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Back pain helped or hurt by reversal?

Was anyone’s back pain helped by reversal?

My husband has pain in his right scrotum but the low right back pain that was exacerbated by the vasectomy is probably more of a problem.

Wondering how much reversal could help? We are 9 months post vasectomy.

I’m close to three years post vas and have had lower back pain since six months. I am asking myself the exact same question

Have you guys tried any core work or pelvic floor physio therapy? I find mine gets better, and core work is such an integral part to your low back.

I fought lower left hip and back pain. My back pain was 100% caused by my vasectomy. I had a granuloma on the left side that was causing my issues. Feel free to read my past posts here.

I had a reversal 3 months ago and no more hip or back pain. Everyone is different though. Just because it worked for me doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

I almost got a steroidal back injection early on when I was trying to figure out what was going on with me, it I held off on doing it, and glad I did. I can’t believe the doctors were about to just start injecting my back when the problem was 100% my vasectomy, and they just didn’t want to admit it. Absolutely insane.

Sorry your husband is dealing with this.


Any specific exercises that have been helpful? He does some PT.

Here is the thread I started. Also add side planks and regular planks. Also if you can lay on your side with a rubber band wrapped around just above your knees, keep feet together and spread knees apart, work your glute medius and minimus as well.

I’m also a personal trainer

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Sorry it would help if I actually posted the link haha :smile:

Was your back pain nerve or muscle type pain?

I haven’t actually had an xray, but the physio that I did do for my lower back did decrease it probably by about 50%. You’d be surprised how much muscle imbalance can affect lower back

Thanks for posting, I think I need to give it another go for at least some weeks. I can only do the exercises, I have no PT to do any internal/external release.
How you long have you exercised until you noticed changes? Was it only for back pain or did it also help with your other pain(s)?

I would give it at least a couple weeks of every day. With that pelvic floor physio I noticed I was a bit better after about a month. Same with the back.
The pelvic floor is hard to judge though because my pain has been so up and down

Good question. Early on it started out as a burning sensation in my lower back, and September of 2019 my lower left back had a spasm and then it felt like a pulled muscle all the time.

I eventually saw a Dr. at the Ortho unit sometime
In February of 2020 and he said the arthritis in my facet joints along with a minor bulged disc were irritating the nerves in my back and that was also causing my scrotum pain.

They said a steroid cortisone shot would help me. I scheduled that March of 2020, but canceled it because it sounded like bullshit the more I thought about it.

July of 2020 I confirmed there was a spot in my scrotum that when received pressure would cause my back to spasm. There was a sperm granuloma at the location and I could literally touch the spot and feel my back muscles spasm.

I have had no back pain since my reversal and when I touch the same spot on the left side where the granuloma was I don’t feel anything anywhere else.

This isn’t to say what worked for me will work for you. I had 100% confirmed my back pain was from my scrotum for myself, but I had no way of knowing if a reversal would have left me better or worse.

I’ve had lower back pain since I was 21 thanks to the Marine Corps infantry. About a month after I got my reversal, my back pain got really bad and was radiating down my leg. That improved over the following months. Now, over a year later, I hurt my back time to time, and while my groin area usually doesn’t hurt at all, I’ll notice that my back pain can feel like it’s groin pain. I’m guessing those nerves are on the same path or something.