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Anyone stay the same or get worse after orchiectomy?

Just wondering if orchiectomy didn’t work for anyone. My surgeon gives me just a 50% chance of success from an orchiectomy. I thought it would be 100% chance since the whole contraption is being taken out of the body. Anyway, my thinking is to cut to the chase and take it out. It’s been almost six years since vasectomy for me. I know one poster here had success from orchiectomy, and it seems like the logical decision for me, in part because I only have pain on one side.

I had left removed 8 weeks ago…currently have around 70% improvement.

I am now nearly painfree or 1/10 at most when standing and taking it easy. When sitting it is still a little worse mostly 3/10 but its more uncomfortable than painful.

Before removel I felt like i wanted to end my life and when I walked and testicle was swinging and moving it was very sore and touching it was agoney,now i can touch all around it and it no pain.

My remaining pain seems to come when I lift anything feels like a general ache were testicle was hard to describe its like when pressure is on my upper half of body pushing down on groin area it comes. Still cant go back to gym etc.

No pain at all at incision anymore (took around 6 weeks for that and all stomach pain to go)

overall I am definitely glad I had the surgery but im still not as good as id like to be and am hoping I will heal up some more in the comming months.

Would like to add also that I had an epiddymectomy previously on this testicle which has obviously cause some scar tissue inside scrotom so this could be reason why I am still not 100 percent painfree.

I had left testicle inguinal orchectomy 10 months ago. This was due to epididymectomy which was by far 2nd worst decision of my life.

I have no pains in the scrotum, but am still numb around the incision and have unpleasant feeling which extends up to the groin area and surrounding the scar. It’s numb, yet sometimes painful at the same time, but the intensity is thankfully decreasing.

I feel that the nerves are still a bit pissed off, and am using silicone gels on the scar throughout the day, and massaging area with bio oils at least twice daily for 10 minutes.

Would you not want to try reversal first? I regret listening to my uro who suggested epidydymectomy.

Don’t want to sway you one way or another with my comment, but am better off.

Did that over 2 years ago.

Sorry to hear it did not help you fully @Sentosa. I am still healing 10 months in, and if you need better information, there are a lot of good threads on

For me bilateral orchi resloving my pain at 99%