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Average recovery time

Hey guys,

I’m not sure if it’s possible to create a poll here, I was just wondering what the TRUE average recovery time from a vas would be.

I know some on here are chronic, but some probably healed up after some time.

So how long did your way to 100% recovery last?

  • <1 month
  • 1-2 months
  • 3-6 months
  • 6-12 months
  • over 1 year
  • chronic

Never for me. I was always uncomfortable from day 1 until reversal.

Recovery from the initial vasectomy was about a week for me. Real trouble started around a year later.

Chronic 26 years since day one of the vasectomy 23 October 1992 from 2 30pm of that afternoon.

I was back to normal at 3-4 weeks. PVP didn’t set in 'til 8 months post-vas for me.

Two weeks for the initial surgery. I’ll be at 5 years next week and still see a PT weekly for pain.

Recovery from the pain 1 week.
3 months in and almost complete loss of sexual desire or much of any sensation since the first day and no sign of returning.

I wish I had good news for you - but… pain started one week after vasectomy and continues at 14 months post reversal, although intensity has decreased somewhat, with medication.

Mine was 4 years (pain almost always gone now), with things improving after 3 and a halfish years. See my previous posts for more details on why I think mine took so long.

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2+ years, with taking it easy - no jumping, bicycling and using papaya seed supplements, it is manageable and 98% less pain most of the time.

And how did it set in?
Sure it was caused by vas if there’s so much time inbetween?

Great question. A lot of guys develop congestive pain weeks or months after vasectomy. In my case, I’ve never had congestion or congestive pain.

My pain started in October that year following a bike ride. In retrospect with 15 years’ hindsight and discussions with 4 urologists, 2 peripheral nerve specialists and several PTs, here’s the theories of what happened.

  1. Branches of the GF nerve inside the scrotum were likely damaged by the vasectomy. This GF damage also led to core dysfunction which led to premature erosion of my lumbar spine and lumbar fusion in 2012.

  2. The bicycling was the “inciting event” that turned the damaged nerves on making them painful. The PUR Clinic discusses this as Wallerian Degeneration of nerves that takes time (in my case, 8 months) to erode.

  3. At that time, denervation was newer than reversal, and my doc suggested reversal with excision of granulomas and scar tissue. While not congested, removal of the scar tissue was a “mini denervation” in PUR Clinic terms.

After the reversal surgery, my surgeon told me I was actively leaking from both vas tips and that I was loaded with scar tissue. He, other uros, and I all surmise that the scar tissue seen and removed didn’t include microscopic scarring of the delicate nerve fibers and branches of the GF. The remnant scarring caused the relapses in 2008-09 and 2016-18.

  1. The reversal was necessary, however, not for congestion but to stop the immune system response to sperm out in the open. In addition to being a source of on-going scarring, the leaks and immune system response likely led to my PSA skyrocketing to 4.2. Today, 15 years later, it ranges 0.6 - 1.0. Similarly, pre-reversal, my T-level cratered to 285-325 (two tests) as a 40 y/o. Post-reversal with no leaks, it’s been in the 650-750 range despite being 55.

Hope that helps. Might be more data than you wanted, but it’s taken me over a decade and numerous docs to put the pieces together.


Let me add that the discomfort I mentioned for my case subsided slightly around six months. I used to feel some fullness Down there and I remember I could not sleep with my chest up and legs open, never, as I felt my balls were pushing down and was very uncomfortable. Could not sleep on my side as legs were pushing in scrotum. This issue never went away. For threr years until reversal I could not sit with my legs closed fully, had to open them , or sit side ways. Penis numbness was the other problem, first two years pretty bad, then felt I got better in that area and ejaculations were slightly better every one in five times felt ok. However it came to a point around some months prior to reversal, ie, around end of 2019 when I felt the pain level was going up. This happened right after sex and was getting bad. I almost was feeling that after sex my nervous system was breaking down. Pain level went up and up until one day in late Feb I was on the floor screaming (10/10 pain level) and felt like I was going to die of pain - I was throwing up because of pain - the pain in the right side (where the low clip was) was shooting to the abdomen are. That was when I decided to do the reversal that I contemplated doing for months.

Post reversal I feel a slow and steady improvement. Comfort level is a lot better and ejaculations are still dull but I feel they are getting slightly better. Also I see a significant improvement in shooting pressure. Also the sperm as many already pointed in the site is a lot more creamy and softer, less thick than it was during vasectomized time. I feel that the onset of getting to the ejaculation point is a lot more joyful also (this paragraph is unrelated to the topic but wanted to inform you in case you decide to reverse).

Good luck with recovering.

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