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Are you a PVPS victim of Dr. Ronald Weiss in Ottawa, Ontario?

I had my vasectomy done by Dr. Ronald Weiss in Ottawa last year. Still in severe pain and taking numerous nerve drugs daily.

I was told by him that the risk was 1 in 10,000 risk of a chronic ache in the testicle for which a reversal is required. I read stuff on the internet beforehand, and here beforehand, and I honestly thought that some guys were exaggerating their pain and it must be really rare. I also thought ‘a doctor can’t lie about risks of surgery, with liability reasons and all.’

Well, I guess my suffering from PVPS is karma for not believing all the guys on here suffering.

See his website here: with the BS 1 in 10,000 number.

Meanwhile his RateMD’s page has a bunch of guys with PVPS. Supposedly he’s done 40,000 vasectomies. If 1 in 10,000 were actually even remotely true, there would only be a maximum of 4 guys complaining here

Anyways, considering that I have suffered a financial hardship due to missed work, spending money on meds and travel to doctor’s appointments all of the time, I am seriously considering litigation, although not for medical malpractice. Medical malpractice is extremely hard to prove. Basically, if I bled to death during the vasectomy or ended up walking out with a vagina or something crazy like that, I might, just might be able to get something.

I have consulted with a lawyer about this, and his thinking is that since the CUA lists chronic pain at 1-14%, the AUA at 1-2%, that a claim for damages due to false advertising may actually be successful.

So, if you have been harmed by Dr. Weiss and are suffering from PVPS due to the lie that he sold you, please contact me at If this guy has done 40,000 vasectomies and 1-2% of us are suffering from severe pain, there should be at least 400-800 of us suffering in the dark.

Please contact me or join this board and speak out to share your story.


All the best with it brother go for it. In my country Australia there has not been any successfull litigation case ever against vasectomy cases.

@Loz it looks like a fellow Aussie has had success

It's just in your head


Just wanted to add this link to the AUA vasectomy guideline pdf, where it mentions the 1-2% chance of chronic scrotal pain severe enough to impact quality of life.

The most fucked up thing…that Dr. Ronald Weiss actually reviewed the AUA guideline.

He. Reviewed. The. Guideline. WTF.

So he basically agrees to the 1-2% yet spouts a 1 in 10,000 or .01% figure.

@Choohooo Thanks buddy i will follow this up in Australia.

The least any doctor can do is admit they have a bad outcome. You can’t blame them for hurting you, but you can blame them for denial when you end up with chronic pain from your surgery from them.

My doctor was Robert J Sher of Urological Consultants in Rockville, Maryland. He told me the chance of pain was 1 in 1000 then changed that to 1 in 3000 then said he had never seen it and if there were issues they were fixable. I am at year 9 post vasectomy. I did not wear two pairs of underwear yesterday or today and was in horrible pain both days.


Yep yep, that’s exactly it. And to make matters worse, they know that can get away with it from a legal standpoint. Urologists have been getting away with this crap for decades.

I’d say 99.99% of these people are truely evil right down to their cores. They will say, and do anything for a buck.

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In this country they are businessman and of course will say what the think will get them a sale. If there was even slight disincentive for misrepresenting the risks, like litigation or mote Alan Frazier’s, they would walk it back. As it is most lawsuits fail and most men turn inward and die of shame. That is wrong.

Mike, I have no issue naming the guy who fucked me up.

I really don’t know why more guys don’t name their vasectomists. It baffles me really. As long as you’re telling the truth you can’t be successfully sued for libel - truth is a defense in any slander/libel lawsuit. Besides, think of the 'Streisand effect" if a vasectomist sued their former patient for simply sharing their PVPS story online.

It also serves to warn other potential patients (victims) of the potential consequences that they won’t be adequately informed of. As I’ve said again and again, if I knew that vasectomists actually lied to their patients about the risks, I would have been way more likely to believe what I saw online beforehand, and then I probably wouldn’t be here.

I used to wonder why there weren’t more Alan Frazier type incidents, but I think the main reason is that most guys who get vasectomies are:

A) Doing the ‘responsible’ thing and taking one for the team;
B) Fathers and husbands with families that depend on them;
C) Mature and settled in their family life and probably career too.

That combination of the above is probably what stops a lot of PVPS guys from going on a rampage - they think of their families and know that people are counting on them, so they just suffer in pain in order to be there for their families.

Just my .02

I agree with the above.

I will also say that, some men don’t want more stink involved in their life’s by speaking out directly, posting names and such about their vasectamist. You say you are baffled, it’s not that baffling really.

Just FYI, Alan Frazier went down as a marter IMO. I remember him well, and never seen it coming. He was just another guy with pvp/s. He also claimed he was made ill, and/or sick by his vasectomy.

What he did had a really negative effect on all men with pvp/s, groups like this one, etc, etc. His actions likely had the opposite effect he intended. His actions further reinforced Urologys argument that men with pvp/s are a “bunch of crazy’s”

The media, and Urology downplayed the entire ordeal. I remember the video footage as it all went down. Urological big shots in California poopooed all over the very existence of pvp/s right on TV.

A good ole saying I remember from one of my mentors was, “the pen is mightier than the sword”.

