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Anyone want to review our history? Are we missing anything?


I’ve posted on here, many of you know our story. Here’s a brief rundown:

  1. Vasectomy 4 years ago (May 2014) - initial procedure very painful, then the pain just never went away. Hubby just…never healed.

  2. Reversal 3 years ago (May 2015) - no change in pain whatsoever. We thought he was doing better initially but about 4-6 weeks after the reversal the pain came back and we decided it must’ve been the cord block they administered during surgery that provided the temporary relief.

  3. Meds tried: gabapentin, Norco, Hydro, Oxy, two kinds of anti-depressants (Celexa and one other). Also tried several tumeric based natural supplements, CBD in multiple forms. Also Flomax for he thought might be prostate issues. He is not currently taking any pain meds, he is taking one natural treatment that only works a little and is really expensive.

  4. Non-medicinal treatment: pelvic floor therapy, an experimental nerve therapy, some accupuncture.

Daily pain: Hubby is in noticeable, distrating pain every single day, he is never without it. I’d say he operates at a 4-5 most days. He’d say 3-4, and some days that’s accurate, but most days it’s higher. The pain cycles and some weeks (like this week) he’s closer to an 8 or higher.

Nothing he has tried has made the pain stop, except the expensive nerve therapy. That was thousands of dollars, and through a series of delays in treatment (holidays, weather, etc) the pain came roaring back full force and we realized it wasn’t an actual solution, just a temporary fix. The doctor was over an hour away, it required daily treatment at $100/day, and it didn’t provide enough benefit to really call it successful. On top of all that, the commute time in the care undid half of anything that had been accomplished during the treatment. He’d be gone 4 hours, come home and sleep 2-3 hours, and we just couldn’t see the long-term benefit.

None of the meds or suplementals have provided actual relief, most haven’t done anything except make him sleep a lot. The antidepressants made him dizzy and nauseated. The CBD products made him feel mentally detached from the pain (which he did not like) but didn’t lessen the actual pain.

Everything aggravates his pain: sitting for too long, standing for too long, driving, walking, lifting, playing with our kids, laying on his side if he doesn’t have a pillow between his knees. Sex is a 50/50 because the pain hinders him from being able to complete. But even if everything does go as it’s supposed to, that often makes the pain flare up.

Type of pain: Hubby describes it as two-fold: congestive type pain and nerve pain. Sometimes he says he is tender to the touch and feels swollen in the testicle area and he thinks that more congestive. Sometimes the pain radiates all the way up into his torso or is sharp and very internal, and we classify that as nerve pain. On bad weeks, his face is drawn and pale, he is in a constant squint/grimace, and he’s miserable. Those weeks he sleeps more and has to lay down more.

The pain often causes insomnia and his sleep schedule gets crazy - no matter what he tries, he can’t fall asleep before 3 or 4am, and then he sleeps until 11am. He doesn’t even try to mess with pain meds anymore, and sleep aids like Tylenol PM or Unisom don’t help. Sometimes he can drink a beer or have a little whiskey to help him sleep but more often than not that doesn’t even work. (He’s not a heavy drinker at all). It’s a vicious cycle because I know his body needs a regular sleep rhythym, but everything gets all topsy turvy and starts to unravel.

Lastly, Hubby has been talking about a partial removal - I think it’s an orchioctomy…I know I’m not spelling that right…but really it’s probably just a shot in the dark. Denervation makes us both leery because of his bad experience with surgery. The time between the initial vasectomy and the reversal was almost exactly a year, and yet the doc said there was so much scar tissue present when he did the reversal that he guessed that we were 15 years out from the initial v, not 1. I don’t know what that means but obviously Hubby’s body just did NOT handle the vasectomy well at all. I’m going to call his office this week and see if he has any ideas for us. We haven’t seen him since 2016 and he basically told us it might just take time. Time.

if you have ANY insight, advice, ideas, ANYTHING, I would really appreciate hearing it. If this is going to be how our life is, than ok. We are Christians, we believe in the sovereignty of Jesus and we know that in the big picture, we’ll be ok. However, if I’m missing something that might work, that might help, I want to pursue it! It’s so overwhelming and there’s so much info out there! I just don’t want to miss anything.

Thanks. You all are so amazing. Thank you for sharing your stories and sharing this crappy experience of PVPS. It’s the cruelest joke in the world, and we’re all stuck with it. <3 :frowning:

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PVPS covers many symptoms. No one knows the pathological cause. Therefore, there are only theories:

  1. Inflammation due to the autoimmune response and 2) nerves that have contracted into the scar tissue.

Researchers actually believe that inflammation is a prerequisite for PVPS.
Inflammation rarely occurs in the scrotum for PVPS patients, but typically elsewhere in the body (lymphatic system). This inflammation can not be measured or weighed before a total breakdown. The inflammation will typically be felt as diffuse pain or flu pain.

In the event of persistent inflammation, the sensitivity of the nerves increases, so whatever affects the level of inflammation and the more you are affected by sound, light, radiation, hard movement, sex, inflammatory food, smoking, stress and perhaps 1000 other things make you feel the that the pain varies in intensity .

The research clearly tells us that NO medicine, penicillin, pelvic floor treatment, acupuncture etc. will heal you. It can certainly help short-term, but will NOT heal you. Operations like reversal and removal of testicle will only help the very few where the pain is isolated on the scrotum / where the nerves are clipped.

