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Anyone used CBD (Cannabidiol)?

I’m curious if anyone has tried this medication… One of my relatives who has chronic pain found a place in S. Ca. that makes this stuff… It’s a type of marijuana but they extract the THC – the THC is basically the drug that makes you high. What’s left is a chemical called CBD. From my research the CBD is the chemical that provides most pain relief not the THC. There’s also some discussion out there that this could be the new miracle thing for chronic pain – but its pretty new. Anyway I’ve tried 25mg (orally) a couple times and this is what I’ve found… I get about 50% pain relief and my head is totally clear – I’ve noticed no other side affects and it seems very natural. I’ve been on and off just about every type of med over the last couple years and hope to be completely off everything eventually… But I still am dealing with pain sessions and having some type of med to calm things down when pain hits really helps. Gabapentin and Lyrica messed me up too much – I found that they actually tweaked with my whole thought process. Anyone know anything about this?

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You can get CBD rich strains of marijuana if you have access to proper breeders. The only real way to know how much CBD content is in your particular strain of marijuana, you need to have it tested.

A pretty good youtube video on the topic:

A couple things to note, CBD is not found in any high concentrations in raw cannabis. You need to heat it up to turn the acidic version (CBDa) into CBD. Juicing the raw leaves will only get you CBDa which does not have the same medicinal properties as CBD.

This is much like how THC is actually not found in high concentrations in raw cannabis, you need to heat it up to turn THCa into THC.

I’ve personally never tried using CBD extract and I’ve never had access to high CBD content marijuana. I tried using a vaporizer with strong marijuana bud to relieve pain at one point, but it wasn’t a good solution for me. The high was too much and I couldn’t get stuff done.

That said, it’s probably worth investigating using CBD extract. The pharma drugs I was prescribed all had really terrible effects on me - just like you.

Thanks Vic… I have my medical card and don’t really like any of the smoking stuff either… I’ve tried a variety of different types but in general I just found myself feeling sleepy and relaxed with very little pain reduction (sounds like your experience was similar)… The CBD taken in low doses (orally) seems to leave me with a clear mind and decent pain reduction. I’m a little nervous about this whole thing though because it’s relatively new with no long track record of possible affects… The video you posted was good - makes it sound like CBD is a miracle drug… But I trust the opinion of guys in this group far more then any doctors… I will say that out of every med I’ve tried this seems to be the best pain reliever without other side affects… Guess my plan for now is continued research and disciplining myself to only take med when pain becomes overwhelming… Hope for continued heeling… continue pelvic exercises etc… stay strong… stay strong…

Interesting article on its risks/rewards/laws:

Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD

My acupuncturist was telling me about CBD today, she has heard numerous firsthand stories of pain relief and amazing cancer remission stories with CBD. Balk, are you still using CBD and getting good results? any side effects? Also, how were you able to obtain it? did you have to research the strain, quality etc? I don’t see how this can hurt compared to pharmas

thanks, Solomon

Attached is the story of Rick Simpson, who developed CBD in Canada, quite an amazing documentary

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I did use CBD for nearly 6-months. I actually completely stopped about a month ago as we agreed to give it a 6-month trial (don’t want to be on anything forever). My wife and I do believe that it has helped me heal some. I’m now 19-months post reversal and do feel as though I’m approaching a rather pain free state. I’m going to post an exhaustive summary of everything I’ve been through once I hit the 2-year mark. CBD rich strands aren’t so much an immediate pain reliever, but they supposedly help the body heal over time and they are great natural anti-inflammatories. Getting your hands on the stuff can be a little tricky depending on the state you live in. For me it was pretty easy to get both my CA. and NV. Card. I didn’t find much luck with dispensaries, but I was able to get in touch with a lady on S. CA. who had been completely healed (or at least she believes she was) from lymphoma cancer. She had been through Chemo, Radiation, etc… and the doctors gave her less then a year to live. That is when she took things into her own hands, started researching and making CBD rich strands. That was over 2-years ago and she is now cancer free.

