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Bloody urine on day 6?

Hi all. Hoping I can grab some feedback and answer some of the many questions in my head. I had a non-scalpel vasectomy 6d ago.

Recovery hasn’t been great. Day 2 was OK but since then have had quite a bit of groin pain and pain in one testicle with a small granuloma that is getting bigger.

Today on day 6 I am seeing these weird almost fleck-like brown-red particles in my urine. They seem to sink and are somewhat solid. I dabbed one and its mucousy. I can’t get ahold of my doctor at the moment but what is this? Is it typical? Is it the result of just taking tons of ibuprofen over 6d (most I have taken in my life–400mg every 7-8hrs).

I iced constanty for the first 3d and I wonder if that could be an issue. Canadian healthcare is lovely–very hard to get good aftercare.


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My guess would be dried blood.

Update for those interested or having similar symptoms. Blood flecks turned into peeing blood and significant pain. Had an emergency ultrasound. My epydidima was infected. Currently on antibiotics but add that to the list of complications. If they don’t work, it means it could have created a cyst in my bladder which needs scoping/surgery.

Sorry you’re dealing with this and you’re still very early on, so hopefully you’ll beat this. I hope the antibiotics work for you and keep us posted on your recovery.

Update, 16 days in:

My epididymis was very infected, ultrasound revealed it to be 4x its normal size. Infection spread to my bladder. I was prescribed Cipro (which I am now learning is quite dangerous). Peed a few clots out for another 3 days and the infection seems to have cleared. Surgeon tried to tell me it was a kidney stone. Incredible. Ultrasound was quite clear instead.

Now my issue is shooting pains in my groin and epididymis swelling. 14 days of Ciprofloxacin is a little stressful as well–still popping ~1000mg ibuprofen daily on top of that. Basically guaranteed tendon damage at this point?

From what I understand you might want to monitor your hearing as well, I believe this class of drug is listed as ototoxic. I had my life destroyed due to hearing loss on antibiotics, I now have raging tinnitus (siren blaring in my brain) 24 7 and shot hearing.

I’m in the same boat as you on the epididymis, massive swelling, I’m going for a ultrasound Monday to see. No infection found in my urine, obviously terrified to take antibiotics. Maybe the sperm just causes havoc, my groin and iinner legs are so bulged out I can barely walk. How is this shit considered safe, it’s like talking to a used car sales guy these idiots that sell it.

My wife keeps looking at me and saying we just need to get that swelling down, and I keep saying the same thing, I can’t keeping poping ibuprofen (which seems to do nothing) forever. I guess I hope this is a infection but something tells me that’s not the case.

My thinking would be if it’s fresh blood then get in touch with your GP cheer

Feel your tinnitus pain brother, fellow sufferer here. Mines due to stress, and it’s not too bad on most days virtually inaudible over background noise, but does go up in volume to some ridiculous levels sometimes

Yeah it can be tough, I miss being able to relax. This vasectomy shit has sure taken my mind of it at times though, I don’t think there were 2 min I didn’t have tinnitus on my mind in the last 6 years until now. A massive amount of pain can really take your mind off everything! I wake up and feel like I’m going to puke from the pain, tinnitus is at least pushed to the background a little these days.

Man i feel stupid, the post I responded to was back in April. Oops

No need to feel bad about it. It reminds me to update this topic.

So here’s the entire story.

  • 3d into healing, blood shows up in my urine. The pain is absolutely incredible.
  • get sent for an emergency ultrasound, find that one side of my epididymis is massively inflamed
  • the infection had rapidly spread to basically anything connected to my reproductive/urinary tract
  • vasectomy surgeon suggested it was just a kidney stone and could not be surgery related–great support there. Hearing this enraged the doctors at the hospital I was at for the bleeding, who have seen this sort of thing before.
  • ciprofloxacin cleared up the infection in 2d and ran its course for 14d (I do have tinnutis now as well, mild). Large blood clots came out as the infection subsided.
  • Inflammation was bad for 3 months. Dosed advil 400mg every 6 hours or so. I tried to get off them and had horrible withdrawl responses. Switched to naproxen, and slowly weaned off.
  • I’m now on month 5. Inflammation is still a problem. Pain comes and goes.
  • 2 kinds of pain: sharp pinch sensation in my testicles themselves every now and then. The other is a dull ache in surrounding upper groin area around bladder.
  • I can get around the dull ache if it persists with ice for the most part, and occasionally naproxen 220mg if I need to hold the pain back all day or overnight.
  • ejaculation is fine but soreness throughout my groin for about 6 hours afterwards. This hasn’t improved.
  • tried the papaya powder but seemed not to work.
  • anecdotally, dosing cranberry pills like crazy seems to help
  • avoiding alcohol helps
  • pure CBD helps, any THC magnifies the pain at least in my case (I have a medical prescription, plus it is now legal in Canada)

Doctors say it could be years before this improves to potentially a lifetime. I will say I feel like things improve a very tiny amount each day.

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