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Anyone in here in Australia?

I reckon that a lot of urologists talk about how they have only ever had one or two people come back, and then they were cured after a few weeks. I think the reality is that a lot of people don’t care to return to the urologist who harmed them, and move on to pain specialists, or suffer in silence. My own urologist seems constantly surprised when I message him every couple of months to let him know I’m still suffering. I don’t want him to ever be able to truthfully tell another vasectomy patient that none of his patients have ended up with chronic pain.


Yes the fact is that they choose to live in their own reality and justify not admitting how many men end up in pain by deciding that even the ones that did come back in pain eventually stopped coming back so therefore they must not be in pain.

I discussed this at length with professor Earl Owen who has passed but was one of the world’s greatest microsurgeons particularly related to testicular surgeries and vasectomy and vasectomy reversal.

He was my star witness in my medical negligence case for pvps in the Supreme Court in Melbourne.

He was adamant that most doctors should not be doing vasectomies and very aware of the HUGE number of men that get butchered (his words) and then end up with their lives destroyed by pain.

Also that using local anaesthetic is dangerous and should never be done. Most pvp is neuropathic in nature, he was an amazing person, more knowledgeable in nerve microsurgery and nerve function than almost anybody else worldwide.

In fact a lot of the instruments used by micro surgeons were actually invented and developed by him personally.

I had my vasectomy 20 years ago

I have an intrathecal pump and a spinal cord stimulator, I had a very long difficult journey for over eighteen years with extremely severe chronic pain, including many many treatments, surgeries, nerve blocks, ablation, hydrocelle, granulomas, epididymitus, cysts, bilateral epididymectomy, etc etc etc.

I spent three years and a vast amount of money trying every alternative treatment I could find worldwide that I had not already.

I found answers and will be sharing them to assist my brothers worldwide to overcome this terrible condition.

However because of government regulations and lack of official approval of some treatments,
And also so that I can help the most amount of men in the most effective way possible
…I am currently developing the best strategy to do this in consultation with experts.

Let me know if you are interested in an alternative treatment protocol that really works and has completely transformed my life.

Testicular and Spermatic Cord Nerve damage can be repaired.

The future for men with pvp to be free of it lies mostly within the field of epigenetics, although the entire treatment protocol is also broad and holistic in nature.

I have finally beaten my pvps after almost twenty years and I am no longer being treated medically for pvps.

For many many years I needed huge doses of opiates to be able to function normally, and although most of the time I managed to control it enough with around 600 to 1000ug of intrathecal hydromorphone mixed with ropivicaine, when it was really bad I ended up needing more than 2500ug daily which is the equivalent of well over 3000mg of oral morphine or more than 1000mg of IV Morphine.

Yes my pain was exceptionally severe.

And I was not taking too much opiates, I never had sedation, drove a car every day and certainly did not just rely on opiates
… I learned many many pain management techniques, including self administered acupuncture, and much more, my pain team did their best, we tried 7 day ketamine infusions, all the different classes of meds, everything.

I attended hospital in December last year not to have my intrathecal pump refilled like all the other times, I actually got them to remove the drugs from the pump and fill it with water.

I have been opiate free for over six months and instead of getting around on my electric mobility scooter, I am up in the forest going hiking at daybreak and living my life again.

Please pass this on or repost it to anyone else that you think would be interested in what I am doing, if I can start getting a list of men that are interested in finding out about this, then that will give me extra motivation to compile, refine and complete the actual treatment protocol as soon as I can so that I can help out as many men in pain as soon as possible.

Also if I have a list of interested parties then I can keep you guys updated as to the progress and release date.

There will also likely be an initial group of men involved in a beta or trial program with detailed feedback for developing and improving the program and protocols.

So spread the word,

because you know what?

…My balls don’t hurt in the slightest.

Not one bit.

SO EXCITED and looking forward to being able to help others with their pain, particularly those men who like me were sold on this “super easy” procedure and never dreamed that their life would be so drastically altered.

Kind Regards,



Sorry to hear that brother.

I did beat my pvps eventually.

It really sucks being in pain all the time.

Please be careful on Lyrica, it sent me into a spiral of suicidal depression, spent a year in counseling to drag myself back, it can have nasty side affects that creep up on you. Dangerous drug, do some research on it, good luck.

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Hi, I would be very interested in your material.
Also on any legal hints, as I’m in the middle of a case now against my original surgeon.

Yes I would be interested as I had my vasectomy 28 years ago.only right side pain had a reversal on the left . They could not do anything with the right as it was to mutilated. my pain is it has eased up a little but is still has pain also my right testicle is shrinking. Can you give me some advise

@rohcan - what a hellish journey you have been on! I would certainly be interested in learning a bit more about your treatment.

@jimbo - thanks mate, noted.

Feel free to reach out on messenger directly

Feel free to connect over Facebook/ messenger
rohan.cannon.7 and we can talk, just please be aware I am super busy putting together the structure and details, websites etc to get this stuff out there helping as many people as possible in case I am not super quick to respond, I do truly care and want to help :+1:

Hi, yes i am in Cairns Qld. Replied to your pm. I dont come here much. Look my name up on here, its been a fun journey. No not fixed never will be. Pretty well given up with it.

Hey brother

If you teach out to talk on messenger that would be great I don’t always get back to this forum regularly