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Both testicles riding very high after reversal

Made the worst decision of my life to get a vasectomy and immediately got it reversed. My advice is to NEVER get one, there were mental issues I had with the deep regret of that uninformed choice and the fact I basically neutered myself. My personal belief is these surgeries are just wrong and we are lied to about its simplicity and the serious consequences of it. 20 Days since reversal both tesitcles riding very high now at base of the penis with sharp electric pain hitting from testicles to lower abdomen randomly. how long did it take for this go away and your testicles dropped? Did your testicles and scrotum ever go back to normal and feel normal again? - Thank you in advance

Hi yeppin, sorry about your balls…

I haven’t had a reversal, but I’ve seen several guys report that the testicles rode high post-reversal. Some of them reported that the testicles got more normal as the months went by. 3 weeks out is very early – it can take a year or more to fully recover from a reversal.

You’ve been through a lot. When was your vasectomy?


about a month ago was the initial operation my good man

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Seems pretty normal from what I’ve read, I’ll report back on my findings in a few weeks after my reversal but yeah during vasectomy they usually snip a few cm of the vas away to prevent rejoining so it makes sense that the vas connection will be shorter when reconnected and pull your balls up a bit higher - from what I have read though, don’t lift anything for 12months+ no matter how good you’re feeling, scar tissue still forms for over 12 months, don’t risk it

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Hey @yeppin, sorry you going through this.

I have had a vasectomy, hydrocelectomy thanks to my vasectomy, and a reversal. It is literally unbelievable what my testicles went through and how differently they looked through all of this.

For what it’s worth, my right side was extremely high up after my hydrocelectomy and reversal. I can’t speak to how it was after my vasectomy because it was the size of a grapefruit due to the hydrocele and I couldn’t even find or feel it until after the hydrocelectomy.

It took about 8 months after my hydroclectomy for my right side to drop back down to “normal” and about 4 months after my reversal for it to do the same. I say “normal” because either my right side sits farther back or my left side is pushed closer to the front, but they don’t sit exactly side by side anymore. At one point I thought my right one would just sit up higher forever, but lots of time and stretching did it some good.

Everyone is different, but you may respond well to some pelvic floor therapy to help relax the muscles in the area to get your balls to fall back down. Just hang in there and keep taking it easy. Try not to stress or think too much about it as stress can get held in the pelvic region and cause additional tension.

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you deserve a damn purple heart after all that my word. thanks for the feedback definitely helps. Sucks all of us made this bad costly decision.

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Also hey mate, haven’t had my reversal yet, should be within next 4-8 weeks but from what I’ve read, don’t lift a damn thing for 12 months after reversal - *edited to clarify that this is my own personal opinion and plan basically to not do any kind of physical activity that could incur a strain or non bacterial epididymitis even in a normal person who never had a vasectomy for at least 12 months after any testicular procedures. This opinion is not based on any study from the likes of pubmed or ncbi

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My advice is to let your body take its time, I had my reversal 20 days ago and everyday my body is adjusting (plus the hematoma getting smaller and smaller). I believe your body will go back to 100% normal. Relax man, you’ve through an operation. Give it more time

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Was just about to PM you there mate to see how you were getting on haha, NHS bailed on me so I hired a private surgeon to see on 3rd august to book reversal

I have never heard this before. Can you please post some reference?

Generally speaking, the mandatory no lift post reversal protocol is more like first ~4+ weeks and ease into things from there.

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Yeah 12 months is super exagerated. I am already feeling well 20 days post op, of course Im not doing exercise but I WANT to so bad lol

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Man Im so happy for you, its the best for you. Good choice!! I am very very well and almost to 100% like before (still a little hematoma on my left side but absolutely nothing to worry) and my body feels like a perfect place to be again. You will see you wont need 12 months to recover from a reversal, I am 2 weeks post I feel almost perfect

Hey mate it’s just based on the feedback I’ve seen here from guys thinking they are better after a month then going hiking or weight lifting then saying they had a set back with returning pain and well, from the vasectomy myself I know my body didn’t get the memo to close over for 4 months so best not risk it lol

Yes mate glad to hear you’re doing well, reversal seems the best treatment - the 12 months is really just my personal plan and recommendation based on feedback I’ve seen here with people having set backs and returning pain after a few weeks/months from going hiking and things like that - I just personally won’t ever risk scar tissue or pulling on the join until I am 100% certain it’s absolutely risk free as 1 fuck up with the vas was enough for me lol

Ok, but given the fact that I have read nearly every single post on this site, I don’t recall reading about anyone suggesting ~12 months no lift, nor by any true reversal experts like those at ICVR. ~12 months no lift is way off.

Keep in mind that what you are saying and/or your clarification is a whole lot different than how your ~12 month no lift post reversal protocols posts in several threads come across to newer members that are just beginning to do their own homework or even to more experienced members that still don’t know any better.

I am always open to new ideas, but I won’t allow this place to degenerate into the equivalent of the disinformation that brought the vast majority of people to this website in the first place.

Good luck

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Hello mate,

That’s fair, no harm intended, I have edited my post to clarify that it’s my own opinion and my reasoning

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Yeah, I suppose it doesn’t hurt to play it safe, but I was back to running and lifting after about 2 months. Maybe I just got lucky. I felt like exercise helped me feel better overall.

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I hear you and I think everyone should listen to their body and do what they think is best for them.

Everyone’s post reversal recovery is a little or a lot different. Everyone’s experience certainly is not the same.

Should @Lundy actually go through with having a reversal for pain, he’s going to be like everyone else that gave it a whirl. He’s going to learn first hand what his individual recovery is like. It may or may not go better than expected.

I clearly remember how time dragged out post reversal/s recoveries. Week by week, month by month, and year by year… Weeks or better yet months can seem like an eternity. Waiting ~12 months to take a long walk, a moderate hike, or lift anything substantial would most certainly be overkill and will certainly seem like waiting for an eternity to do such things.

FWIW, I too think that staying active, stretching yourself out, etc’s, is probably a good idea when one reaches that recommended point where doing so was actually cleared by your specific VR surgeon.

I’d be shocked if you (@Lundy) will still think waiting to lift random stuff that is within reason many months post reversal was a good recommendation after you presumably have a reversal yourself. I suppose time will tell what you actually do if you go through with it.

If I had any advice for you @Lundy - don’t rush into anything and don’t settle for less of a surgeon, technique, methodology, follow-up protocols, etc’s, than you deserve. If you are strongly considering dr’s x y or z to do your reversal, please be sure to search their name on this site and elsewhere and try to know everything possible about them, their technique, follow-up protocols, reviews, etc’s, beforehand. Please do not assume way to much beforehand.

Also, I too have experienced a high riding testicle/s post reversal/s, especially after my first one - my left side specifically. That particular aspect pretty much resolved itself over time and has been pretty much resolved for many years. Way back then, when all of this was new to me, I was like anyone else. I didn’t know if I was coming or going, I experienced many ups and downs, the typical rollercoaster ride recovery and the entire process was quite agonizing physically and mentally, especially the first time around.

Good luck

Same happened after my reversal. give it time, lots of time. Do as much stretching and ab work as you can reasonably handle. After much stretching and enough time the body will adjust. I was having pain from nightly erections because of this, but everything eventually stretched out. Not saying it won’t painful and won’t suck for quite a while, but you’ll see slow and steady progress even years out.