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Belly Button Sensitivity and PVPS - a connection?

Okay this is gonna get a little weird…

I am wondering if there is a connection to PVPS for those who have a sensitive belly button (before vas).

For example, before (and after) my vas, I always had a very sensitive belly button. If I am poked there, I get a very uncomfortable sensation - like a “zing” that goes from my belly button though my right testicle. It only lasts a millisecond so I always just lived with it, and I actually thought EVERYONE had this issue! However, I talked to some folks and I seem to be in the minority, BUT there are definitely some people who know exactly what I was talking about!

Curious if anyone here had “sensitive belly button” and now have PVPS issues. When I have a “flare up” (which I’m experiencing now and on its 4th week, my vas was 2.5 years ago and this has been an off and on issue ever since), one of the worst symptoms is that I get occasional lightning bolts of pain (like 12 out of 10) from my belly button to my right testicle - they seem to happen when I stretch or flex my ab muscles in a certain way - they last a quick second, like when I get poked in the belly button.

Also during flare-ups, my belly button becomes super-ultra-mega sensitive, like when I’m driving I have to push the seatbelt down so it’s not as close to my belly button. Even if a shirt or jacket somewhat presses in my bb area, it becomes uncomfortable - it’s like I’m most comfortable wearing no shirt, but even being shirtless I don’t feel right.

I would theorize that because I had a nerve issue with my belly button before that somehow the vas affected that nerve structure within me (in a very negative way) so this is why I have these flare ups occur and unfortunately seem to last months on end, and no doctor has really gotten to the bottom of the problem (by the way, the belly button to genital pain is also a common symptom of umbilical hernia - I actually had surgery to correct that about a year ago just to try it, but it didn’t help my situation). I’ve also tried gabapentin and amitriptyline with no luck.

Anyways, sorry for the long post but curious if those have had a similar experience. When my friends who are thinking about having a vas talk to me about it I usually ask if they have a sensitive belly button - if they do I tell them…DO NOT DO IT! (and even if they don’t I tell them to be cautious…)