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Bladder issues urgency to pee

Anyone have advice on helping the urge to pee? Feels like I just got my pain all the way down and over the last 3 days I always feel like I need to urinate. When I go, it feels normal, no pain, stream is normal etc. But the urge is remains. It’s not bad or extreme, just constantly there. I tried to search on here for solutions but couldn’t find much. From what I’ve gathered online it could be inflammation of my prostate pressing onto my bladder. I’m going to schedule an appt with my dr on Monday but any advice would be great.

Did you research the Marshmallow Root tea that is about four posts down?

Ah it wasn’t coming up in any of my searches. I’ll have to give it a shot. Thanks!

@Krz673804 - Hi… just read your post and wondering if your bladder issues have been resolved? I’m 3 weeks in post vas and I’m having the same exact issue. Thanks!

Sorry to hear that. Yes, no longer have any issues. I did the marshmallow root suggested above and also did some physical therapy with a pelvic floor specialist. My back was out of whack which may have caused or worsened the problem. I’m not sure what exactly cured me, but if I remember correctly it only lasted around 3-5 weeks.