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Anyone tried B12 supplements for nerve pain?

I’ve can’t find anything about this on this board, or anywhere else on the web for that matter, but I chanced upon it and I think it could be helping me, though it’s too early to say. I’m really curious if anyone else has tried it. See my latest post in this thread for more details:

I take B1, specifically allithiamine. It seems to help with energy more than pain but I have seen improvements in both.

A search for just “B12” as opposed to “B12 supplements” actually yields some mentions on this board.

Is that the only treatment you’re using? Or did you notice a distinct change when you added it without changing anything else?

I’m currently on a few meds.

Allithiamine 150mg daily
Naltrexone (low dose, 4.5mg daily)
Testosterone cream, 100mg BID

I feel like I noticed a big improvement the first week I started B1 but it eventually tapered. I also take a methylated vit B complex designed for people MTHFR (I tested positive for c677t last year)

That’s all I’m taking at the moment

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About eight months after my vasectomy I tried something called METANX, which is a proprietary, prescription “medical food” consisting of “activated” folate and B6 and B12 vitamins. Its marketed specifically to treat diabetic nerve damage, it was actually a friend of mine with diabetes who told me about it. They claim it actually repaired nerve pathways for some people, my friend said it brought him considerable relief. I mention this because it might be worth trying if you’re having success with B12. Unfortunately I didn’t have any luck with it. From what I’ve remember reading its about a 50/50 chance that your body will even use it in the first place, and from there it depends on the specific type of damage you have. They also say that it won’t have any effect until around 3 months (which probably has some truth and also to sell more to people who just want to try it…). It does require a prescription but I am sure all you have to do is ask your doctor. A three-month supply cost me around $150 (buy it straight from the “dealer” online, it was over three times that from my local pharmacy).

In my case it was a no-brainer to at least try it. I have similar types of pain, both the nerve pain in my thigh/groin and dull pain down around the scrotum. It’s hard to say if the scrotum pain is just a localization of the nerve pain or something that should be treated separately. My vasectomy was over two years ago, I have been in pain ever since. I also had epididymitis which was (sort of) successfully treated with a left orchiectomy (my heart goes out to those of you who had a bilateral).

You may want to give your testicles a good self-examination for any lumps, particularly behind them. I had been to the original surgeon and two urologists who all told me I needed to be patient and wait for healing - it wasn’t until I pointed out exactly where I had swelling that a third urologist said “Oh yeah, you have epididymitis” - like he was some kind of genius… I mention all of this because if you’re around 3 months in and getting “congestion” pain there is a strong possibility you’re developing epididymitis. If that’s the case you may be able to get it under control with anti-inflammatories. If the Meloxicam isn’t doing it ask for something stronger, get the strongest anti-inflammatory you can stomach. The longer you have inflammation the higher your odds of acute epididymitis and waiving goodbye to one or both testicles.

I realize I have deviated from your original question, but I spent so much time chasing down nerve pain that the epididymitis snuck up on me. By the time it was obvious I needed surgery, my insurance pre-authorization was denied because I hadn’t been prescribed enough drugs! It took almost three more months of intense suffering to satisfy their rubric. Of course my insurance company contracts pre-auths, and of course pharmaceutical companies are stakeholders in that company - but aside from the corporate evil I can see their point. Good luck, I genuinely hope you make out better than I did.

interesting. that makes me think twice about ignoring the congestion pain, which has been relatively tolerable, only irritating if i stop to observe it. i started a 1/2 tsp per day papaya seed power regimen yesterday to see if it helps. does epididymitus occur from excessive sperm buildup in the epididymis?

in other news, over a week into the b12 supplements, i have reduced my dose to once daily (mornings) and the nerve pain has steadily improved. the episodes are less frequent and less intense, usually no more than a single surge.

i realize it’s still early, so i’ll keep posting updates.

For the last five months I’ve been taking B12 (1000 mcg/day). During this time I have had great improvement in pain (what seemed like nerve pain). What also must be considered is that I am approaching 14 months post-reversal, and have been taking a bunch of other stuff during this 5-month period. Being that recovery time for reversal is said to be 6 to 12+ months it is hard to determine what effect, if any, the B12 has had.

My conclusion: It doesn’t hurt to take B12, and it may have helped in the healing process.

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Is B12 the same as Niacin? I take 1,000mg/day of Niacin to help with cholesterol.

Niacin is vitamin B3.

From wikipedia: Vitamin B12, also called cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin that has a key role in the normal functioning of the nervous system via the synthesis of myelin (myelinogenesis). Myelin is a lipid-rich substance that surrounds the axon of some nerve cells, forming an electrically insulating layer.

From other source:
How are the peripheral neuropathies classified?
Some peripheral neuropathies are due to damage to the axons (the long, threadlike portion of the nerve cell), while others are due to damage to the myelin sheath, the fatty protein that coats and insulates the axon. Peripheral neuropathies may also be caused by a combination of both axonal damage and demyelination.

from other source:
Wallerian degeneration is disruption of the myelin and axons…

Maybe we should all be taking B12, who the heck knows.

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Thanks. I’m going to start it tomorrow.