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Blood in ejaculate

I had a vasectomy about 4 weeks ago I had pain and discomfort for the first week I’ve had almost zero pain since that first week.

I find that I’ve lost a lot of the urge to have sex since the surgery. I have no problem getting hard but no real urge to have sex.i pretty much have to force myself to have sex now.

Now the first few times I ejaculated it was fine but since about the 4th time I’ve had bright red blood mixed in the ejaculate has anyone had that happen? Is it normal?

I find it also takes a longer time to climax and my penis is more sensitive but not really in a good way.

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I was warned that blood might be present early on. 4 weeks seems like too long. Call your urologist. Get anti inflammatory meds. Rest and try to stay calm.

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Blood could be prostatitis. Check out @Fuddrucker story. He got it fixed with antibiotics.

Sorry you’re here. Time generally helps.

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Sorry man. Consider getting your Testosterone tested. My sexual desires/urges shit the bed too. I can still get hard with stimulation, but random daily erections are a thing of the past.

Before my vasectomy I would get 15-20 random erections during the day and claw all over my wife when I got home.

My wife suggested getting my Testosterone tested and 2 tests showed low 300’s (80 year old man level) . Never had it tested prior, but never had a reason to think I needed too. Can’t tell me vasectomy didn’t tank my T.

Good luck to you brother, hope you make a full recovery.

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Hi Downfall,

Sorry you are here. Only issues with blood was the first ejaculation after vas. After that, I had none. It’s probably worth reaching out to your doctor about it.

Initially after vas my sex drive was gone as well. After a few months though it did return. Certainly not as strong as prevas, but it did improve over time.

Good luck

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