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Are you Disabled or unable to work because of PVPS?

I’ve wanted to start this thread for a while now.

I read a publication about chronic scrotal pain (idiopathic, PVPS or otherwise) and its impact on quality of life.

The article stated IIRC 50% are unable to work and have difficulty with day to day activities.

I myself, fortunately am able to work and do a fair bit of activities (can’t run, gotta be careful with really strenuous stuff), but it still sucks to be this way. I miss my morning runs.

Anyways, if we can start a poll, I’m curious as to how many here are unable to work because of their vas, or if you’ve had to drop down to part time or something to that effect.

If that 50% figure applies to us PVPS guys, and taking the AUA’s 1-2% figure into account, that means anywhere from 2500-5000 men in the US alone are unable to work just from this ‘safe and simple procedure.’ Amazing.

I was off work for 7 weeks, and went back part time for 2 weeks. I’ve been back full time for 4 weeks. It’s going pretty well for the most part but it’s definitely taxing. Really limits my activity at home because I’m using most of my energy at work. This sucks for sure.

office based job for me. no way I could do a manual job.

I can do some manual labour, but day in, day out, 8-10 hours a day, no way. I’d be looking for a seat or some ice if I did.

I was disabled prior to reversal and there are days now where I’m pretty much done working. The problem is I don’t want to be poor and not working through the pain would make me angrier, crazier and more depressed than if I kept working.

If I could get a 2 million dollar settlement from the person that did this to me then I could retire with some dignity and I’d figure out some way to keep busy that didn’t involve hurting myself in a chair every day.

That’s my problem. I don’t have to work for money because my wife does pretty well, I have to work to stay sane and feel like my life has some meaning. If I didn’t have to worry about money I could do it but suing my doctor will never happen and neither will winning the lottery. I like working in an office doing IT work. It can be enjoyable when you are not dealing with pain constantly and going to sit on the toilet because that’s the only way you get relief sometimes.

There may be that many that can’t work but I bet there are a lot more that work in discomfort or pain.

I’m nearly disabled. I’m still working but I missed 2-3 months last year in part because of my vasectomy. The damage to my core muscles has taken a toll on my back and hips. I’ve been told by multiple PT’s that my health won’t allow me to continue much passed 40.

If you do some research, you’ll find plenty of soldiers that are Med boarded (discharged due to medical disability) following botched vasectomies. I think I found 3-4 cases just with a simple google search.

Answering for my husband. :slight_smile:

Prior to the vasectomy, he worked about 40 hours as a CPA and small business advisor. It was a very active job - lots of driving to meet with clients, touring businesses, attending meetings and gatherings, teaching business classes to local business owners. He worked 5 days a week and also taught community college classes in the evening AND he kept with our growing family.

Since the vasectomy, he has completely dropped his business advisor job and now just works VERY part time as a CPA to a private philanthropic foundation who is generous enough to keep him at salary despite the disability. He works roughly 6 hours a week. He avoids driving at all costs, anything strenuous sets him back. He sleeps 12+ hours at night and often takes a nap during the day. If he doesn’t sleep, he spends probably 4 hours a day laying down, the rest of the time reclining on a couch when at all possibly. He is not active with the kids anymore, he is not able to play catch, basketball, ride bikes.

So yes, he has seen a drastic decrease in work. Less than a quarter of the hours he was working prior to the surgery.


that is really heartbreaking to hear.

Sorry to hear that. Were you guys adequately warned of the risk of catastrophic pain? Do you have a copy of your informed consent document? I tried to get a copy of mine but wasn’t able to. It had been too long since my vasectomy and they just gave me a big run around.

That is truly heart-breaking. Are you exploring any further options or have you exhausted them?

I also wanted to ask you other than the pain, which of course can do this to you by itself, has your husband had his T levels checked?

I use to make an extra 5 to 10k extra on top of my regular job depending on how good a year. With all my problems I barely manage to hang onto my job during that time. I never really recovered in that area. Now I am jobless and my pain is back up to 4 to 6 daily due to a yard sale my wife just had to have.

If I had the money I would sell my house move into something smaller and get on maybe partial disability. And try to address this.

