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Blood clots/recovery time?



Had my non scalpel vasectomy done in the UK 2 weeks ago. Surgery itself was uneventful, seemed to be straightforward. Spent the next 36hrs doing little/nothing and everything appeared to be going well.

By day 4 by scrotum had swollen up to the size of a grapefruit and hard as a rock. Pain not so much in the testicles but more on top, around the side and pushing into my groin on both sides.

Over the next few days the pain on the right hand side reduced to almost nothing. Left hand side no improvement.

The post op swelling has now gone, however I’m left with a couple of extra grapes sat ontop of my testicles. Again, right hand side causing me no trouble. Left side the same constant ache, up into the groin.

Went back to see the GP yesterday as I thought I many have an infection and he said it’s blood clots and that this might take a few months to break down and resolve. A few months?! So much for the 2/3 day recovery!

The thought of this for the next few months is horrific. I can’t walk without a noticeable limp, tight underwear is too restrictive and loose isn’t enough support. I have absolutely zero interest in any kind of sexual activity and can’t see that changing anytime soon.

When I have a bath and everything is relaxed, it literally looks and feels like I have 4 testicles!

Any recovery stories and suggestions for anything that may speed things up appreciated. I’m taking ibuprofen and paracetamol for pain relief, although they ain’t doing that much just taking the edge off slightly.




Hematomas are painful. I’m sorry that happened to you. I had one after my reversal that I gave myself when I bumped my groin 9 days after the initial surgery.

It took mine about a month to go away.

I just kept myself hydrated. I did not want to use hot water soaks or heating pads because I did not want to slow down sperm production. I stayed away from motrin/NSAIDs for a little bit too because they can thin the blood. If I had one after a vasectomy I would do exactly what you are doing along with ice alternated with soaking in the tub or using a heating pad. Once your sure the bleeding has stopped I would ask your physician when you can start using Ibuprofen.

Run all that by your doctor first but for me it was time, fluids, ice and tylenol. I walked a little when it felt okay to mobilize the area a little. I wore a jock for the first month or so.



Update after 4 weeks.

No real pain anymore, more of an ache that comes and goes around my groin moving towards my hips? Nothing I can’t handle.

My main concern is the clots, and I’m not convinced they are clots to be honest. On the left side I have squishy lump above the testicle, not painful to touch etc. On the right side I have a grape sized hard as a rock lump on top of the testicle. Feels like it could be connected to the central incision site. Slightly painful to touch, a constant awareness that it’s there and real heaviness.

Unfortunately it’s making sex almost impossible, probably more mentally than physically. I know it’s still early days but I don’t see these lumps going anytime soon. I’ve got a follow up at the GP in a week so will see what they say after that.