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Anything help with auto-immune issues?

Does taking papaya seeds, to reduce sperm, help reduce the effects of the auto-immune response since sperm is what the body initially reacted to? Or, once triggered, do the immune issues continue even in the complete absence of sperm (such as with heavy T-therapy eliminating sperm, for instance)?

Same thing with reversal–does putting the sperm back where it belongs help? I’ve heard it can’t stop the immune response, but if sperm are no longer free-flowing into the body, how could it not help to an extent? What have others experienced?

Has anyone found relief for the immune stuff aside from coping mechanisms?

I’m one month post vas and have extreme tightness in both knee joints, random numbness and joint stiffness in hands, random tingling in arms and legs. It varies from intense to minor and started within days of the vas. I had absolutely zero symptoms prior to the vas.

I’m probably going to get the reversal due primarily to ED and hormonal issues (slower growing beard, disappearance of natural skin and hair oil, “feelings” that don’t feel like mine); from what I’ve heard there is a decent chance reversal can help with all of this, but I’m not sure about the immune issues.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance and tips!

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I had really weird auto immune issues after vasectomy, I can relate to feeling difference in oils, my sweat changed as well, I take pride in cleansiness, and afte vasectomy my sweat had an unwashed body smell, my skin had slight yellow shade, developed aleopecia areata and I can swear my toe nail came off at the same time and it’s related too, as haven’t injured it or never had any skin conditions. Taking papaya would be a good indicator, I took it for some time, and my condition improved, so knew reversal had chances of working, and you haven’t got much to lose.

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I would start with papaya seed. It has definitely helped me. Attack the inflammation with everything you can. A methylprednisolone pulse helped bring down my initial inflammation tremendously. Another thing to consider is that your nerves may be under attack by the immune response. B vitamins and other nerve protecting supplements are a good option.

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Thank you. I feel like my sweat is also different too, so it’s interesting you mentioned that. I’m glad to hear the papaya seeds helped. I’ve been taking a 1/2 teaspoon of the seed powder twice a day for a week now. I know it can take longer for the effects to sink in, so I will keep with it. The only thing is I’ve been told it is a blood thinner, so I will stop taking it for 3 weeks prior to reversal and then start up again. From what I can tell, there isn’t anything to stop a person from taking papaya seeds daily. You haven’t have issues with any side effects or building up a tolerance have you?

Thank you. I’ve been taking B-12 but I think now I’ll order a high quality B complex. Fortunately, I’m a healthy eater and had already built my habits around consuming an anti-inflammatory diet pre-vas. In a funny way, I feel like I’ve been preparing for something like this for years! I’ve stepped it up higher now, and I did have a bad episode after eating at a restaurant a couple times with family visiting, so I do think it had to do with that. Most days, I’m all about the garlic, tumeric, broccoli, kale, krill oil, fire cider, and just whole real foods in general.

No side effects, I took it for about 2-3 months and noticed improvement, stopped around a week before reversal, and never used it since then

Did you go through with a reversal?
How are your autoimmune issues today?