I was off work for about a half a year, maybe more and lost about $65,000. In that same year I had to travel to Arizona for an out-of-pocket reversal not to mention all of the co-pays, medications, cut out cushions, standing desks, special chairs, out-of-pocket appointments for all kinds of weird therapies and and even though I still work it hurt me most because I don’t work that hard anymore. I’m just like you now and I do the bare minimum to get by. I used to like working balls-to-the-wall. Being the go to guy. I wanted to be better than everyone at everything and I would stay up late at night and work at my desk at home to learn new things and to master everything going on in my office. When the more you work the more pain you have, you quickly stop being worth a f*** when it comes to work. I do side work for one guy and make a few thousand bucks on the side every year. I was in the middle of a bad spell last week and I blew off one of his calls now he’s pissed at me and I’m not sure he’s going to throw me work anymore. There are nights that I just don’t want to go back down to my desk and sit. That’s it! I don’t mind doing the work and I even like what I do. I am pretty good at it but I don’t want to sit in a f****** chair. It’s moments like that but I really would love to sue and destroy my original urologist for what he has done to me. Post vasectomy pain ruins every aspect of your life. It ruins a man.

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I work for myself. I have a laundromat and mow lawns rotating between the two. I missed weeks of work to begin with enploying someone to do bare minimum. I have spent over $3000 looking for answers with specialist in Australia. Also even now can only do half days work, sometimes no days depending how bad i feel. I have missed out on over $50 000 in 10 months. As well as this i dont have private insurance so reversal is another $8000. I hate this new life, and a wife that doesn’t care.

@Loz I don’t understand how your wife could not care. I am very lucky to have mine, she is really very saddened over what i’m going through and has totally shouldered the entire family during this experience.

I’ve missed over a year of work in the last 4 years since the vas. That cost me 150k. Not to mention the 100k I’ve spent on 9 other procedures to try and get rid of this pain. I’ve also had to hire another chiropractor to take the load off of me (70k a year) which has dropped my salary 40%. I now work 3 days a week 9 hours each day and when I get home it’s straight to the recliner or bed. I haven’t played golf in four years use to play 4 times a week. Can barely play catch with my 11 yr old daughter and I will never get to do half of the things I wanted to do with my 3 year old boy. It’s pathetic we’ve been to Disney, universal, etc and I have to rent a scooter just to make it through the day. If I wasn’t just stubborn and bullheaded and want my kids to have it better than I did I would have filed for disability a long time ago. The way I figure it I’m going to give the kids the best life I can before this finally ruins my health to the point my wife ends up cashing in on my life insurance policies, eventually my body will just shut down. I was a perfect specimen of health pre-vas hadn’t been to doctor in 10+ years and could go all day with 4-6 hours sleep a night. I had that much energy. Now I sleep 12 hours a night and really get about 4 from waking up and moving due to the pain. Hell I can’t even push mow the yard let alone attempt to run or jog. Walking more than 15 minutes is a chore.

Chop choo just started up pt following the pelvic fusion. Pt said I have the worst core muscles she’s ever seen even in comparison to 70-80 yr olds. She can’t even get the TA muscle to fire on the left said she’s never seen this before. No wonder both hips and pelvis went nothing holding them together. I think they got the right si joint in place but left side might need redone it’s still an upslip left leg 1/4-1/2 short when walking and standing plus pubic joint is still hypermobile so it might be that it just needs fused first

My core is pretty floppy too. I just swam 1700 meters. Swimming is about it for me at this point in time. Not much of a core strengthener. When you have pain in your groin it is really, really immobilizing. My favorite thing to do when the pain gets to me is lie on the couch on my right side and binge watch TV. That way I’m on putting pressure directly on my perineum and aggravating my vasectomy/reversal wounds. You have my sympathies.

I started a few different treatment types. I’ve been working with people in NKT and PDTR. Both are similar. They aren’t really designed for injuries but their perspective has been educational. They’ve both concluded that my pelvic muscles on my righ side are in a hypertonic state. Most of the time this is a neuro injury. This can’t really be fixed and ultimately your posture pays the price. I know my hips are shot because the MRI’s show it. Low back is next. I hope I can make it to 40 before L5/S1 is fused.

Your core supports your back. Lose your core, you lose your back. Uro’s want to blame a history of back trouble. Sure we probably have back issues but you don’t stand a chance if you don’t have your core.

Scott, so sorry that things have not been improving for you. You remain in our thoughts and prayers. No improvement yet for my son either.

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