What can you do to reduce the pain:

Make sure your immune system works the best way possible so it can fight the inflammation. Eat healthy and anti-inflammatory avoid radiation from microwaves and low frequency radiation from electrical appliances, avoid stress situations with loud noises, etc., reduce the intake of alcohol, do not smoke. The combinations that the inflammatory stuff hangs together, do not have sex and, for example, large inflammatory dinners at the same time. Make sure you sleep and use sleeping pills or tramadol if necessary. Exercises with walks and other light activities. Avoid affecting the clenched nerves.

I feel with your husband. I have the same exactly the same pain symptoms.

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I didn’t see ice on your list. Using frozen peas for 20 minutes helps me. I’m also currently using anti-anxiety treatments. Too early to know if they will work. Post Vasectomy Pain Cure: Anxiety Program & Tools

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Is his pain just on one side, or is it bilateral?

Sorry if you already said, and I missed it.



I’m going to guess it’s unilateral beins you mentioned hes considering having partial removal, or in other words, hes considering a unilateral orchiectomy.



Your points about inflammation are very interesting and probably true in many of our cases. I had a reversal in mid 2006 and attained pain free status for about 2 years, then had a 6-month relapse in 2008-09. I was on a steady diet of gabapentin, celebrex, and a natural anti-inflammatory called Zyflamend for 5 months when the pain spontaneously went away. I was pain from from about April 2009 through April 2016 and then my 3rd bout started.

Thus far, anti-inflammatories haven’t helped. I took a steady diet of celebrex early on in this bout along with Zyflamend like last time, but no impact.

I do guzzle a lot of coffee. Might start looking more seriously at my diet based on your comments. My diet isn’t horrible, but I think there are a few things I could eliminate. Thanks for posting.



A lot of what @Daneinpain is saying is very old school common knowledge, and I tend to agree with a lot of that philosophy myself.



Incase you missed it @ImTheMissus, I’ve heard of many guys that were heavily scarred out like your husband. Some of them were only 4-6~ months post vas, and told nearly the same as your husband far as it looked like they’d been vasectomized for years. I don’t have all the answers, and there’s several things to consider that may account for premature heavy scarring.

Do you know if your husband had an open, or closed ended vasectomy? Any mention of sperm granuloma post vas, or in his post reversal findings?



Conservatively, further PT/Rehab with a focus on scar tissue massage. It’ll hurt like hell, so make sure you find somebody that can guide you through it until he can figure out to do it himself. I had a PT try it early on, can’t say it helped or not, but the theory behind it made sense.

Serrapeptase has been mentioned here before. It’s an anti-inflammatory with potential scar tissue breakdown effects. Can be a little hard on the stomach so look up how to take it to maximize benefit without causing issues.

Intermittent fasting, specifically getting yourself into autophagy, is proven to cause the body to destroy diseased tissue so that it’s individual parts can be reused in healthier cells. Look up Jason Fung/Mark Sisson to help give you a basic insight into what I’m talking about.

Ultimately though, it sounds like he might be at that point to try something more aggressive. If so, get the opinion of multiple doctors. Get on the internet and find local testicular cancer support groups and find out from them who did their orchiectomy. They’re going to be able to offer a lot more information than we can about what to expect, who to go with, etc. I’ve made it pretty clear I think surgery is a last option. It sounds like your lives are pretty much, and have been for a long time, dictated by his pain, so it might be time to consider more aggressive options.

Good luck.

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Thank you so much for the feedback, everyone! I’ll try to quickly answer the questions…

  1. Ringo - the pain tends to swtich back and forth - so fluidly bilateral. I believe he had an opened ended procedure, and I vaguely remember something about a granuloma? It’s been five years so it’s a bit fuzzy, but I’ll have to ask him.

  2. Sentosa - he did try ice early on, as well as heat, but neither makes enough of a difference that he’ll do it consistently.

  3. Daneinpain - I feel very strongly that diet and light exercise would help out, at least as you say, get him healthier overall so that he’s dealing with the pain from a better place, but I haven’t really convinced him of that. He’s not really a believer in altering diet to change overall health, plus, he’s so overwhelmed and frustrated in general that I it seems that drastically changing food feels like too much. :frowning: I need to look into it more, because it makes complete sense to me! He does take light sleep aids - mostly Tylenol PM, when he’s really bad.

We’re going to make this 8 hour drive out to see the speciliast who diagnozed the PVPS and did the reversal. I don’t think he can help, but hubby is going to talk to him about more aggressive treatment. We’re both scared to do anything else, but things are not changing.

Thank you so much! You’re posts give me things to think and talk about with my husband, and I sure appreciate you all!




Either way if you would go for a unilateral orchiectomy, ask to do it inguinal since that has a higher change of success. I just got one, but I’m only 5 weeks out so I can’t tell you yet that it was a success. Either way, have a look at the guys that got one or 2 balls removed on this forum. Most of them seem to be happy with their decision. A testicle isn’t worth suffering for the rest of your life and I met numerous people who are still in pain from time to time even 20 years after their vasectomy… 4!!! is already more than enough!

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Very sad to hear what your husband has been going through, like many stories here.

One thing that you didn’t mention he tried. If it’s congestion as you said was possible, then papaya seeds may help. Just started feeling the effects after about 2 weeks, so it might be too early to call it a win, but it seems to be the cure for me. Pain is from an 8 to a 1. Unbelievable how much 24/7 pain congestion can cause.

Here is a link to the thread. Personally, I bought organic papa seed powder on amazon. It was $55 for about a 6 week supply.

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Hello again,
Thanks again for all the suggestions! We are going out to see his urologist in May, and I will be researching the meds mentioned and the procedures. I can’t wrap my head around this the next 60 years for us, but it sure feels like it will be!

THANK YOU so much for taking to time to give input! I’ll read over this thread again, write down a few things to research, and talk more to hubby about it. You guys really are wonderful! Thanks!