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Anyone tried DCT

Anyone knows something about this?: or this link:
The course it’s really expensive (USD 260) and a guy here in Argentina is telling me that it worked for him but I smell something fishy in the course…

I have not heard of this. Thanks for sharing. Who knows if it is legit or pseudoscience, but it sounds interesting and not really all that expensive in the grand scheme of things (as long as it’s not a scam). May be worth a try. It sounds like a lot of work is put into strengthening muscles that support the pelvic area. Just so I don’t miss anything, can you explain why it seems fishy?

I do not see scientific studies, comparisons with others methods, etc. On the main page they have an invitation to sign up for a talk in 2017 …

Hmmm. Yeah, not sure either. I went ahead and ordered the book (only $15). If it seems promising, I will think about doing more. Thanks for sharing.

PLease keep us posted!!
Thank you,