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Burn on penis from reversal?

So I got a vasovasectomy a week ago and it looks like my dick had a carterizer dropped under the head. Has anyone else had this after a reversal?

Damn dude. Human error strikes again?

Other than that, how do you feel?

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You should be able to sue for that. That’s ridiculous!

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I’m not sure. My wife is pissed. I’m just confused as hell. This was supposedly one of the best reversal docs for PVPS so I’m feeling really confused. I had a ton of scarring and idk if it was accidental or not but it’s definitely a big burn cut

I Feel like somebody kicked me in balls lol. My back pain is gone completely gone, but now my dick hurts and it feels like when I stand that a huge iron is placed on my balls. I’m a week recovered I know it’s slow going so I’m waiting. But better than before for sure

I don’t know, but I’d get some pics and have another doc look at it just for the record in case you need to sue for pain and suffering.

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I agree with this completely. Document it.

I am at a loss, what do they need heat for in a vasectomy reversal, just seems odd. I understand it’s all stitching. If they use heat they apply scar tissue.

@Curlyhairpilot - How are you doing with your reversal? Did you get to the bottom of your mystery burn?

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They use cautery to stop bleeding.