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Bilateral orchiectomy worked!

Well i am very happy to report the orchiectomy has resolved ALL cord and ball pain OVERNIGHT! Havnt developed any crazy hemotomas which is pretty common. There was ALOT of scar tissue connecting my testicle to my scrotal tissue due to previous surgeries (about 75% on blth sides with more on my right. Maybe this caused some of the pain? Who knows? Especially since right was always worse. Very little swelling in scrotum. Feels great not to hold up the weight of two defective testicles. Yet to feel affects of no T but doc said that usually doesnt happen until a week or two after. Post surgery pain has been night and day compared to others. Havnt even had to take a Tylenol. Previous surgeries i was a few tramadols in by now lol. SOOO nice not having to deal with a sliced up scrotum. Incisions in groin are much more manageable. So far i can tell the biggest difference is when i am standing and walking. This was VERY uncomfortable. If i was standing upright i would always have to fidget around as if i had to pee it was so uncomfortable. Now- NOTHING! Its so wierd but even though im less than 24 hrs post op i already feel more active than i did a year and a half in pvp hell. Very excited for the future as it can only go up from here!


So why didn’t you get a epididimectomy first? And congrats but remember, one day is really fast to conclude your good.

I didnt remove epi cause post reversal made it clear that my problem wasnt congestion. My pain was most likely a combo of scar tissue and vas/nerve pain within cord and some epi pain. Removing epi would have made matters worse. Plus i would be dealing with autoimmune response of blocked sperm in testes. Regarding it being too early to know for sure. Yeah you are probably right but at the same time this isnt my first rodeo :slight_smile:

@Thissucks thats awesome news. Hopefully this is the end of PVP hell for you.

Careful with activity for a little while, I’m sure you’ve got some nasty incisions.

What are your plans for T replacement?

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Thanks @vasregret! Yeah anesthetics are wearing off. Feels real tender at incisions.

Next week i will get my first injection then try patches first. Most guys move onto injections for convenience. Patches and gel have to be applied daily. Injections once or twice a month. A friend of mine does one injection every two months sometimes. It just all about feeling your body out and experimenting.

That’s really great news. You just have to give yourself a shot now to feel good. Please stick around and tell us about HRT. I’ve heard that some people do once a month but doing a weekly shot is better.

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that is fantastic news. It must be a wonderful feeling?:slight_smile:

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@Thissucks I am glad to hear your feeling good but you really need to take it easy right now. It might be tempting to get out and do stuff but you’ve only got one shot at this so enjoy some downtime. I am happy for you though and glad to hear your keeping your head up. Good luck.

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Thanks for the kind words guys! And concern! Yeah when i mentioned feeling more active im not saying im stupid enough to go on a run today lol. I do appreciate the caution and concern though. Gonna def take it easy.

I will def keep everyone posted the coming weeks and months. This site saved my life in more ways than one. Hope my experience helps someone as all yours has mine. Its been more valueable then all consults and doctors appts combine, even though i do greatly appreciate all the help ive been given by these doctors.

Special thanks to @MikeO, @RingoStar, @KyleY, @Charly12, and @sdhc81 for your particular insight and guidance! Much love and appreciation!


So happy for you… such a brave move and it appears you have chosen well… keep up the updates!

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Excellent news. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Just take it easy for a while.

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So happy to hear this. I remember when I woke up from my operation and I had forgotten what not having pain was like. I was in shock for a day because I didn’t realize how much energy my body was using fighting this hell. TAKE IT EASY. So happy to hear.


This is great news. Let’s hope the result is lasting and durable. Please do stay here and keep us posted on your progress, ups, downs (hopefully none), etc.

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Don’t sweat the T treatments you don’t turn into a girl. You just start to feel tired. I tried patches and they were a pain so I get a shot every three weeks. The only side effect is I sweat like crazy at times. That side effect compared to the hell I was living is the best trade I ever made in my life. You know your T therapy is working when you wake up with a boner in the morning sounds silly but that is what Doctor told me. He was right. Not a bad outcome for me sometimes not great for my wife. See laughs pretty hard but after all we have been through it’s a pretty good outcome to have her husband back even if she gets to see a tent in the morning.

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This outcome should really be on all vasectomy consent forms as a possible consequence of pvps.

So happy that it worked. That was brave as hell, but at least you’re sterile!

Do you have any numbness anywhere from the surgery?

I agree. This is def a last resort option but one that could be a mans greatest option for pain relief. It should be mentioned.

Anasthetics been wearing off so im starting to feel real sore around incisions but nothing crazy. Hard to get up and walk but Its a good hurt. The chronic pain hurt ive been experiencing is gone. If new issues dont arise from the orch i can safely say i came out of it pain free. The biggest thing is the psychological aspect so far. I Feel im in a better place psychologically knowing i rid myself of two destroyed testicles.


Thanks @Charly12. Thats awesome!

@vasregret, I hear you but the problem is this is not an outcome, it’s a therapy to treat a bad outcome.

I would like to see the statistics on men that choose this therapy to treat chronic pain as a result of vasectomy. It will be impossible to gather any such stats until there is an ICD9 code specifically for PVPS. That should be a goal of this group.

@MikeO I’ve actually been meaning to post something similar. The U.S. just transitioned to ICD 10 which has been used in other countries for many years. I noticed that the post vasectomy pain is noted with an ICD 10 but it falls under a generic “post treatment code” that is non specific and is pretty much a code used when their isn’t a more specific one. It’s infuriating considering this is a major syndrome that’s not specifically coded, especially considering there’s stupid codes for things like injuries caused by a spacecraft collison, being sucked into a jet engine, or injuries caused by not just birds, but specifically Macaws. Frustrating. It is hard enough for us to find a treatment doc much less one that can’t adequately code for it and subsequently get reimbursed for it. Gives them more reason to avoid treating PVPS

Just a random thought. While i do intend on being on hrt Im curious how eunuchs back in the day that didnt have HRT managed life without balls. I mean they were pretty functional in society having to take care of kings harems and stuff. Id imagine that would have taken alot of daily energy. Anyway, just curious.