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Bilateral orchiectomy worked!


Just be mindful, that if you remove one, the other one will grow bigger and stronger to compensate for the missing one, and you might experience issues with right one ( talking from experience, had orchiectomy too)



6 weeks or so is very little time after you last op it may still improve over the next few months. I struggled in pain for around 8 months before I couldnt take it anymore and I believed it had totally destroyed my testicle, so I thought odds were that a removel would give me improvement.

Did you epididymectomy on the left cause any pain on right hand side? After mine it caused discomfort on other side which was 100% painfree before it. My thinking/guessing on this was that testicle was so damaged the other side started to compensate for it…same as if it was removed like @SomeGreyBIoke just said.

This his improved since my left was removed and last few weeks it dosnt ache at all when sitting anymore…only some small discomfort generally from time to time but is getting less with time.


I know its only been 6 weeks, but the pain that was there for a year before the epididectomy is still there and is the same type of pain. Makes me think the epididymis was fine. Its painful above and on the left side of the left testicle. It feels like it has gotten turned and it hangs almost horizontal and turned counterclockwise (looking down) when the scrotum is relaxed. I haven’t had any issues with the right side from the surgery.


@similiarsitutation have you had ultrasound done to rule out anything malignant?


yes, i have had dozens of ultrasounds that showed up all normal



That was same with me…I was certain my pain was comming from epididymis…after the surgery pain was much worse and consistant,sore all around it and terrible to touch.

My testicle attached itself to bottom of scrotom after it.I thought the surgeon had sewed it there until I asked him. Maybe this is why yours is sitting this way as what your saying sounds simular to how mine was.

I know how you feel after around 12 weeks i knew it wasnt going to improve, one of main reasons I waited so long is because they refused to remove it. I went to hospital and begged them to remove it 5 weeks post op and they refused to do so and they said it was a to extreme measure.


So how did you get them to do it finally?


And was you’re pain so intense you almost pass out or vomit?


I went to another urologist for a second opinion and he said right away that as it is still so bad after 8 months he thought removel at this point makes sence to try.

I was in a throbbing 6/10 pain most of the day and any movement walking etc made it worse.
It was really sore to touch and time to time had a horrible twisting raw pain to it, not bad enough to vomit or pass out. A gentle squeeze would be agony.