I agree 100% with what you say about Alan. What he did made things worse for us not better. We are already a marginalized community. He made us look as you said “like a bunch of crazies”. I would rather see some guy “kill” himself successfully litigating, or raising awareness in any other way than actually killing himself or anyone else. He created a mess for the old founder of the Yahoo PVPS forum.

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You know, it’s funny yet sad, but I remember seeing the Alan Frazier story on the news and thinking, ‘wow some doctor fucked up his junk, no wonder he went on a rampage.’

This was before I had PVPS mind you…

Nice how after the shooting in interviews Dr. Turek acknowledged that some men experience scrotal pain years after their vasectomy, but merely described it as low-grade discomfort that’s cured by a reversal. Apparently he’s unaware of all the nerve endings in the scrotum. That’s also the same doctor who has a FAQ page about post-vasectomy pain on his website, but when people post symptoms of more widespread issues (i.e. thigh, hip, groin pain etc.) he calls it ‘male disfigurement syndrome’ or some fucking BS like that.

It would be nice if for once, they could just say, yeah 1-2% of guys get severe pain afterwards, it happens and we don’t know how to fix it for sure.

Hell, even if they said it was .1% just acknowledge that some guys get really fucked up from this safe and simple snip.

@vasregret, You are a living testimony far as, you knew about this group, you knew about Reno, and a urologist still managed to pull the woll over your eyes, talk you into safe and simple, and following through with having a vasectomy yourself.

Pretty insane story brother.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that shares this opinion of Alan. I don’t condone what he did but I’ve been in his dark place. I’m a professional, 4 kids, more conservative than the average Joe, and I’ve had thoughts that only people in this forum can appreciate.


Fucking with a guys balls and ruining his life that way, to me, is worse than murder though.

I remember about two weeks out I called with severe pain and the nurse says, “let’s hurry and get you an appointment with our urologist for chronic pain. He’s the busiest one in the office so we should schedule asap.” I couldn’t believe it. I asked how often they send guys over there and she said at least 2-3 patients a week. When I brought up that my uro had only seen 2 cases of chronic pain in 25 years of practice she laughed and says, “Dr mueller told you that! Oh honey, he has patients in chronic pain everyday from his vasectomies.”

That was two years ago and I can still hear her voice like it was yesterday.

Yea, I can still hear the words, and see the look on my “smart” local ultrasound girls face when she clued me in on how many men they see for chronic pain post vasectomy. It was the first time someone outside of urology was being straight up with me.

I’m no different than many pvps guys. I’ve been through some very very dark days, and I could very easily cuss up a shit storm. Difference here is, I’m many years out of the darkness. I got past the anger on the outside. If I didn’t, it would’ve destroyed my life entirely.

And if it makes anyone feel any better, my dickheads name is Dr Busch. He’s hardly a doctor.

That’s fucking disturbing man.

I honestly trusted what this Weiss guy told me. He does so many, I figured he was an expert and was super careful with his NSV technique, so that’s why he had such a low PVPS figure.

He was even mentioned in this article:

Ironically enough, he says out of the 30,000 he’s done, he’s only seen one case of PVPS.

Yeah…right. Maybe he’s only ‘seen’ one because he denies that all of the others who come to him have PVPS, so they go elsewhere. Or because he’s not actually a uro, just a family doc, so he can’t really do shit to treat PVPS anyways. Like I said before, his RateMD’s page is littered with PVPS sufferers.

Why did I not believe those PVPS sufferers before? I guess I thought they were being babies. I mean, shit, a friend of mine had a vas years ago and he said every now and then his balls ache for a bit and then it goes away, and it’s not a big deal. So, I figured that the small minority of guys complaining of severe pain were just being sissies. Boy was I wrong.

I should mention too, my dad had a coworker with PVPS. Apparently he didn’t have pain all the time, but numerous times he would wince/grimace visibly in pain. Female coworkers would make fun of him and thought it was funny apparently; the docs said it was an infection (which apparently never went away or spread throughout the body?) but it sounds like nerve pain to me.

Anyways, that was a long time ago, and that guy had PVPS right up till the day he died. Fucking sad.

I’m 30 years old and people in my family seem to live a long time (lots of 90+ year old relatives), so the prospect of living another 60 years like this is terrifying; mentally draining. I also know that I’m probably too much of a pussy to do myself in, and I don’t want to miss out on my kids growing up. So what do I do now? Hopefully Dr. Jarvi can fix me, or maybe in the future there will be some magic fix for nerve damage, but the sad reality is that ‘modern’ medicine hasn’t really made any significant advancements in years, and there’s currently a war on chronic pain sufferers (docs are limited to how many pain meds they can prescribe etc) because apparently we’re susceptible to becoming drug addicts and need to be saved from ourselves. Fuck my life.

Sorry for the rant guys, sometimes I just need to vent about my life.

I don’t have a name for my dickhead, but it’s certainly not a doctor either.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. :joy:

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Yet another victim posts on RateMD’s suffering from PVPS.

C’mon folks, I know you’re out there - 40,000 vasectomies over the past 20 years…got to be at least 400 victims of this guy.

He does more vasectomies than anyone else in Canada and has the most inaccurate info about risks on his website. If enough of us got together, we could easily start a lawsuit for false advertising against this doc.