Anyway, she thought there was a decent chance the CBD rich strands could help me, so she was my provider. The stuff I took was in a pill form and I was up to about 200mg/day. The actual chemistry of the stuff was around 15% CBD and 1% THC (they have yet to get all of the THC out, but they are getting close - from my research it is the CBD component of Cannabis that provides the most medical benefits). So even though the THC was very low, it would make me a little drowsy - I only took it before bed.

Anyway, other then being slightly drowsy, I noticed no other side affects and it felt a heck of a lot more natural then gabapentin or lyrica or all that other crap my pain doc put me on. Anyway, I’m off everything now and am so excited to nearly feel normal again.

That is great to hear that you have gotten such good results. I really want to give CBD a trial also. What was the cost for your dosage? I am located in Michigan, and am going to be travelling to Colorado for some non CBD treatment but I am going to try to get a supply there. Are you located in CA? If not, how were you able to get the CBD and was there any legal risk?

@Solomon If you are going to try and get it in Colorado recreational you will have to hunt around to locate the best cdb strain… from my experience cbd high strains are hard to come by on the recreational side compared to medical side but it is possible.

I found CBD extracts to be of great value for pain. It was also derived from Industrial European Industrial Hemp so it was not regulated as a “marijuana” product. May be worthwhile looking into these types of products. It is non-psyachoactive so that also plays a role in considering Hemp extracts (vs. marijuana). A good brand is Elixinol…all organic plants. There are some other ones out there too.

Hope this helps.

Hey guys just wondering if anyone out there can update their pain and if CBD is helping them.
Other than surgery or a last try of some different meds this might be my last chance. The meds work for the pain but are causing other symptoms like bad reflux and overall feeling like crap at times. I have experimented with CBD but only small dosages and many times it was raw in a pill form. I now need to maybe look at higher doses and heated CBD edibles or possibly high CBD smokable.

I have some media friends in my industry who I am very close with. One of them has a Med Card and got me some CBD in vapor form. He swears by it. It didn’t do anything for me tho.

Bumping this thread to see if anyone else has tried this.

Also, what is the difference between the hemp based CBD oil you can buy online legally (even on amazon), and the cannabis cbd oil you have to get from a dispensary? I’d just google this, but my work firewall blocks all these marijuana sites!

I’ve hit on a few of these Mj related topics already, so, I will be repeating myself some here.

This thread is old, these days, you can buy CBD rich strains (seeds, or clones/cuttings. They were breed specifically for their high CBD production, and some have very little THC in them.

Far as the stuff that’s legal in all states, I’d say it’s not what your after, and I personally see it as crap compared to what you would get in a full out med legal state, and/or a med/recreational state. The stuff that’s legal in all states is missing so many compounds, and that’s why it’s so called “legal”.

I would talk to someone in person that has a high degree of knowledge about medical marijuana, CBD/THC oils, extracts, etc, etc.

From my point of view, all these “legal in all states” cannabis oils are get rich quick scheme’s. Oils/snake oils/elixirs, etc have made many filthy rich over the last several melenia with all their health/pain benefit claims, and it’s still happening.

Thanks. Agree the sites selling the hemp cbd oil have a very “multi-level” feel to them.

That said, the claims that you need the other molecules from the marijuana strands to get the effects of the CBD are also pretty much anecdotal at this point. Until this stuff is legal enough to do large scale studies, it’ll just be trial and error.

There is trial and error involved in all medications, therapies, etc, etc.

Theres already large controlled studies involving cannabis, all of the compounds found there in, it’s many benefits in medicine, etc, etc, etc.

Big pharma doesn’t want it, this person, that person, and the other person don’t want it, and your firewall don’t like it either, lol :wink:

I tried it for several days, but aside from sleeping better it didn’t do anything to the PVPS.