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Bilateral Large Hydrocele

I was given my ultrasound news today. I have a large bilateral hydrocele. Crappy news. Things are finally settling down and now I have this to deal with.

I find conflicting advice on Dr Google. There is a chance they resolve on their own. I have also read that they rarely resolve on their own in older men.

God this is frustrating. I have now officially had every complication I can find that one gets after a Denervation. Had everyone. Wound dehiscence, hematoma, lymph node infection and now hydrocele.

Has any one had a large one. Mine is about the size of an orange and is quite heavy.

Has anyone had a hydrolechtomy? Will further surgery cause me more grief. Does Dr P do this sort of thing. Don’t know if I’m up for flying down to the states.

Victor is this something they could do at Mt Sinai? Is there any way to contact them?

Bummed out

So sorry to hear about this and to hear you ve had all those complications. I don’t have any information to add just praying for your recovery.

@Charly12 hydroceles are fluid collections around your testicle. They can be caused by infection, irritation, or abnormal outflow from the tissue. The hydroceles can be drained in the office (not recommended–high % recur) or excised with surgery. The surgery is fairly low risk and high yield after recovery. Dr P and myself can do these procedures, as can most general Urologists.

Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD

Thanks Dr B. Glad to hear it is fairly low risk. I would rather have this treated locally than go through all the trauma of traveling. I find traveling to be almost as bad as the surgeries.

I am having tremendous success post denervation but this complication has created a great deal of anxiety.

@Charly12 i wouldn’t label this as a complication. Its an expected side effect that has a great surgical option for correction.

Stay Positive,
Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD

Totally agree Dr B I hope I didn’t come across as blaming in any way. I just want to understand how much risk I have to take if I get this fixed.

I know my body is very susceptible to adverse side affects with anything I do down there now.

You have helped me tremendously knowing that if I have to get this corrected I can have it done locally. My flight to Florida is over nine hours with a layover in between. Unless it is something I believe warrants your expertise the trauma of travel does not outweigh the specialized need.

In this case I am confident a local urologist who knows my background can perform the surgery.

I am finding the main problems I have post Denervation are all coming from the discomfort of the hydrocele. It’s size and weight pull on my spermatic cord. This discomfort increases during the day as well.

I am two months post Denervation and each day is better. My only issues relate to lugging around this large orange on a daily basis. My main concern is that I don’t do anything it will cause issues by pulling on a nerve or disrupting the healing process of the Denervation.

Should I have it removed because of the possible risks it poses or wait the six months to see if it self limits? This is the question I am struggling with.

Sorry for asking in the forum but this is a possible side effect others may encounter.


What kind of pain does the hydrococele feel like or is it just uncomfortable. It sounds like you are feeling better aside of current issue. Since we last spoke I seem to be consistently inconsistent. Kinda all over the map good days some bad days. :flushed: looking forward to better weather to see if that has any change in conditions too.
Hope you continue in your progress towards healing.

Ok Happy Canada everyone. I had both hydroceles removed on June 5 and am coming up on my one month from surgery. Also coming up on my one year from getting a vasectomy.

Today was a very big day. I am finally off all nerve meds and oxy. I am taking the odd T3 but will go off them pretty quickly.

The urologist stripped a lot of scar tissue out during the operation and that took awhile to heal.

So here is the scoresheet so far. Reversal Dr P November denervation Dr P January. Bilateral hydro June with cord strip. Toss in every complication known to man and it was quite the year. I don’t know if there is anything else to cut down there.

For the first time since this all started I am finally coming around. My nerves are starting to show some progress. So much so that I will be off all meds very soon.

I still have what I would call manageable discomfort and occasional pain. But it is nothing like post vas. I cannot tell you how miraculous that feels. Prior to hydro surgery I was having quite a bit of pudendal pain and this was making me suicidal. Don’t want to sound overly dramatic but it was unrelenting and I could not see how the next 50 years were going to play out. I was unable to function unless on heavy pain meds.

A couple breakthroughs that might help others. I started taking nortriptyline as some others in the boards have and it really helped.

Post surgery I have made really good progress off nor and down to three T3s a day. Will taper off those next week.

I can’t thank the board enough.

I know I will have good and bad days from here as well.

My advice for anyone thinking about reversal and denervation etc. I think I was naive to how long the process of recovery takes. Of course I read how others took a year or longer but we all think we’re special.

I am only at the six month mark and I can say it is only recently that I can see a way out of this hell.

My nerves are finally starting to settle. So for anyone reading this process takes much longer than you expect.

Thanks again for all your support. I will keep everyone updated. My prayers go out to everyone as well.

forgot to mention. The other helpful thing I have done is pelvic floor exercises. I also will start lifting as Vic suggested. From what I can gather deep squats work the pelvic floor even more than the exercises. Will do both.

I had both congestion and spermatic cord pain. Even though recovery was hellish don’t think I would be anywhere without denervation.

I was told originally to do pelvic exercises but was in too much pain to even try. Thanks to everyone for sharing ideas on how to live and recover from PVPS.

Glad to hear things are finally on the mend. Must be a relief to get rid of the Hydrocele, no more grapefruit sized nuts putting strain on everything else. Let us know how the weights go, its hard to know when your ready until you try.


What procedures have you had done and what were your symptoms before the surgery?

Did you have a reversal or go straight to denervation?

I think with some guys here having had issues with denervation it’s important to hear from others that have found relief with the procedure as well.


Hi Mike.

I struggle like most here to endorse anything.

My original symptoms were massive congestion and some cord pain prior to contacting Dr P.

I had a reversal done in November. This helped the congestion but also massively aggravated my right spermatic cord. Not the outcome I was expecting. My cord was kind of a secondary pain that would join in after hours of congestion pain.

Recovery from reversal in Jan hard. So congestion is mostly gone but now I have serious and debilitating cord pain. It’s like whack a mole I get a relief over here but things get way worse.

Get cord done in Jan. Again really tough recovery. Out of work 6 weeks on short term disability. Ok so now cord pain is dealt with then I start to develop bilateral hydroceles.

Again like whack a mole. As hydroceles grown congestion and pudendal pain come back and I am ready to give up.

In June local urologist takes out hydroceles and strips scar tissue off of left spermatic cord. Denervation done on right.

So you can make arguments either way. Which one worked? I think they all did their part but each one but the last caused other problems.

I like stats so I have a couple observations from this board. The guys on here and this is an overgeneralization are still solution seeking since things have not worked.

It is such a small tail of the distribution and such a small sample size i don’t know if you can make an recommendation for or against denervation with this group.

You to see the whole sample size of all the denervations to even make a couple stabs at that.

Hope that helps.

+1 to that. Ugh. I wish there was better data.

Crap. I didn’t see that you mentioned me in the first post @Charly12.

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The FAQ has a link to the experts page: Frequently Asked Questions

Mt. Sinai is over here - you want to talk to Keith Jarvi. He runs the chronic scrotal pain clinic for the Murray Koeffler clinic there.