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Bloody urine on day 6?


Hi all. Hoping I can grab some feedback and answer some of the many questions in my head. I had a non-scalpel vasectomy 6d ago.

Recovery hasn’t been great. Day 2 was OK but since then have had quite a bit of groin pain and pain in one testicle with a small granuloma that is getting bigger.

Today on day 6 I am seeing these weird almost fleck-like brown-red particles in my urine. They seem to sink and are somewhat solid. I dabbed one and its mucousy. I can’t get ahold of my doctor at the moment but what is this? Is it typical? Is it the result of just taking tons of ibuprofen over 6d (most I have taken in my life–400mg every 7-8hrs).

I iced constanty for the first 3d and I wonder if that could be an issue. Canadian healthcare is lovely–very hard to get good aftercare.


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My guess would be dried blood.



Update for those interested or having similar symptoms. Blood flecks turned into peeing blood and significant pain. Had an emergency ultrasound. My epydidima was infected. Currently on antibiotics but add that to the list of complications. If they don’t work, it means it could have created a cyst in my bladder which needs scoping/surgery.



Sorry you’re dealing with this and you’re still very early on, so hopefully you’ll beat this. I hope the antibiotics work for you and keep us posted on your recovery.



Update, 16 days in:

My epididymis was very infected, ultrasound revealed it to be 4x its normal size. Infection spread to my bladder. I was prescribed Cipro (which I am now learning is quite dangerous). Peed a few clots out for another 3 days and the infection seems to have cleared. Surgeon tried to tell me it was a kidney stone. Incredible. Ultrasound was quite clear instead.

Now my issue is shooting pains in my groin and epididymis swelling. 14 days of Ciprofloxacin is a little stressful as well–still popping ~1000mg ibuprofen daily on top of that. Basically guaranteed tendon damage at this point?