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At what point should I worry?

Howdy everyone. I absolutely love this forum and wish I saw it before I had a vasectomy done.

I had mine about 3 and a half weeks ago. Since then I haven’t been able to walk around or sit up for over 10 minutes at a time, so I’ve been mostly bed ridden. My procedure has healed up, and what was a dull pain has turned into a near constant fiery pain of varying levels on either side of my scrotum. I saw my urologist about it last week. He said he’d never seen a patient with pain this long after the procedure, couldn’t say what was causing it, and told me to come back in a month. That was a very disheartening doctor’s visit, and I’m shopping around for second opinions.

Three and a half weeks is still pretty close to the time of procedure. At what point should I start really worrying? I used to run races, ride bikes, and get into pits at metal shows. I can’t live the rest of my life in bed. Should I keep trying to rest up? It feels like that’s not doing anything anymore. I appreciate y’alls insight.

Sorry you are here. If your doctor really said that he’s either lying or ignorant. Post vas chronic pain is all too common, hence, this website and tens of thousands of stories similar to yours on the internet. They continue to work in denial because it’s their golden goose procedure and men don’t like crying publicly about what’s in their pants. Our voice is getting louder.

3.5 weeks is still relatively early. You can definitely be too active too soon so I’d take as much time as you need. That said, you aren’t going to spend the next 12 months in bed, at least I hope not. It might be helpful to move around a little bit, gentle stretching, whatever you can tolerate. A close friend of my dads was on heavy pain meds around the clock for 9 months until spontaneously he woke up pain free. He hasn’t looked back.

Your case could be post surgical healing. More likely it’s congestion pains from the back up of sperm. Your testicles have been free flowing since your teenage years and now they’re blocked. No this is not normal or natural. Fortunately, bodies can do miraculous things and they figure out how to alleviate the pressure and backlog via granulomas and macrophages (your immune system is now tasked with wrangling all the sperm instead of your girlfriend).

Sorry you’re here. Be patient, be careful, pray for better days. If you want to panic, wait until the 6 month mark.


Thanks so much @Choohooo. That’s incredibly reassuring. I’ll keep taking it easy and stick to my followups and try to keep positive about all this. Fingers crossed!

Choohooo saidit perfectly:

Your story sounds much like mine. I’m almost nine months in, still have pain and have no idea what to do about it. I was able to walk around for VERY short periods at a time around 2 weeks or so. Ice and HOT baths did a lot for me. Even now, I haven’t experienced a moment that was pain free.

I’ve had good days and bad days. How are things now, @SlayersCouncil? Do you get around? Did your docs refer you to a pain specialist? I hope it gets better, man.

It does get better for majority of the guys, but it’s not going to be an overnight process. Potentially, it could take months if not years to be in a decent place, so be mentally prepared for a long battle

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@iusedtobike I haven’t been able to go the gym since before the procedure and any heavy lifting is out of the question (e.i. taking paper boxes 10 feet to the copier at work to refill the tray). We recently had the carpets in the office shampooed and I had to have one of my employees move all objects off the floor to my desktop because when I tried, I felt like someone was pulling really hard on my sack. That was beyond embarrassing. This past summer, we went on a cruise that we had already bought and paid for before the procedure. After that first day of just walking around the ship, I spent the first half of the next day lying down in my state room because I was in so much pain. The rest of the vacation, I didn’t do anything I didn’t have to do. It really sucked because we had planned to do so much but either I had to back out of a lot of it or the plans had to change to accommodate my “condition”.

I couldn’t get my original urologist to prescribe any pain meds or give me a referral so I had to get a referral from my PCP. Nothing the pain doctor prescribed did a thing and I eventually got tired of going there ($50 copay and a minimum 1 hour wait in the waiting room each time). CBD oil took a lot of the edge off but then I got a warning from my employer that they considered CBD the same a full on marijuana even though the oil was guaranteed not contain any THC. So, I was forced to give that up. Now, I can only take extended release tylenol for arthritis. My PCP and current urologist won’t prescribe pain meds anymore due to the liability involved over this whole opioid crisis. My next stop is a neurologist but, considering my luck so far, I’m not too optimistic.

I didn’t mention it in this thread but, to add insult to injury, my sperm count never changed and it is suspected that whatever the doctor was snipping down there was not my vas deferens.

As far as getting better, I was making progress but it seemed to plateau around the 5 month mark and I have had zero improvement since then.

I visited a new urologist for a second opinion today. Funny enough today is also the best I’ve felt in weeks. It’s not near 100%, but I’ve been able to drive to two doctors and even walk around and sit upright (on the edge of a chair, but I’ll take it) without it feeling like someone is trying to start a campfire in my nethers. Knock on wood, and I hope this isn’t just a fluke.

The new doc wasn’t able to spot anything physically wrong either, but ordered an ultrasound to be sure. He proscribed me some meds to take in case of serious flareups and said I should keep taking it easy, and that we’re not in serious worry territory yet. Unlike the doctor who performed my vasectomy he also seemed to actually care about how I was doing, which was an immense boost.

Here’s hoping this gets better. Hanging in there!


When the doctor presents the scalpel run like bloody hell

Hi there,
According to dr. Turek, congestion can’t happen within 2 months as I asked. Not saying he’s right but that what he told me.

Here’s a little background on me and my amateur prognosis. Based on my initial few 2 months, my guess is inflammation and nerves reacting to the surgery.

  • After 8 weeks and tons of pains without any help from the urologist that did my surgery. Scratches head and essentially says “could take years, suck it up”
  • went to a second opinion specialist who concluded I had massive inflammation. He prescribed steroids for a week followed by aleve.
  • moreover, he recommended a pelvic floor specialist. I got a great one whom has gotten my nerves all calmed down. She worked through everything (awkward) and over the course of 2 months, I was rolling.
  • unfortunately, I now have bad congestion that won’t go away. I am getting a reversal next week as nerves and inflammation are down and i am done with this.

My recommendation for you is to find a pelvic floor specialist that’s know pt and post surgery nerve damage. Candidly, I am in no place to give recommendations as I am struggling now. But 2/3’s of my pain have been relieved by her. Post reversal, I will be seeing her weekly once I get the green light from the doc.

Anyways good luck and spread the word on this atrocity. My cuz just today mentioned he had a consult yesterday for vasectomy. I sent him here and he’s no longer considering it. Hope karma will help me on the reversal.

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