve since I have the burning in the scrotal skin and both thighs. Very sensitive to sitting or any tight clothing.

I’m in the St. Louis area so not sure if there are any recommendations close to home for an injection. I’m honestly scared of a nerve surgery and would want the best possible in the country if I get to that point.

I do not have diabetes but I was borderline pre-diabetes and was working out but not losing weight so the doctor agreed to 1000 mg of XR to help me lose the pounds. I don’t think the mechanism of action for pain relief was blood sugar control but possibly something else. I think there is some scientific literature of this property of Metformin on the internet. I found that if I took it every other day it still worked. I was able to stop taking it after about 6 months and the pain did not return.