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Anyone had a Vasectomy Reversal?

Anyone had a vasectomy reversal? How was recovery? Did it work?

Helped me a lot about 70-80% better, cant run but hiking biking gym are pretty good. Please do your research on who performs this on you !
Not all reversals are the same. I went to see DR P (now the PUR Clinic) in Florida and got the biowrap reversal.

I went to Pur too, recovery was not easy. After several months I was still in pain. Had surgery in May 2014 and in Oct 2014 I was able to run and do some exercising. Its a marathon and it’s gonna be awhile before you can determine if your wher e you need to be. SLow and Steady take notes on weeks not days.

Yes I had reversal November 2014 at PUR. Then denervation January 2015 Then double hydrocele removal surgery July 2015.

Reversal was the easier of all three surgeries. I had a lot of swelling not as much bruising. Really watch not pushing or lifting anything for a good three weeks. I pushed our snowblower just a little to show my wife and my testicles swole up so much I thought they would break stitches.

Recovery was good. It was the first surgery that took my pain down. Prior to surgery I was pretty much bedridden. Was swallowing Percocets like tic tacs and doing the same Doctor shuffle as others. Not to get too off topic but I loved how Bob described the shuffle.

I was reading another post “Left testy issues” and just started to shake my head. Bob described the Doctor shuffle so well. I think everyone has had the same, "They either said it should go away, or people heal differently. Or tell me about I havent heard of something like that from a vasectomy. My primary doc was zero help, he sat with a blank face. My urologist was a nightmare. They acted like nothing was wrong or that it was normal even though before the vas they said “you will know the difference, your life will be better without having to worry about pregnancy.”

backintime my tips would be similar to jnich. It’s weird how different everyone’s reaction to surgery is. I know none of my surgeries were day surgeries. They were all called day surgeries but my body and I believe most guys who have PVPS would say the same.

Other guys are fine where for me all my nerves were agitated again and healing was a long process. I bruised something awful from denervation. Like so bad people can’t even look at pictures.

Just reminiscing because last year at this time I was just getting ready for my second operation.

Take it slow DONT LIFT ANYTHING. I mean ANYTHING. I thought I was unique and ignored this advice to help wife with snowblower and I had to spend a week in bed in real pain.

Backintime also go through old posts by Aschiro Jnich and myself you can see what we wrote. I found that quite helpful. We are all around a year to a year and half out so good comparison.

Did it work. Yes and no. I was hoping for more. Hoping a magic bullet would end this nightmare. Nothing against doctors they were all amazing but you hope you will be back to before. Not there yet.

I am about 70 percent better after all surgeries. Went to urologist last week and was told scar tissue is hardening and affecting nerves. So like jnich I have started to regress.

Will say some prayers for you.

I too had reversal with biowrap at PUR clinic in June 2014, Recovery was not bad-I took it real easy for about a month, Unfortuneatley mine failed after about 6 months. Honestly much less pain than the original vasectomy. Although mine failed I have nothing but good things to say about DR P and the PUR clinic

Haven’t posted in awhile and it’s been over a year since my Reversal and it has definitely made things worse for me. The problem during my recovery is that I think my spermatic cord was too short and they did the reversal anyway and one of my testes rides up very high and is giving me pain problems on and off. They may tell you that you have enough length, but be very wary and get a second opinion. I would have been better off with the mild congestive pain I had before vs the nerve pain I have all the time now with the pulling on the cord. I’m not sure if it will ever heal, but I just can’t imagine another surgery at this point. At 4 or 5 years out if it’s not better, maybe then. Cutting into you just ALWAYS seems to make things worse by what I hear on here. If you are in unbearable, you can’t get out of bed pain, then I would say you probably don’t have nothing to lose then go for it.

gwhitman who did your reversal?- I know that I asked Dr P about that very problem and he seemed to think it was not an issue-even if I got a redo reversal

Was Dr. Philip Werthman in LA. He seemed to be the best in the area, and it wasn’t cheap. I’m on alot of herbal anti-inflammatories and doing basic stretching and was going to the gym pretty steady, but the pain came back and I’ve had to take it easy for the last few weeks. If I’m still hurting the same a year from now will probably do a consultation with Dr. P, If the pain gets worse probably sooner, but trying to avoid any more surgeries if possible. If I did one more it would probably be an open ended vas to allow my testes to return to a normal position ,because I just don’t think the reversals have a good chance of succeeding or holding up in the long run based on what others have wrote on here.

gwhitman, you said your spermativ cord was too short. How much did they cut out at your vasectomy?

Not Sure? The Doc did the usual inspection and when I asked is everything ok he said yes. I even specifically asked about the cord length, and he said it was fine, so who knows? He said it would also stretch on its on, and maybe that’s true to some degree, like those monks who place weights on their balls and can lift them, so who knows? Just be very, very careful before you have somebody cut into you again! Most people will say anything to make a buck, and that includes Surgeons. Just remember what others say on here, with every surgery the likelihood of something going bad increases every single time. I’d repeat that like a Mantra.

Hi Russell, welcome. Like all we wish you were not here.

I experienced the same ups and downs early on that you are experiencing. It’s so difficult post-surgery because you are now hypersensitive to “every” pain in that region.

I can’t emphasize enough to “take it easy” in the early days of recovery. Also, fully expect a lot of emotional and physical ups and downs.

I had a massage therapist come to my home and massage my legs and back as I gradually became better. I found it invaluable. It helped with the stress of recovery because you do become inactive.

All the cliches about healing also apply. Time and rest are your friends.

Hi @Russell72,

Has your vas reversal been a success? I hope you are doing well.

@Russell72 Not to bother you but curious to know about the emotional changes you’ve been experiencing. Thanks

Hi Russell.

I am at four months post-vas now. The first three months had 3/10 chord achiness that resolved mostly. Now I have some emergent congestion discomfort that is less, but in general I am feeling off.

Right now I am probably not bad enough to risk any complications from reversal, but I am thinking about it. If I listen to Dr. Marks on the website then it seems the risk of pain from reversal is low.

Just like the risk of pain from vasectomy is low. Just sayin’…

How would you describe your congestion?

It’s an ache mostly from the right testicle for me. Kind of a full feeling, probably blue-balls. Unlike my previous pain, it’s not resolved by resting. Fortunately it is not as bad but is lingering.

I am just really having that feeling like I want to be put together again…hopefully if I decide so all the kings horses and men can do it…

My right is more sensistive too. WHen you say full, does it smetimes seem full than other times normal I swear I’m going to egt a scale for mine

I think that would be a good way to describe it. In general my testicles hang low - I’ve had bilateral varicoceles forever. The left usually lower than the right, but post-vas the scrotum is usually tighter. Left hurt me post-surgery, now the shorter right one may be backing up faster.

I had a reversal 4.5 months ago. It took away 95% of the pain. I think now there is just a little bit of recovery period left. The only issue with reversal was I got a sack to vas adhesion/where they are grown together. But its not too bad.

A day after to two weeks after reversal I could feel the change through my body. If was a flood of adrenaline/testosterone/energy. It eased down. Sperm count is normal and on top of all that a addition to the family is on its way.